4 Jan 2012

DALGLISH: The FA withheld information in the Suarez-Evra report

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has strongly suggested that certain important details were deliberately omitted from the FA Panel's official report into the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra issue.

Prior to Liverpool's defeat to Man City last night, the club released two statements that appeared to draw a line under the Evra affair, but for some inexplicable reason, Dalglish allowed himself to become embroiled in further discussion about the issue after the game. In response to questions about the club's statement, Dalglish revealed:

"I think it is very dangerous and unfortunate that you don't actually know the whole content of what went on at the hearing. I'm not prepared, and I can't say it, but I am just saying it is really unfortunate you never got to hear it. That's all I'm saying.

"I don't think we are digging a bigger hole but I just think it's unfortunate we can't be more forthcoming. That's the unfortunate thing.

"We are being evasive because we don't like getting ourselves in trouble. But we know what has gone on. We know what is not in the report and that's important for us. So without me getting ourselves in trouble, I think that's it finished".

Surely the smart thing to do here was to make NO further comment on the issue? All Dalglish has done now is fuel the media fire, and create even more negative publicity for the club.

As much as I despise the FA, I sincerely doubt that any 'smoking gun' style evidence was omitted from the final report. Let's not forget that a QC chaired the panel, and he is bound by strict rules relating to professional conduct.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Good... more fire is needed to get to the real bottom of what the FA are doing to Suarez and Liverpool. Daglish has integrity and would not be saying these things unless there is a spark to the wood! Do you think Daglish is daft? He knows exactly what he is doing and I for one stand with him. This FA and UEFA shit has to stop somewhere so the fans sport can return to us.

  2. Lets show to Man Unt. Now it is time to knock them off their perch.

  3. I think it is unfortunate that LFC chose not to appeal. This is the type of incident that you cannot just sweep under the carpet and hope it will go away. Suarez now stands accused of racism and apart from his ban & fine, he has a threat of a permanent ban hanging over his head. Opposition players know he is easily rattled and will no doubt do everything possible to achieve a reaction that will bring about such a permanent ban. Further, the chanting has already begun and it will be an ongoing, festering sore at every game. Unless properly dealt with, ie, an appeal, there is absolutely no chance of any "bridge-building" with ManU. The press are calling for LFC & Suarez to apologize! Why do they not call on Evra to apologize since he started the whole thing with offensive remarks to Suarez about his family! Oh, sorry, he's innocent... 

  4. We said, Kenny. The FA is rotten to the core. Again my sincere "Puki Mak" to the FA and please "Kunkit" all the way.

  5. We will have to wait and see what the FA do! If they hit Kenny with a charge he will have to explain himself.
    Bit surprised by Kenny but then again the panel/FA have called him,Kuyt and Comolli liars.
    Why have FSG supported Suarez and the club fully with the statement last night surely they would have more to lose or his Kenny the fall guy? 

  6. They should take it on the chin and shut up. kenny waffles far too much and needs to think about saving his job.he has wasted 65m on adam, downing and carroll and we are no better than under hodgson. no 4th, no more kenny. legend or not. this is not 1995 or blacburn.

  7. The problem is that the FA and the media are connecting the case with racism when there is no substantial connection. The FA wants to portray itself as adopting a harsh stance against racism in football, however, the case was decided on technicalities.

    In a nutshell, Suarez was given a 4 match ban for gamesmanship and a further 4 matches for including a reference to Evra's colour in that breach. What I find particularly unfair is how Evra got away without being penalised for the same first breach.

    Evra clearly started proceedings by using obscene language at Suarez, with the intent of provoking him into doing something stupid. Suarez bought it, albeit not in the way Evra intended, and rather than bite Evra, he showed Evra how it was done! You find something that would wind the person up, in this case it was about being called black, and then make the personal attack. Suarez is neither racist nor even made racial slurs/comments - he knew Evra didn't like being called negro and did so to provoke Evra into hitting him. It was personal. However, things like these do bring the game into disrepute and for this, both players are equally guilty. As the prescribed penalty is a 4 match suspension, this is what both players ought to have gotten.

    The wording of the clauses, which were established even before we knew we were going to sign Suarez, provided for an additional 4 match ban for including a reference to colour or ethnicity in the breach of the first. The purpose of this was to keep racial prejudice out of the game. The purpose of this was to ensure players were not marginalised because of their colour. Suarez picked on Evra not because of his colour but because of his belligerence and hypersensitivity. It was indeed a fact that Suarez made a reference to Evra's colour and depending on the interpretation of the clauses, in this case, technically, Suarez ended up with an 8 match ban. However, the FA and the media are now working backwards and applying the purposive interpretation to brand Suarez a racist.

    Let's say it is a crime to hack into someone's computer and the penalty is  increased for hacking into banks to deter cyber robbery. Along comes a hacking enthusiast who has no intention to rob a bank but hacks into a bank for the fun of it. It is like penalising the hacker doubly for hacking into the bank even if he didn't alter any figures and then calling him a robber because he was guilty of a breach meant to deter robbers. This is what is happening to Suarez, so if the club were to try to challenge the decision, it would look like the club is condoning racism.

