26 Dec 2011

LFC LEGEND blasts: "These three players have had ENOUGH chances..."

Liverpool have scored only 20 goals in 17 league games so far this season, and Anfield legend Steve Nicol has urged Kenny Dalglish to sign a proven attacking midfielder in January to compensate for the poor goalscoring performance of certain members of the squad.

Nicol, who won the PFA Player of the year award in 1989, argued:

"For me, one of the biggest problems is the back-up to the centre forward. The system they're playing, they're making chances, but Downing, Henderson, Kuyt - they're not putting the ball in the net.

"They've had enough chances; eventually, you have to make a personnel change, but I don't think there's anyone in the squad right now who can just step in and put the ball in the net.

"For me, this means Kenny has to go and find an attacking midfielder in January that'll do that, You need someone who's going to sit in behind and score goals.

"How long do you keep putting the same players who keep missing chances? If it's a defender who keeps costing you goals you get him out of there, and eventually, you have to do that with the forwards".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. "this means Kenny has to go and find an attacking midfielder in January that'll do that"
    This also means his signing of Henderson has to be critically assessed.

  2. KK go and take Henderson.Adam.downing.Carroll with you. you are to blame. you've ruined our great club and wasted the money. do you really think the yanks are going to let him waste anymore. they are business men not fools

  3. Jimmy kuntwar, Lfcs number one filthmonger. Just letting you know I've started a campaign to have you kicked off newsnow for postin misleading headlines.

  4. Chucknorrispunch1232:13 pm, December 26, 2011

    kenny ruin liverpool fuck off you fat stupid little prick you know fuck all about football and while i agree downing hendersen and carroll are shit adam is quality maybe not xavi or iniesta quality but still a top player and how is dalglish to blame for suarez kuyt downing carroll etc not scoaring does he control them no he can't help it if they can't fucking finish i would love to meet you so i could beat the shit out of you prick what a fucking dumb cunt you are get the fuck off this site you fat ugly twat

  5. Downing has been the biggest dissapointment. Although I believe Andy Carroll does not have the ability to succeed as an LFC player he has not had a run of games like Downing.

    As a 20mm winger, he in simply not dangerous, when he recieves the ball in a one on one position he is tentative and does not look as if he believes he can beat a man let alone anyone else watching. He is not bad in possesion, he will keep the ball, he will put in a decent cross, but for a 20mm winger we needed something else, this club has grown to expect exciting dangerous players like Barnes and Mcmanaman to chip in with goals - sadly it is Man Utd who have reproduced dangerous goal scoring wingers over the years whilst we have sadly simply never signed the quality.

    Adam has done ok, but his last display at Wigan shows that if we truly want to be a top side again, he is not the long term solution and we eventually need a better quality player to unlock Europes best defences if we get back into the Champions League.

    Its hard to understand the Henderson signing but it is harder to lay blame with him. He is young and shows potential promise of development in a few years but why sign potential promise when you have Aquilani and Meireles already there ? Aqua / Meireles may have wanted out but so to did Modric and Spurs simply said no and it is paying off for them, why didnt we do the same instead of sending one of our better players to a rival to help them pip us to 4th spot whilst the signing we made develops due to age?

    Finally Andy C - For all the supporters of Carroll I argue that when they point out his strengths and what he can bring to LFC that Christopher Samba can do the same job. For those that criticise him there is a sad reality awaiting - you cannot drastically develop touch, technique, and a football brain for link up play at 22 - If so why not hang on to Ngog? I dont want to crucify him yet, when Suarez serves his ban Carroll needs to step up as he will get a run of games. If he doesnt then dont think people should be arguing a case for him, if we do we may as well sign Barton and Nolan and hope he reproduces that devastating display of world class CF play between Aug and Jan of 2010.

  6. We have the player Steve Nicol is talking about and he injected some pace into the game when he came on........

    Stevie G

    Stay the course!!!

  7. You are so wrong about Carroll it isn't even funny. He may not be there in terms of development, but that is no excuse why he is getting all the "small" things wrong. Today he didn't win a ball over Samba till the end of the first half , or second I am not too sure, but it was apparently clear that he struggles to do anything productive from his head. Secondly, there was times where he would go up for a header, but wave his arms in a direction which hinders any direction or balance for heading the ball. When you head a ball, you have to attack it with a predetermined thought of what you are going to do. All Carroll is doing by his body language is get a head on it, don't worry what damage or productivity it will cause, and that is NOT good enough. 

