12 Dec 2011

LFC LEGEND: "Steven Gerrard would struggle to get into that team..."

Bob Paisley's all-conquering team of the late-seventies/early eighties is widely regarded to be one of the greatest Liverpool sides of all time, and Anfield legend Graeme Souness insists that club captain Steven Gerrard would've struggled to make the first XI if he was around back then.

Souness, who played alongside the likes of Alan Hansen, Kenny Dalglish, Ray Kenny and Phil Thompson during that glorious period, argued:

"I'm an enormous fan of Steven gerrard. He's not a holding midfield player, he's an attacking midfield player who gets goals, so in my team, he's going to have to replace Terry Mac, who got 25 goals every season.

"I think he would struggle to get into that team. I'm looking at it not just as a team-mate but as a manager - we know how important goals are, and Terry Mac was the best attacking midfield player around.

"I don't think Gerrard would want to play in a wider area. Unless he was preparted to do that, I don't think he would dislodge Terry Mac...or latterly, Ronnie Whelan, who was a fabulous player; and he would've replace Ray Kennedy.

"Make no mistake: Steven gerrard is a genuine star. He's carried Liverpool in their recent history, and he's been absolutely magnificent, but if you're looking to get the best out of him there are only certain positions to play him".

Souness makes some good points, and as the heartbeat of that great side, he obviously knows what he's talking about. However, he does get one thing slightly wrong: Terry McDermott did not score 25 goals ever season; he scored 22 and 20 respectively between 1980 and 1982, and his overall average outside that was about 8 goals a season.

So far, Gerrard has averaged 14 goals a season over his Liverpool career, and if you add on assists, then it his overall creative output looks even more impressive.

So - is Souey right here?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Souness was a great player for us. But He was the manger who destroyed Liverpool when he replaced KK. What is he on about comparing players from different generations. Get a Life Souey. You are the CULPRIT who engineered the downfall of the mighty Reds. We have been struggling ever since. Now KK is back and let him do his job. It is a joke Souness can actually come up with this piece of trivial BS. Sorry Souey.
    You were the best in your time, The Great midfield General. Your comments of late leaves much to be desired.

  2. We are not comparimg an apple to an apple, Graeme. It is difficult to configure dan do empirical studies. So dont compare.

  3. mcdermott played in a great team with great players all around him,sg played in an average team and still produced world class performances week in week out,stevie is one of the greatest players of his generationand all time and would walk into any team,now or of any era