    The FA took up the case on the grounds of racism. The facts were never actually about race. Suarez broke a rule and his breach satisfied the requirements to apply a section targetting racism. Therefore, although Suarez is not racist, it can and will be construed due to the ruling that he is. It would also be to the detriment of the club to make an appeal. It is very unfair, but Suarez is indeed most unfortunate.
    ted at racism

  8. If the club isn't going to appeal, than just shut up and stop making inflammatory statements/actions. You either tell the whole story, Kenny, or just say no comment and move on. Every time Kenny has opened his mouth, he just makes things worse.

    Really poor the way Liverpool and Dalglish have gone about this from the start. Unprofessional, petty and amateurish. On top of that, got the cheek to basically accuse the FA/panel of doing the same. 

  9. Not many people like to be called 'negro' in this country 

    Ignorance is no excuse

  10. So we can get away with outright accusing Patrice Evra and United of making a malicious racism claim. We can get away with outright accusing the FA of a stitch up and also get away with then refusing to apologise for what at the very least was a cultural error on the part of our player...but we couldn’t possibly consider revealing what really went on at the hearing or fight the injustice of it all.

  11. What Evra did was far worse than what suarez did,Evra insulting Suarezs sister with filthy disgusting language I think Suarez controlled himself very well under the circumstances only to reply with language which Evra thought meant something else,and even when Evra found out the truth of what Suarez said this trouble maker still used the race card to condemn Suarez.So much for equality or an eye for an eye.So you agree with bullying do you,its ok for Evra to give it but if he gets a bit back thats wrong.Pathetic.

  12. tough there is a lot of things I don't like either but I have to tolerate them.If Evra's body was washed up on the banks of the Thames,the body would be categorised as negroid origin.It's what he is...You would think Suarez had murdered Stephen Lawrence the way he has been demonised

  13. "You find something that would wind that person up, in this case it was about being called Black"
        I agree in this case Patrice Evra was wound up by being called black! WHO WOULDN'T BE? 

  14. When did they ever do that? They said that Suarez was an unreliable witness because what he said did not match up with what they all said in giving evidence, those three were never accused of lying or anything else.

  15. What has it got to do with this country?
    If they were speaking in English then yes but they weren't.
    Evra entered into an argument in a foriegn language from his own and he doesn't understand!
    Evra is the ignorant one in insulting Suarez in a language which he doesn't understand !

  16. The game was played in this country. 

    That is all it takes and rightly so.

    We're not in bloody Uruguay

  17. How could Liverpool appeal
    Kick It Out
    “As a club with a good international standing the vehemence of their campaign is unquestionably causing them reputational harm.

    “We would also call on Liverpool FC to think again about their public campaign to dispute the charges and contest the principles involved in the case. As a club with an international standing the vehemency of their campaign is unquestionably causing them reputational harm, and has lead to Liverpool fans to become involved in a backlash of hatred on web forums and other public arenas.”

    Show Racism the Red Card 
    “Liverpool are one of the bastions of English football who, it must be emphasised, have campaigned powerfully to try to stamp out racism down the years but what they did with that show of support could damage the club’s reputation and standing worldwide and it is now time to try to make amends.”

    Basically Liverpool have been told to shut up or else bit like a racist would do to someone threating mind playing games like saying watch yourselves be quiet or else! 
    Not wanting the truth or all the facts/evidence to come out good or bad pro Evra or Suarez is bad either way.

  18. Evra should stick to English then! Instead of trying to change Spanish words into Italian/English meanings!

  19. You mean the sister Suarez doesn't have?

    I think it's been made clear that that phrase is akin to 'fucking hell' in English. But that doesn't mean you're going into Hell and actually fucking it.

  20. Thats a bit too much bringing Stephen into it but we have just had an Indian student shot in the head for no reason in England his dad found out on Face Book! But all these anti groups want to target demonise football fans/players like it is the 70/80/90s still for supporting their team when we have things like that happening in Britain still.

  21. The phrase Evra used is similar to the phrase 'fucking hell' in Spanish. It doesn't carry that literal meaning in the same way fucking hell doesn't mean you are sticking your dick into the river Styx.

  22. Not trying to argue away what was said or put different meaning on it are you!

  23. There is nothing anywhere to suggest that there is any more to add to this case! Unless you take one man's word for it!

  24. Liverpool had the option to appeal but were bullied out of it with threats to the clubs name as simple as that!
    Anti-racism groups have acted like far right bullies!

  25. F.A.R.E
    “The Football Association’s published judgement from the Su├írez – Evra incident is welcome. The FA have taken their time to initiate a process that appears to have been both fair in its implementation of football rules, and in accordance with the principles of British justice. As an international NGO we think the investigation and judgment sets the bar for governing bodies globally.
     In the principles of British justice Liverpool should of not been pressured into not appealing!