    Suarez was wasteful today, but without him I don't see Liverpool putting any pressure on in attack, so I don't blame him much. You are bang on about Downing. I expected him to be the best of the signings, but he has showed no execution. I don't even think hes a good crosser of the ball. Yes he can put in a good cross of the ball, we have all seen that, but how many of you have also seen the bad ones hes put in that sail past the far post in no mans land, or just pin ponged in there with no real precision. You put Gerrard in there for one attempt and the end product is there, good dangerous balls, but Downing lacks that. Bellamy and Rodriguez can only do so much, you cannot expect them to carry the team, they are not regulars because of their age. Adam is proving that his speed is his achiles heel when Lucas is out of the team. How many times have you seen players cut in on the near post for a touch on the ball, if you watch the goal conceded Adam did not attack that ball coming in and hobbled. There was no acceleration to get to that ball and get a clearance. I hate how I am criticizing Liverpool for their mistakes, but there has to be someone responsible for the results. You can say that the goalkeeper put in some good saves, that Carroll stopper at the end was just insane. But Blackburn are the bottom team. Should have been a win, regardless of what Blackburn did on the day. 

  8. Read my post on Carroll again - not defending him or praising him at all, I dont believe he has what it takes and dont think he can develop it over the years, big men with good technique had it all along, Drogba, Berbatov and Ibrahimovich all the same build as Andy, but miles apart in ability. You just cannot teach Carroll much at his age

  9. i dont no what im gona do

  10. On another note, ex Liverpool legends such as Nicol, Gillespie, Aldridge, Molby, Lawrenson, Hansen, Barnes will not place Dalglish under the same scrutiny as they would if someone else was in his position. Tactical mistakes as well as the signing of players have been major flaws with him this season but no one is admitting it.

  11. The time of KK is over. Maxi was playing good and as always he will be the 1st substitute. Today Maxi was the only one who could score and KK substituted him. KK brought players and spent a lot on bad players and the only good signing he made (free) he do not use him a lot(Bellamy). With over 100 million he spent we should be in the top 2. If KK persists with Carrol, Downing and Henderson were not going to win a game. Even Downing he is a left footer why he plays him on the right and Bellamy on the left, against there feet. I think we need not 1 player but more. The players who can score like Maxi and Bellamy must play all the time.

  12. Don't forget Comolli did all the homework on signings, so must take some of any 'blame' that is attached to players who haven't quite fitted into the team yet.

  13. Are you an idiot?

    Damien Comolli has just as much, if not more, to answer to than Kenny.  Comolli is in charge of transfer policy and we knew from his time at Spurs there would be trouble eventually.

  14. manc on liverpool site thats all, its a wind up

  15. it could all be worse, why all the doom and gloom. kenny needs more time and money unfortunatly

  16. Things should be put in perspective, we have spent most of the season so far with out our best midfielder. 

    In my eyes, are second best midfielder ( for the role he plays) is out for the rest of the season. 

    With Gerrard and lucas fit, adams and Henderson would only be back ups. 

    Downing is a decent player, he is more like a right/left midfielder with a lot of pace, than an out and out winger. But he is marketed as a winger, and we all believe the hype.

    So considering are centre of the pitch has only been playing at half strength, and we don't really have an out and out winger, where not doing to bad. 

    We do need maxi on the pitch a bit more because he knows how to finish. At the moment, the rest do not have the composure in front of goal to pick the right option. 

    So, in conclusion, the depth of the squad is not bad, if Gerrard had been fit, it is quite possible, (going on past seasons), that a couple of them draws could have been wins. Where not giving much away at the back which is good. 

    We may not get 4th, but we have a a solid base to kick on from. after the last few years, we are getting back to where we should be, but it is not going to happen over night. 

    This is cities 4th season of big spending, and they are just about ready to challenge for the league. Its going to take a bit of time till where in the same position.

