13 Jan 2012

Alleged Liverpool target rages: "Stop LYING and show some respect..."

Newcastle striker Demba Ba has slammed the lies and speculation over his future after someone impersonating his agent claimed that Man United were interested in signing him.

The official Liverpool FC site reported a couple of days ago that Ba was wanted at Anfield, and since then, speculation surrounding the striker has snowballed.

The International Business Times, which is notorious for dubious transfer 'rumours', posted an 'exclusive' claiming that Armand Doorn, allegedly Ba's agent, had contacted them and revealed United's interest. However, Ba's management team were quick to hit back, accusing Doorn of being an imposter:

"Armand Doorn is not Demba's agent. Alex Gontran is the only person who can speak on his behalf and Newcastle have not had an offer for him".

A genuine spokesman for Ba then told TalkSport:

"Demba feels good at Newcastle. He has just started something there. There is a release clause in his contract but the figure will remain confidential.

"If a club wants to speak to Demba, then they must go to Newcastle first. We respect the process."

Ba himself responded to the fake speculation on his twitter account, and blasted the ongoing rumours about his future:

"Really, I don't know how desperate this "armand doorn" can be to talk like he's my agent!! He's nothing for me. Stop lying and show respect."

A Newcastle spokesman was also quick to play down the speculation, and told The People:

"We have talked to both the player and his agent and they have insisted that Demba Ba is happy here and has no intention of leaving. He was married the day before he arrived here and his family are settled on Tyneside"

I sincerely doubt Liverpool were interested in Ba. The club has surely learned its lesson with Andy Carroll: don't buy a striker who has only played half a season the Premier League!

If Liverpool are interested then surely the best thing to do is see how Ba progresses over a whole season...?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Wow, this story is about 24 hours OLD

  2. erm .... he played the end of last season in the prem with the hammers, scroring 7 goals in 11 appearences... so much for your "dont buy a striker who has only played half a season in the premier league"

  3. Yeah wait .... and let Newcastle renegotiate his contract & knock his reclause price up to something silly ... great plan Jaimie!

  4. By saying it appeared on the LFC website, you're implying the club endorsed it, even though they specifically say at the bottom of all the transfer rumours - "This story has been reproduced from today's media. It does not necessarily represent the position of Liverpool Football Club."

  5. Liverpool FC website runs a news section that publishes a variety of paper speculation during transfer windows and there is no official report of Ba being wanted. And he has now played over a year of premiership football as was with west ham before! Good journalism.

  6. You recently had a go at Kenny for showing a bit of frustration toward the media about constant transfer speculation. Ba is doing the same here. Yes it makes for juicing stories, but it's tiring constantly being talked about in the papers and online, being asked the same question over and over again sometimes in 20 different ways. Maybe you can understand Kenny's frustration now? I know you spoke of a wider "us against them" attitude, but at least now you can see this side of things a little better?

  7. I dont fancy Ba, a poor man's Fernando Torres. We are better off withoit him. Me. Ashfah dont love Ba.

  8. Fair do's, the KFC site is quoting the daily tripe, not confirming it.
    If I had to choose between B and Bent, I'd take Ba every day of the week. Three times the goals & (at present) a fifth of the outlay.
    Everyone gasped when Villa paid £18M last Jan. There is no way on this earth that Bent is worth £24M now. It'd make more sense to hand Chelsea their £50M back AND Andy Carroll and take back Torres than sign Bent.
    Then again, 'We Are Liverpool' and we like paying way over the odds.

  9. go ahead and buy him for 35 million pounds again :), we'll be happy to take the money and get him back a year later for 10..

  10. Should have bought him after he gave our defence a torrid time at Upton Park last season. And Parker as well, both goalscorers that day