26 Dec 2011

FULL TIME: LFC 1-1 Blackburn. Another 2 points dropped at home...

After an unfortunate Charlie Adam own goal, Liverpool are losing 1-0 at half time.

It's been the same old story though: lots of possession but an inability to finish effectively. Having said that, possession stats are 50-50, which tells its own story.

Andy Carroll had a golden opportunity to give Liverpool the lead but, inevitably, he couldn't finish.

Luis Suarez has been lively as usual, but as we've seen so many times this season, he just can't get his shots on target.

Stewart Downing has been huffing and puffing as usual, but his 'kick and rush' football has been largely ineffective.

The most embarassing thing is that Blackburn have more shots on target during the first half (3-1).

Big improvements needed in the second half.

Second Half

Sunderland, West Brom, Wolves, Stoke, Bolton and Cardiff City can beat Blackburn, but Liverpool can't. At home.

12 points dropped at home now.

Same sh*t, different game.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. boring, predictable, not enough good balls in the final third. the only unpredictable player is suarez the rest of the midfield is useless no proper service, downing horrible adam beyond bad. Last year we were unpredicatble with maxi, merieles lucas, fluid interesting, now static, teams who defend deep are nearly impossible to beat, i'm getting seriously sick of this dross

  2. CHEESEDOFFPAYING £50FORCRAP3:56 pm, December 26, 2011

    Dalglish OUT

  3. Sick of our inability to finish. How many times are we going to throw points away against these quiet frankly, poor teams. For all the money spent on this squad, and strike force, there's no end product. I must say however, the officials have been very weak. Today was our chance to catch Chelsea after their draw with Fulham, but now there's the inevitable feel that we will be caught short again. I have to question the decision to yet again bench Bellamy, who has the ability to turn on a six pence and create something in favour of Andy Carroll. I'm talking as if we have already lost, but it has that air of inevitability about it 

  4. btw the own goal is not unfortunate, when Adam is on marking someone near the right side of the post we always loose a goal he is never close enough never quick enough, same thing every time!!!

  5. KK is not so great after all and Charlie Adam isn't as good as Alonso aswell

  6. Same old story again. We will be lucky to qualify for europa league.

  7. CHEESEDOFFPAYING £50FORCRAP5:02 pm, December 26, 2011

    Excuses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------every bloody time

  8. Charlene Adam was man of match beating Andrea Carroll into second place. what the f@ck going on. kk be a man and admit you ain't good enough and walk. cannot beat the crappest 2teams in the league. forget the donkey and mules signed .

  9. Incredible how useless Henderson is. It's like he isn't there. I'd rather have Carragher in his position. Every game I pray KK sub him, and he NEVER does. And you know what happens? Zero player, zero team performance, zero goals... draw. Most toothless player ever!

  10. Squad improvement? Better Manager? Best footabll LFC have played in years? Think not.

    Same old exscuses will come out, keeper was man of the match, bad finishing etc but bottom line is we did not win again against a team we should have beaten.

    KD could clearly see Blackburn in the 2nd half were not really threatening and could have switched to 3 at the back and brought on Bellamy or Kuyt earlier but did not act quickly enough. Tactical mistake at home.

    Suarez - Love the player, but he is no finisher. 3 headers today that should have been buried, he is not a finisher, with the right striker he will create plenty but he is not as deadly as Fernando Torres , Owen or Fowler in front of goal.

    Andy Carroll - two chances from 8 yards both saved by the keeper. Some argue it is luck, or the keeper has denied. The best players make sure in those situations and bury them.

    bye bye 4th.

  11. Chalie Adam should be on bench now. he has cost team 4 points in last 2 matches.

  12. Adam and downing should not be starting anymore...adam plays too many hollywood ball,his left foot is shit rightnow and now cost us 2 wins. glad to see the main man back who will give us a boost. Downing...could not even dribble pass players who are at the bottom of the league!! Downing is a waste of money and does not even match up to mcmanaman's toenails!!

  13. Where are you......red4life.......you happy with Adam and co...and guess what it was maxi ( worst player to have played for us according to u...scored again to save us)

    But lets believe everything is good because we support kk and Adam and Henderson and Carroll and downing but we don't support Liverpool...i believe ..i believe believe...kk is the best and so is his signings ..just wait till 2015season ...we will win the league...just wait...