  17. It is a whole team lacking confidence. The goalies look good because we are telegraphing our shots. The players are trying so hard to hit the target their body position gives away how they are going to stike. Theyshould bring Ian Rush back from the middle east to give some one on one training. Also, they should seriously consider using some sports psychologists to help the players. It has helped some high profile athletes in the past so there is no reason to believe it will not work in this case. The team is solid and starting to play attractive footballl again. I am as disappointed as anyone with the lack of wins but the team is playing some of the best football they have in years. It took man city 3 years and silly money to get in the position they are now but it is not sustainable like with chelski. The path being taken now is to ensure the future while trying to maintain in the present. Those are both hard objectives individually much less together. The club is headed in the right direction and I think a late surge may give us a top 4 spot but it is not the end of the world if we don't make it this year. 2 seasons from now we will be serious title contenders with a new stadium 2 years off of completion and be the most financially stable big club in the league.

  18. Requirements for January: Strkier (poacher), Goalscoring winger and attacking midfielder. I have preferences for the last two positions (Hoilett and Dembele) but i'm not sure about the striker (maybe Comolli can come up with another Suarez!) We have not spent much money when taking into account wages (ins minus outs inc wages) so the owners have two choices: buy the required players in January and have a chance of finishing top 4, or don't do anything and finish at best either 5th or 6th. Pretty easy really!

  19. for me, our downside has been midfielder in C ADAM!...i have yet to come to terms to COMOLLI's 'wonderful' stats they put up on him, him being the best 'deadball' speacilist, accurate passer of the games etc..now, think hard bout these guys!  when and where have all these 'assumed' qualities being delivered in his games with Liverpool so far?

    I just think C ADAM has failed to live up to our expectations..sad but true,rather leave the strikers to find their feet and knocking on goals pretty soon! 

  20. I believe the problem lies with our approach to goal. It seems our attacking players are scared from taking a shot from anywhere other than the 6 yard line. There were multiple opportunities for our forwards to take a crack but instead they choose to try and feed the ball and play the cute splitting pass in amongst the goal line. Even Gerrard who has become renowned as one of the best shot takers from distance is not doing this these days. We are starting to look like the Arsenal of old trying to be to cute with the ball instead of cracking it first time when an opening arises. On another note what the F##K was Henderson bought for? What exactly does he bring to the table? He plays like a lower level midfeilder where all his passes go sideways. Being young is no excuse look at Jones for Man U hes tearing up teams with his surging runs our Hendo can do none of that. Even his passing today was woeful I cringe everytime I see him on the teamsheet. Whats worse Kenny never takes him off ..why? What did he do today to warrant 90 mins. Im really starting to get annoyed with some of KK substitutions. Henderson should not be starting let alone playing 90 mins. HE IS USELESS.

  21. Well sais Steve Nicol, get the likes of Messi or David Villa or the season is as good as ever.Once a gainmy "Puki Mak" to the England FA.

  22. Arsenal where losing their players left right and center,in the summer, they even lost what some would call two of the best mids in the prem, to big clubs namely city and barca, they had a horrible start to the season, suffering a humiliating defeat to utd even losing to us, yet with less games played, they are actually on top of liver on the ladder, not to mention we spent far more than them in the close season........are we going to make the same 35mil mistake in jan again, but more importantly should kenny still be manager come end of season?

  23. Lol. My bad. Ye I made the same observation too. Carroll is going to be a failed experiment. 

  24. People got to start thinking of it this way now.

    Liverpool cannot attract top players without champions league unless they are a die hard fan, in which case not many of the top players are. Liverpool could only purchase within their own league, players from teams like Aston Villa, Sunderland, Blackpool will obviously jump at the chance to play for the Red shirt. They can also attract old veteran players because a club like Liverpool will offer attractive contracts and the history plays a stronger incentive. Young players like Coates would also jump at the chance to join Liverpool because it would help their development. 

    But the key ingredient for finishing in the top 4 is getting the top players at their peak or close to it, and Liverpool just cannot do that. People just got to accept this is the best Liverpool can do after being beaten to players like Young and Jones. Dalglish will obviously try to work some magic, but the crop of players that were bought and the ones that have left is ultimately the downfall. 

