10 Dec 2011

Liverpool legend gleefully sticks the knife into Man United 'failures'...

On Wednesday night, Liverpool fans across the globe united in celebration after experiencing one of life's legitimately sublime pleasures: the elimination of Man United from the Champions League. One fan who seemed to particularly enjoy it was Anfield legend Alan Hansen. The former defender usually goes out of his way to remain objective when commentating on football issues, but his scathing views United's 'catastrophic' capitulation reveal a pleasing, and subconsciously biased disdain for England's most reviled club.

In his column on the BBC website, Hansen went to town on Alex Ferguson's flops, and it's clear from the dramatic and emotive language used in his article that the former Liverpool captain enjoyed United's exit as much as anyone:

"Manchester United's failure to qualify for the Champions League knockout phase was catastrophic for manager Sir Alex Ferguson and everyone at Old Trafford. It is a massive blow for a club that has reached three of the last four finals.

"The failure to get the point they needed against FC Basel came as a real shock to the system because of what they have achieved over the years and their track record of producing a performance, or a moment of magic, when they are in any sort of trouble.

"Fingers have also been pointed at Ferguson for his failure to buy a world-class midfield player to replace the retired Scholes"

The key word here is 'failure' :-)

Hansen obviously enjoyed writing about United's CL 'failure', and he did his best to rub it in, as evidenced by this withering comment:

"United's elimination was made even worse as it came from finishing third in a very weak group that looked little more than a formality".

Nice one, Alan!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. and how did his and your beloved Liverpool do in the Champions league? I do not think anyone associated with Loserpool can gloat. Cannot remember the last time Loserpool participated in the Champions league.

  2. Stupid U.. 5 times enuff said... hahaha.. lost to Basel...

  3. Cannot remember the last time you werent a gloryhunter, David..

  4. Stupid article! I don't think he's shown any resentment towards united at all, in fact he's sat boringly on the fence like the rest of them.

    You really couldn't find anything to write about today could you?

  5. Typical response of 'how did you go in the CL?' We weren't in it you moron, so your wonderful rebuttal is void due to such a stupid remark. the point is, that you were in it WERE. Hahahahahaha

  6. 3timeswithoutkillinganyone9:11 pm, December 10, 2011

    5 times? which century ago was it.... losers!

  7. doesn't matter when liverpool participated last, they have won it 5 times, which makes them the around 3rd place for number of CL trophies, man u has like 2 or 3 trophies so...