    You can believe blindly but i don't...kk is a little fish in a big ocean

  14. @a77d3458f8d0bc496e8efb4dc86ec1ea 
    What's the point of catching chelsea or get into the champion league if we are not champion material,the *&^%$ man scum is gonna have the last laugh,ATM i dont see we're even close if ADAM,HENDO,CARROLL and DOWNING is still LIVERPOOL player we can forget about going top.After hodgson i thought liverpool is gonna have a savior in our legend kenny but i'm so so disappointed with those wasted $$$ spent on those clown and what's worst is he still have faith with those @#*&^ clown and keep on playing them,makes me feel like pulling my hair off.

  15.  Too many should have's again this season. Really should be comfortable in third place and looking at optimistic 2012, but nothing new again.

  16. I have an idea. Next home game against relegation fodder, we play with every striker we have, minus one midfielder and one defender. Call Pacheco back, put Suso, Eccleston and Morgan on as soon as possible. Right now, I rather lose 5-4 than draw 0-0 or 1-1. And if we're not winning then, take the other defender, the other midfielder out and put some under-14 strikers on.

  17. Like in most games, we had chances to win it..... at least we created a couple for Carroll also, Suarez had a couple of headers he shoud have scored with

    Stevie is back so it's not all doom and gloom

    We need a bit of help up top, Adam Morgan might not be ready yet, maybe this Rory Donnelly kid could burst onto the scene if we get him

    Keep the faith, and stay the course!!!

  18. Final ball terrible no buzz around the box

  19. Its only because they are brits they are surviving!!!!

    Boy did they kill Benitez before.

    I agree it's KK's first season, but spending all this money and then the best out of them is jose enrique!! Then the man has a problem.

    Having someone like carroll and not succeeding in delivering a ball on his head, that means lack of training.

    It's either his tactics are old or hasn't any at all. We looked like idiots today. No ref, no goal keeper, no excuses.

    I see a big black cloud ahead with Suarez banned for 8!!!

    Fellow Reds, one thing to say YNWA.

  20. Shame Rafa never had that kind of money to spend methinks!

  21. Pathetic how long before some1 says the truth about dalglish

  22. Enrique had a nightmare.Its alright creating chances its scoring which is the problem.Not all clubs had the luxury of spending £35m on a striker,if you do have the luxury to do that you should get someone who can score.Anyway we have no divine right to win or be winners,Dalglish had a golden chance with the money he was given,how many clubs would be happy with just 10% of what dalglish got.Same old story.People say a big squad is whats requaired but surely it proves a big squad is only effective if the players are good enough,its the class players who always make the difference and sadly this is what were lacking.

  23. I've been a Liverpool fan for 36yrs and I am not one to live on blind faith.
    This experiment failed horribly This team simply isn't good enough. I live in the US now and the game was time delayed, but having seen the final score I'm not even going to bother to watch it. We should never sold Mereles at the beginning of the season because he is far better than Charlie Adam they're not even close. Carroll "Sucks Big Time." The only way I see this guy scoring is if you take everyone off the pitch and double the width of the goal and theres still a chance he might miss. A total waste of space IMHO. He is never going to "Come Good" no matter how much time you give him. @22 he is supposed to be producing now not 2yrs from now there are players much younger than him producing the goods. Just imagine what we could have got with that 35mil. Adam, Henderson and Downing "all British" have been huge disappointments. People talk about their age and that is total Bullsh#t its an excuse. Kenny and Damien need to pull the wallet out in January and buy the best players available not the best young english talent with potential. We have that with the kids at the academy and it may be better served playing them from time to time.

  24. We need someone to stand up and grab these chances it's beginning to get daft now should be in the top 3 if it wasn't for this poor finishing by the team.
    A reserve player  should have been thrown in by now to make a name for himself so many players in the reserves 19plus who haven't been given a real chance yet.

  25. Adam and Henderson think they are Alonso or Gerrard and should just  stick what they do best! Adam was playing well then this last month he thinks he his Gerrard a few times in the games he has tried to do it all himself when a pass would have been the best option and Henderson should take a leaf out of Lucas book and keep it tidy and simple whilst you are bedding into the team and his natural game will come through instead of forcing it.