    I think its time just to accept that Liverpool are not going to make the top 4, logically speaking. I will still root for them, but this pressure for mediocre mid-table players to perform at a level that they can never get to is unrealistic. Who honestly thinks Carroll, Adam, and Downing have what it takes. Apart from maybe Adam, I don't think any team would have bought these players. Without Suarez in the team, I don't see any hope at all. Does anyone else? We are going to have to rely on players that are not consistent. I feel sorry for Gerrard. 

    Enrique and Henderson are the only players I rate. Enrique has determination and plays with high expectations. He is made for Liverpool. Bellers is good for now but he is hitting is last years. Henderson cannot play in midfield. Has anyone noticed he is not a gritty player. He will not go in for a tackle. A player like him should be behind the striker, or CAM. He has the ability and is young. He will get better, unlike Carroll. 

    Thank God the defense is pretty sound right now. I am going to hold this verdict till the end of the season apart from what is signed in January. There's no point complaining about players now if we know what is expected of them from this stage of the season. Adam = nothing without Lucas. Downing= 0 goals 0 assists. And Carroll =  non-recyclable garbage. 

  25. Dalglish should play PEOPLE IN THEIR CORRECT POSITIONS - Its his fault and the honeymoon period is over

  26. Yeah Mick blame Comolli for everything and hail KK's failings as "a work in progress" right? Who bought Bale, Lennon, Modric, as an example, at Spurs. Kenny wanted to sign the players that where signed he even went out his way to bring Adam to training ground for his medical which I thought was quite sad, he also took Andy Can't do fuck all Caroll to a music show, I mean WHAT THE FUCK? We need to realise that Kenny's not the saviour of LFC as we'd all hoped for but just a man who can bring this so called 'feel good factor' and nothing else.

    Why we signed Hendo I'll never know because we had Raul and Aquaman as well as Jonjo and Spearing. Caroll was a sickening panic buy who should've never been allowed to ever wear the red shirt. As for downing, where do I start, he can't score or beat a man one on one or anything. I'm sure he's the one winger in the PL who's played the most games without a goal or an assist and he cost 20 mil, its almost laughable. Adam's just slow and not LFC quality another waste of 10mil in a position where we had so many options. And yet some people are still part of the IKWT brigade. I'm not certain in saying this but I'm sure Hodgson didn't draw this many games at home against some of the Prem's worst teams namely Blackburn, Swansea and Sunderland.

    Kenny has to fix up or fuck off back to overseeing the kids as Rafa had intended.

  27. What a stupid, ridiculous, childish, pathetic, statement. If you are a young child then I apologise, however if you are an adult then all I can say is you must act like a child....absolutely unbelievable.

  28. Our final third play is quite predictable. We allow the opposition enough time to recoup all the players to defend. We lack penetration or players of this calibre. But I believe the bulk of the blame should fall to the couches. Right from the beginning of the season we had this problem but they are yet to alter or correct it.

  29. you think 20 years?

  30. Agree with Fidham. No killer instinct, just passing instinct and a habit of wanting to send to Suarez to score. No one is applying the killer touch. I saw too that SG was not trying a shot whenever he is near the penalty box. Seems a whole team problem except for Suarez who is monopolising the shooting... if he scores... I watched Manure slaughter Wigan and the blade was sharp. YNWA and plse plse try more shots !

  31. What are some of you people on?  This time last year we had Hodgson smiling and shaking hands with Managers after we had just been beaten AGAIN.  We were near the relegation zone, we were awful to watch.  Now forgive me but perhaps I am watching different Liverpool games to some of you but are we not more attacking, creating chances and currently have 31 points from 18 games.  Now I know some will say that we should be challenging for the league..but get over it.  Kenny has put some life back into the team and is rebuilding over a period of time..yes we are creating chances and yes we need somebody to put them away but it will happen.  However I am ashamed of the so called supporters who are bleating away like little old women over the garden fence calling for Kenny to go. Oh and by the way who would you get to replace him, I'd love to hear that one being discussed..my advice to you all is put your PC management games away and get in the real world and let Kenny continue in his as he rebuilds our team with the support of the team working with him.
    Some comments on here are pure embarrasing I thought we were the supporters who had good football knowledge...please get real and become good reds again instead of moaning old gits.

