10 Dec 2011

LUIS SUAREZ admits: Failed Man United striker is my 'role model'...

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has revealed his 'admiration' for former Man United striker and fellow countryman Diego Forlan.

Suarez, who is currently the subject of two separate FA charges, told France Football:

"Diego Forlan is role model for me. I have great admiration for him. When I was fifteen I saw him on TV and wanted to imitate him, and play alongside him".

Suarez got his wish, and since joining the national team, he's played alongside Forlan on a number of occasions.

Suarez's ultra-competitiveness is something Liverpool fans love, and as he explained, his passion for the game was forged in the 'jungle' of Uruguayan football:

"In South America, we have an obsessive passion for football, and we must constantly strive to reach the top.

"If you survive the jungle of Uruguayan football you are mentally and physically ready to play in Europe".

There's no doubt that Suarez is 'mentally and physically ready to play in Europe' - he's proved that time and time again for Liverpool, and although he's struggling for goals at the moment, he clearly has the self-belief and the mentality to stay focused and not let it affect him.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Great days ahead for Shelvey

  2. Suso's goal was class

  3. I love Jonjo Shelvey

  4. selvey should play tonight with adam and hendo....my formation will be


    Johnson skrtel agger jose

    kuyt jonjo adam downing

    carroll suarez

  5. he is going to be a superstar for us!

  6. i wouldn't mind seeing that same formation with hendo in the middle with adam and shelvey in place of carroll sitting just behind luis. i see a lot of stevie G in jonjo.

  7. i think shelvey is a siumilar player to gerrard.
    that's ehy i never understood when people said henderson was a future replacement for gerrard.
    shelvey looks a naturally gifted footballer with an eye for goal.
    hopefully he'll get more time in the next few weeks,

  8. L.Suarez is a great striker but he needs a world class striker to partner him then watch the goals fly in.