  26. Funny now we have all these people complaining about the performance and the poor quality of the squad with the exception of 3 players.


    His tactics are out dated his squad selection and timing are poor.

    There is no  creativity in the middle of the park.

    So what does Kenneth do ? Sell Mereles Loan out Aquilani brilliant!

    If I were John Henry I would not give Kenny any money to buy another striker.
    Remember  John Henry and Fenway expect that a Top 4 finish with the INVESTMENT they have made.
    It was a mistake to bring Kenny back and at the end of the season we will know it.
    The problem then is where do we go after that?

  27. Money down the drain, thanks to Commoli and Dalglish. Square pegs and round holes, sums up Kenny's signings and tactics. Either change tactics or spend more money if Pool can afford it (unless they are scared Commoli and Kenny will waste it again). What a mess. Looks like its the 'Stevie G, get me out of jail' card, time.....yet again. So sad seeing the difference between what Pool have now and the side that pushed United close for the title few seasons ago. Absolutely massive.

  28. No creativity then how do we miss chance after chance if there is no creativity?
    We do need more quality more then Aqua or Meireles! Gerrard is back now hopefully he put some on a plate for the forwards and score a few himself he still hasn't played with Suarez or Carroll and give the rest of the team a lift we are still in the hunt for fourth no matter how much crap and hatred you put at Kenny!

  29. Pool will be very very lucky to get a CL place ahead of either Spurs or Arsenal. If Pool somehow manage to get 4th place, that would be a monumental achievement, almost as big as Pool winning the title these days. 

    Never say never, right...(?)  

  30. Don't watch it then

    We lack a real pacey winger perhaps, defences have plenty of time to get themselves set up correctly

    We are creating chances, just can't beat the keeper or woodwork

    Suarez himself was guitly of missing a few great headed chances

    Gerrard is back now, he could make the difference

  31. Don't go then, save the ticket for someone who doesn't just sing when we're winning

  32. Anyone, bar le Tissier, can miss a penalty

  33. Our reserves are like a youth team though, Morgan maybe the best option

  34. I've read most of the comments on here and can't believe that most of the contributors are Liverpool fans.I appreciate that most of you are very frustrated, as I most certainly am, but really, Calm down! Calm down!. Gawd only knows how some of you would have got through 8 long years watching LFC playing in the old 2nd Division. Let's look at the positives......erm.....struggling a bit. NINE victories away from home including SEVEN against Premier league teams. Two missed penalties have cost FOUR points (the other two did not affect the result ), hardly the fault of tactics.The Spurs game is the only game that Liverpool really deserved to lose. The defeat at Stoke was an absolute travesty and the loss at Fulham was just a joke.It is not an exaggeration to say
    that with a half decent run of the ball and more even handed refereeing Liverpool could have been sitting in a comfortable 3rd position.I have never subscribed to the view that things 'even themselves out' over a season. That is a statistical assumption and not a statistical fact.
    Having said all the above, I think we desperately need a finisher in the mould of a Robbie Fowler. There are some promising lads coming through but they are still a bit young.
    Happy new year to you all. YNWA.

  35. seriously those are not clear cut chances, if you watc it properly we cannot break defences, it's absolutely not finishing, i think we need someone who can pass the ball in the last third. In the game with chelsea when the defence is playing higher up we play better and create clear cut chances when the defence is playing deep like Blackburn's we only score from corners, at least usually, we can't break them down and we don't score, you can hit posts and woodworks from half chances and that's what we usually do. who cares if garrard is back we cannot run for help to him everytime our mediocre midfield can't play interesting football, he is not a miracle worker, we lack class and adam downing, henderson, kuyt don't give us that.

  36. God i was so right about downing when we signed him, he's go to be up there with biscan, jimmy carter and torben piechnik as the worst signings...can mention many more but dont want to depress myself. im hoping raheem and suso make it into the first team...

  37. Kenny - Attacking player, supposedly playing attacking football not seen at LFC for many many years.  

    Rafa Benitez - Tactical Manager, supposedly played pragmatic football that frustrated fans who wanted a more direct approach to goal.

    Below is a comparison of goals, points, and league positions after 17 games since 2005 in December of each year. 