  32. This time last season we were 12th on 22 points. This time round we are 6 places higher and 9 points better off. 4 of the 5 teams currently above us finished ahead of us by 10 points or more by the end of last season (Spurs finished only 4 points higher). It is easy to get into an argument that we should be in the top 4 every season, but why?.......Over the past   few seasons, ManUre have strengthened season on season adding quality additions to compliment a squad that has dominated for almost 20 seasons. Chelsea continue to buy top end of the market players even if they are going through a rough patch at present. Arsenal have the luxury of a nucleus of first team players who have been playing together for a number of seasons and Harry has continued to bring the best out of a talented squad at Spurs. Then of course there's City, backed by the wealthiest of football owners who have bought their own version of the 'galaticos'.......so why should LFC and us fans expect to be up there fighting for top position at this time?

    I believe we ARE improving even if we have been frustrated by a number of 'dropped' points this season. BUT let's not forget where we were and actually how far (in a relatively short space of time) we have come. We have currently have the best defensive record alongside Manure. We have the best away record alongside Man City. We are unbeaten at home alongside Man City. We are just not scoring enough goals!! Does this spell doom and gloom? Does this suggest we have the wrong management team? I don't believe that. We are dominating matches in a way we weren't last season and have been unlucky hitting the woodwork 17 times already.

    Furthermore, over the past 6/7 seasons, we have traditionally been stronger in the second half of the campaign (unlike Arsenal & Spurs), so let's judge all at the end of the season. There is still a LONG way to go!

  33. Mate, you are absolutely right!

    All these TWATS talking about sacking KK, dropping players we've just bought - they are forgetting that this time last year we were just above the relegation zone! We were never going to win the league this year, regardless of how much money KK spent. It's a transitional period - hopefully a short one - and massive steps forward have already been made.

    All these armchair Premier Manager players need to wake up and smell the coffee. If it's so bloody easy, why aren't you lot doing it? Mugs. Although realistic and constructive criticism is healthy, there are far too many people calling for heads to roll and KK to be dropped. This is not realistic, constructive, or helpful in any way.

  34. Hodgsons team scored more goals than this team but had 9 points less at the same stage - now I ask with 120 million pounds of investment into players are we are meant to be applauding and celebrating this massive improvement of 9 points?

    Or as fans do we not have the right to question the attitude and analysis KD gives in his post match interviews that he is happy with performances ? This is the lowest LFC scoring team in Premiership history and no one is being fooled by the blind faith brigade anymore, the honeymoon is over and just because he was an ex LFC legend does not mean he should be free of scrutiny. For the money spent this is a bad return.

    No one should judge KD yet but fans are questioning him, everyone knows the money was badly spent

  35. No worry Gerrard have come, let Adam worm the bench

  36. Those of who are backing Carrol, Henderson and Downing are the reason why people say liverpool have the most dumbest fans. You must be blind to not see that this £75m combination done Sh*t all!!! Sorry i meant "English" combination. Bellamy has done more than all these 3 put together! and hes over 30 and Welsh. Also id like to point out, after benitez and hodgson era, why have almost all the black players been sold? what do Utd City Arsenal Chelsea and Tottenham have in common? They have alot of blak players and LFC dont. people ridiculously claim suarez is a racist, but it looks like LFC as a whole is a racist club haha

  37. This is a different season to last. The point I was making is that under Hodgson we were so bad it was embarrasing.  This season we have improved and but for the woodwork, astonishing performances by goalkeepers and better finishing from some players then we would be far better off than nine points.
    Go back to last season and the embarrasment of going out of the League cup to lower opposition and the defeat at home to Blackpool and the most appauling derby dispaly at Goodison Park and we can see the improvement.
    Kenny needs to use cash to buy players that he believes will in a few years be bale to blend and be aware of each others football awareness on the pitch.
    We all have a right to question but the comments are so infantile and show a lack of football knowledge, they are similar to those of a spoilt brat throwing their dummy out of the pram demanding what they want.
    Downing, Adam, Henderson, Caroll will all be given the opportunity by Kenny to perform,, but he will do this over a number of seasons...what's next he lets these players go and then they show the potential that Kenny bought them for and then he is criticised by same people for letting them go?
    As I said before this is not a PC Management game it is real life and Kenny is man enough to admit if he gets it wrong and until he says that he has, then support him and the team and become proper supporters and get back to the Liverpool way. 

