11 Dec 2011

VIDEO: Liverpool target Fernando Reges: Good enough to replace Lucas...?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Liverpool are interested in signing Porto's Fernando Reges as a replacement for the injured Lucas Leiva.

Like most transfer rumours, it may just be baseless, opportunistic 'speculation' (i.e. completely made-up), but Reges looks like just the type of player Liverpool might need to cover the unfortunate Brazilian.

According to the Mail:

"The 24-year-old Reges, known as Fernando, is widely recognised as one of the best players in his position and is also on the list of transfer targets of his former manager, Chelsea's Andre Villas Boas".

"The Brazilian is valued at around £17m, and Liverpool sent scouts to watch Fernando on Tuesday...in the Champions League".

Here is a video of player in action. What do you think?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Seems to love a tackle, but can see him sent a few times.

  2. Seen about five reds in there. Little hope for this guy in the EPL.

  3. Great tackles, he looks to have decent speed. We desperately need a midfielder that will break up play. Lucas hit form in the same way before he got injured and Liverpool looked unbeatable. Teams will be frustrated by Fernando. 

  4.  he looks like a great player but about 75% of those challenges would be reds in the epl, he leaves his feet to often and always seems to use two feet to tackle. If you actually look closer they aren't the "two-footed" tackles with the "use of excessive force" that we see players get sent of for here, he is actually hooking the ball, but i cant see the refs having much sympathy.

  5. Wow!!just Wow!! Amazing stuff, I just wish Port will accept to sell!

  6. Saw him against Chelsea a few years back in Champions League..Looked amazing. Tall, long legs, got his tackles right all game...This was when Drogba and co. was unstoppable. Felt he should have been the player to buy from Porto, not RM...

  7. Reges would be great cover for Lucas while he's injured, however the real story lies in the implication for our midfield once Lucas returns.
    Because it would allow Liverpool the option to play a very Brazilian, twin 'volante' system in midfield.

    This year has seen Lucas Leiva really come of age.
    At 24, he now possesses the maturity, confidence and skills required to take control of midfield.
    Something that wont have been lost on Anfields hierarchy after his dominate displays against Chelsea & Man City this year.
    Should they view Lucas as being ready for the next step up, then a purchase like Reges makes sense.
    Reges would become the first 'volante' and Lucas the second.

    The role of second 'volante' is one that many in Brazil predicted and hoped Lucas would fulfill for the national team, and earned him the tag of the 'new Falcao'.
    Is Liverpool about to follow suit?
    Well, if Reges finds his way to Anfield then the answer may well be yes.

    Reges and Lucas are both 24, Brazilian, and understand the system. Coincidence?
    A combination of  Reges, Lucas and Gerrard would clearly be capable of exerting vice like grips on midfield no matter what the level of opposition.

    So how would it work?
    It could certainly work in Kenny's 442, but I'd personally love to see it in a 4231.
    In defence, both Reges and Lucas would screen the back four, a potent destructive combination to say the least.
    While in attack, Lucas would move forward 'steering' the play and joining in on attacks, (remember his link up play with Suarez recently).

    This is one I'd be keeping my eye on and hoping for, because it just makes sense on so many levels.

    Discussion on Lucas and the volante system.

  8. Ya, he would be a good replacement,if not better.

  9. This guy is absolute class - cannot be compared to Lucas! He not only has the defensive strength and excellent tackling ability of Lucus BUT ALSO the Brazilian flair and skill evident by his superb dribbling skills and also his goals - he would not only be a replacement for Lucas, but he would be and IMPROVEMENT!
    It is a no brainer - if he is available take him!!

  10. How is this guy a significant improvement over Jay Spearing? Jay was red carded for what alot of us would view as a legit tackle, although just as many modern referees would consider it reckless or dangerous, and Reges looks to be making that kind of tackle every match. Indeed, his ball retention and distribution look far superior, but the question that arises is if he will be on the pitch long enough, especially during his period of acclimatisation, which will invariably lead to him becoming a new boo boy.

    If we do sign this guy however, he would be an excellent option to have in the middle of the pitch, especially in Europe if we qualify. If he partners Lucas in front of our back 4, we will be virtually impregnable. This strategy however requires at least 1 attacking mid in front of them - which we have in abundance, at the cost of forwards, but such a game will suit Carroll who is definitely at his best playing on the counter from deep.

    I can't say I am not impressed, but I question his suitability to the premier league. He is the kind of signing Rafa or Mancini would make and invite a plethora of criticism for. Back to my initial question, which pertains directly to the league, yes, on the whole, he does offer more than Spearing, but for his role and application in the premier league, he doesn't. To me, Reges looks like dangerous and unnecessary free kicks being given away for his first 6 months to a year, by the end of which we will have Lucas back and we will then have at least 3 holding players, which in turn may hamper Spearing's growth and present less of an opportunity for the likes of Coady or Roddan to break through. In case we forget, Lucas played almost every game for 3 seasons straight to become the player he is. Already, some fans are complaining about Henderson and Carroll being given the games to adapt. How much more patience are they or are we willing to extend to new key players who don't fit in instantly?

  11. seems to be a good player and can certainly break up and attack, however he does have a reckless style which can easily be jumped on by your nani's and players who dive at the first opportunity. Compared to lucas; yes he has more going forward but on the defensive, he relies on his pace and long tackles to make up the ground. if you watch lucas, he anticipates tons of opposition attacks and puts in little toe taps to get the ball off the opposition. he has a better football brain than reges and using his style of anticipating an attack will elongate his career due to the fact of him not needing blistering pace.

  12. Reges looks great. His tackling is a matter of little concern, but Kenny and co. can definitely work on that. We should go for him if available and affordable. 

  13. Players of this class don't come to sit on the bench. We have Lucas and we just need a cover for the time Lucas is injured. QPR's Faurlin may do if he comes cheap.

  14. This guy it's the best defensive midfielder in Europe... i'am the guy who made this video and i know what i'am talking about.