14 Jan 2012

Manager: Transfer rumours are "UNFAIR" on him...

Over the last week, The web has been awash with spurious rumours about beleaguered striker Andy Carroll returning to Newcastle. Kenny Dalglish angrily refuted the speculation earlier in the week, and now, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has publicly condemned the false rumours floating around about the 35m striker.

Speaking to the Press yesterday, Pardew was clearly angry with the incessant speculation surrounding Carroll:

"I think it’s unfair on the Newcastle public and I think it’s unfair on Andy. It was speculative journalism that had no foundation

Pardew is absolutely right; cynical 'journalism' of the highest order, with the ironic thing being that the 'story' was endlessly perpetuated by Liverpool FC websites. Almost all prominent LFC sites/blogs ran stories about Carroll leaving, even though it was obvious that the story was false.

It's hard to take Pardew's complaints seriously though, especially considering it was arguably he who got the ball rolling on the Carroll rumour-mill, when he said the following at a press conference recently:

"You never want to lose great players and we never wanted to lose him. I would take him back if I had the chance. If the fee was not as high as it was, then he would still be here".

Most transfer rumours relating to Liverpool are nonsense these days, but to be honest, this is one rumour I hoped would turn out to be true (!)

Sorry for having that view, but I just don't think Carroll is ever going to cut it at Liverpool.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. everyone should leave LFC players alone. When United players do anything, be it cheating on wives, no scoring for months etc. etc. we will not hear ONE WORD. While if its anything to do with liverpool, its just nitpicking at every single little thing.
    The beauty is that LFC is here to stay for good. 

  2. when are you going to stop posting these bullshit articles with the sensationalist misleading headlines?...you're the Internet equivalent of the Sunday Sport. Have a word with yourself lad

  3. If I remember aright, you were the one shouting "Make it happen!" in your tweets when Andy Carroll was linked with us and Torres had handed in his transfer request. How things change, eh?

    While Carroll hasn't set anything on fire (understatement) yet, I feel he should be given a good run of games to get his confidence. One can only attribute (hopefully) such atrocious performances to the lack of confidence. He is still young, and more importantly, Kenny and Comolli saw something in him.

  4. I don't know if he did say that, but if he did change his mind before he played for us and after, there isn't really anything wrong with that. Fairly sensible. Better to be flexible in that regard than to keep the same opinion out of pride.

  5. The clubs fitness coaches need to have look at themselves they have turned Carroll into a wimp!
    This man might not fit into our style of football but if we get the ball to him he his capable of bulling defenders out of the way and winning headers this season he has lost both he can barely run and stand up!
    Far to soon to give up on him Lucas,Skrtel Babel and Ngog were given time and I don't see why Carroll shouldn't be given a chance.

  6. Yes, I was in favour of Andy Carroll's transfer before we signed him, but it's been a year now, and it's obvious he's not going to cut it.  We're allowed to change our views based on evidence, and I'm not going to stick with the same view on Carroll out of stubbornness.  I was wrong about him, but everyone is wrong about players sometimes.

  7. It's most definitely unfair on Andy Carroll because the mistake of joining Liverpool isn't his but Dalglish's. Kenny's praises for Carroll even though the player concerned has been underperforming (to put it mildly) is the manager's way of diverting the blame away from himself. 

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0l2QsNAgh68
    Reminder of how Carroll's transfer fee was took by....

  9. Fair enough Jaimie. Long time reader here. But, don't you think he hasn't been given the sort of game-time a marquee signing deserves by Kenny? He came injured but, IMO Kenny has been very inconsistent with his team selection. Today for e.g., he could have used Carroll's strength against the Stoke's rugby team. I'd reserve my judgement on Carroll for a little while longer, I guess.

  10. I agree with you that Carroll perhaps hasn't been given enough game time. For example, he was on the bench for Oldham, and again today - with Suarez out, these are the games Carroll should arguably be starting. Having said that, sometimes you can just see that a player is not going to cut, and I think you can see that with Carroll, just like it was obvious the likes of Morientes, Meijer, Cheyrou, Dossena, Voronin etc were not going to work out.

    Thanks for visiting - it's much appreciated.

  11. It seems Carrol is as good as David Ngog.David Ngog for 35 million...anyone? Had Benitez bought Carrol for 35 million, he'd have been sacked by now.

  12. Andy needs to feel the buzz of hitting the back of the net..He can either get that in the reserves or out on loan in the championship. Each time he draws a blank his stock falls further and his value depreciates. If sold LFC would take an even bigger financial hit than they will on Aquilani

  13. well went i hear we wanted andy carroll i screamed NOOOOOOO i fort he was shit at newcastle and when he played for england just sell him kenny and get some of the money back and buy someone else