  38. Why do people like you show your ignorance and equate racism to the colour of somebodys skin or nationality....what a pathetic ignorant world you live in..oh and just to bring you up to date in your patheic world..check the following players...Sterling, Ammo and players from the past..Barnes, Walters, Camara, etc, etc...specialist my arse and I understand why you only got to three..bless  

  39. KK refused to sign his contract at LFC unless he had final say on all signings. Fact. Comolli picks players he likes as does KK, but at the end of the day Comolli just scouts them and is involved in the negotiations. 

    KK has the final say, although almost certainly not for the Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez signings as that was before he signed his permanent contract. 

    He was given the task on getting LFC back into the top 4 this season, a feat at which he has pretty much already failed at and it will almost certainly cost him his job. 

    When the powers that be assess the clubs progress at the end of the season and compare the money spent to all the draws against newly promoted and struggling teams they will be forced to fire the guy they never wanted to hire in the first place. Sad but true. YNWA

  40. Lucas wont be fit until next season, by which time Gerrard will be on a zimmerframe!!

  41. My question is, with respect to the current mediocrity of KK expensively revamped squad: when would enough be enough?  

    Is it at the end of the season when we are out of the European spots?  Is at that point in the season when it's unlikely to make it into Europe but mathematically possible to do so?  Or is it when we can still turnaround things before things get worse before they'll get better?  I still say, Dalglish not upping  Meireles salary as promised by the club before was a needless risk to take.  We are all suffering for it.  

    I'm convinced Meireles presence alone would have put at least two more wins on the board in so many of the matches we drew.  No one is the bigger than the club and that includes KK.  Some would say don't cry over split milk.  But Meireles' departure is indicative of a present problem: Dalglish's management philosophy may be dated.  His need to "over-privilege" British talent over others will be his undoing.  Someone needs to tell him football management has greatly moved on since the 80s and 90s and he needs to learn fast.  

  42. Why isn't it logical to think Liverpool will make the top 4? The race for 3rd-4th will be extremely tight and both Chelsea and Arsenal are facing the very same problem we are facing - and that is the way we play. This hasn't really got anything to do with any imagined lack of quality in our new signings.

    Like Arsenal and Chelsea, we move the ball up the pitch very efficiently, unfortunately, the ball and a player or 2 are up at our opponent's 18 yard box before we have enough players around it to make our opportunities truly count. You couldn't see any hope without Suarez - how about Sturridge and Van Persie for their respective teams? Surely we must stand at least as good a chance of making 4th as they do, and I am going to say we do have what it takes even without Suarez, but we need the right combination of players.

    You may be impressed with Henderson but not Carroll nor Adam, however, a great number of us feel otherwise. Carroll is quite possibly our most accurate striker who actually makes contact with the ball. He may not combine very well with Suarez, but neither does Downing. However, Downing seemed to pick up his game the moment Steven Gerrard stepped on the pitch. There was maybe not so much passing, nor the ball being played to Suarez, but more player movement from the midfield to the final third. This is also the kind of play that would benefit Carroll more.

    The one thing you've said I can agree with is the need for a CAM to play behind Carroll, but Henderson is not this person. It has to be either Steven Gerrard or Jonjo Shelvey. Henderson does not have the vision nor initiative to make things happen. Henderson is more of a support player who goes missing if he isn't played into the game. Maybe you're more into pace and ball skill, both of which Henderson possesses an abundance of, but I can promise you he will not cut it as a CAM for at least 2 more seasons. He has to grow his cojones first.

    Suarez makes our players play a certain way which is particularly helpful for getting the best out of Kuyt and Maxi, but he is not even our best striker and is therefore not indispensable. We managed to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge without him coming off the bench. However, with the kind of passes we will be expecting from Gerrard, the effectiveness of Suarez will be diminished as he would have to chase more passes and this is where Carroll ought to thrive. With Stevie back and Suarez banned, I believe we will see Downing and Carroll starting to shine and their signings will be totally vindicated. Teams will need to re-plan the way they play us. For the record, I believe Bellars is our best striker for his versatility due to his pace and experience - experience to blend with Suarez/Maxi/Kuyt and pace to blend with Gerrard/Downing/Carroll. Bearing this in mind, we won't be weakened in Suarez's absence.

    So to sum it up, a top 4 finish is still very realistic at this point, but the answer is not Henderson. Henderson is in fact our weakest link, even if Adam is our least gifted signing and Downing has been punching well below his weight. Adam has made significant contributions thus far which cannot be ignored and Downing shows true promise with Gerrard alongside him.

  43. Fidham, with all due respect you are correct that it is the couches fault that we are in the position that we are in. Not to poke fun at your spelling but in the US we have a certain type of fan for American football called an Armchair Quarterback. It is the fans that are piling the pressure on the players and helping to add to their lack of belief. So you are correct in your assesment that the couches, or the armchair strikers who are as much to blame as the players themselves. However, the fact that they make in a week what I make in a year or in some cases 2 years makes it hard for me to feel bad for them.

  44. Misternavin,
    I believe that your assessment of us being mediocre is completely wrong. I am
    not trying to knock you personally but I am trying to show you where your focus
    is off. We are having trouble scoring goals. The lack of goals is causing
    stress and anxiety for both the players and the fans. This stress only
    increases the longer we go each game without scoring you could see it on the
    fans faces at the game yesterday and with how the players were playing, more
    desperate than how we started.

    In a
    direct answer to your question enough should be enough when we stop playing
    well and I don't even mean winning or losing. Kenny Dalglish has brought about
    a "new" style of play to our team which is actual our old style but
    the players in the squad are not familiar with the pass and move type of play.
    It is in part because of this that we are lacking in goals. However, we are
    controlling games against "big" teams and small teams as well. The
    difference is that "big" teams are going to try and win which leaves
    them open in the back and allows us to utilize are emerging style to win games.
    However, with the park the bus mentality of the smaller clubs and our relative
    inexperience with the pass and move type of play is resulting in a lack of
    finishing. I would equate "enough-is-enough to a time when LFC is not controlling
    games and or not able to play on equal terms with the "big" teams.

    the only downside to not making the Champions league next year at least in
    playing terms would be our players not getting the experience in when we start
    to mount serious title challenges in 2 seasons time. My concern would be that
    we don't make the Champions league this year but come in 3rd or 4th next year
    and when we are finally ready to gun for the top spot we find ourselves playing
    in the Champions league for the first time in three years and because of this
    it impacts our league performance.

    It is all
    about perspective's, Rafa's team's were long ball / counter-attacking
    specialist with only 2 games that we really took it to another team. Manure 4 -
    1 and in the same season Real Madrid 4 - 1, ?"2008 - 2009 season"?.
    We dominated those games and it was fun to watch. Now we are doing that type of
    play in every game, fun to watch, dominating possession, creating chances,
    swarming the ball on defense, just lacking the goals. With Houllier and Hodgson
    I did not see any real game plan other than play your position and work hard.
    The team’s improvement is on display and it does not take a genius to see that
    it will pay off.

  45. Carrol and Henderson are young and may well come good, Adam & Downing don't have that luxury, they are average squad players and useful for squad depth but do not have enough quality to be in the first team. Bellamy is a useful player to have on the bench. Overall Kenny's signings have added to a greater squad depth but have not really made a difference to the quality of the first team, Enrique the exception. If we are to progress we need top quality signings in January who can have an immediate impact on the first team.

  46. SIGn IN:

    Fernando Torres (Striker)

    Gonzalo Higuain (Striker)

    Lucas Moura (Attacking Midfielder)

    Eden Hazard     (Right Winger)

    Lukas Podolski  (Left Winger)






    Joe Cole



  47. Why do we always have to settle for fourth place. We want 1st place, we really tired of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

  48. With the way its going, you can get forget 3rd.

    Spurs will likely finish 3rd. They got the talent, hunger and the form. They deserve to finish 3rd with the way they are going and in other seasons with this kind of form, they would finish higher.
    Liverpool nor Chelsea don't have the talent at the moment.

    Spurs' overall midfield is better than every single side in PL, apart from City. 

    Chelsea, Arsenal and Pool are fighting for one spot. 

    Pool could do it but have got to start to get some sort of winning run together, instead of relying on others to drop points.