    2004 - Position 6th, points 25, goals scored 25 (CL won end of season)

    2005 - Position 3rd, points 37, goals scored 25 (FA Cup won end of season)

    2006 - Position 4th, points 28, goals scored 23 (CL final reached end of season)

    2007 - Position 5th, points 33, goals scored 31

    2008 - Position 1st , points 38, goals scored 26 (finished 2nd and top scorers)

    2009 - Position 6th, points 27, goals scored 34 (Rafa is sacked)

    2010 - Position 10th, points 22, goals scored 21 (Hodgson sacked)

    Current - Position 6th, points 30, goals scored 20.

    In fact, EVERY Liverpool team since the Premiership began has scored more goals after 17 games then the CURRENT team. ( I have checked all of the tables since 1992 but couldnt be asked to provide each year)

    The only real improvement we have made (judging after 17 games) is on last season when even Hodgson's team scored more

    Considering we have no distraction of European football, supposedly a larger and better squad, a lot of money spent on record signings for the club why is this the worst year in front of goal ?

    Do Goalkeepers have a boost when they play us that they dont have against anyone else? Does wordwork attract the ball more so when a Liverpool player shoots more so than another clubs players? Or are we simply the poorest finishers in the league and of many Liverpool sides since 1992 (after 17 games) ? 

    Dalglish needs to adress this problem in the final 3rd of the field quickly, Fernando Torres has left a massive exodus in front of goal which has not been filled by Suarez and Carroll in converting chances (despite Torres himself having issues with form now)

    There should be no excuses with all the money spent, but I have never bought into the myth that we play better football now than we did in previous years, not only is it disrespectful to Rafa who put us on the map again and Houillier who let us enjoy silverware, but also masks the real issues with the current management, tactics, and squad we have. 20 goals after 17 games confirms that.

  38. What's different in what kk has achieved having spent over 110 million and what Roy achieved having only spent 30million..Roy deserved what he got but yet kk is being applauded.

    All the pundits are singing praises..but only because he's British and he signs British..problem is he only signs crapp British and not good British ..

  39. Man Utd don't have a truly world class midfielder at the moment but they do have pace and width

    Man City found it tough today against West Brom with 11 men behind the ball

    Our problem is that when we are in a postion to attack with a disorganised opposition defence running back to their own goal, our wingers are not direct enough to capitalise. Kuyt would never try to out sprint a full back and Downing tends to slow down when he is on the right wing, he squares the defender up and tries to cut back on to his left, and the defence has the chance to return to their default positions

    All defences in the league are professional players. No matter who they play for, if you allow them the comfort of falling back to their default positions it will be tough whoever they are

  40. Bro, that's exactly how I feel. 

  41. Arsenal where losing their players left right and center,in the summer, they even lost what some would call two of the best mids in the prem, to big clubs namely city and barca, they had a horrible start to the season, suffering a humiliating defeat to utd even losing to us, yet with less games played, they are actually on top of liver on the ladder, not to mention we spent far more than them in the close season........are we going to make the same 35mil mistake in jan again, but more importantly should kenny still be manager come end of season?

  42. So now your face become redder in front of your friends?

  43. I feel quite sad when the fans are calling out Steven G to save Liverpool. In my opinion, Captain Fantastic might as well had past his prime. The managers should have found his replacement for the team, but now we still need to rely on him to save our ass. Yes, I understand that no one can replace the legendary Gerrard but still I see no one is even close to replacing him. Henderson, Shelvey are potential candidates but I think based on their current performance especially Henderson, they still have a lot to learn. Adam is at most bench quality for Liverpool to me. So we're facing a replacement lag time. IMHO, this is the most serious problem we're having for some time now. Alonso, never really got replaced (Aquilani has been forced out from the club); Mascherano, never really got replaced (Lucas had took some time but luckily he had stepped out for us now); Benayoun as well (We don't have player who can induce creativity in our final third); Meireles, never really got replaced also (Adam is far from having the quality); Torres as well, (Superb finisher, but Suarez is a different kind of player and can't replace him in the finishing role). Now Gerrard also, I know he is not gone yet, but he has not been able to play for majority of the matches this season and I think we need an immediate replacement and prepare for a worst case scenario soon or later. So I think it is a fair for me to say the main problem Liverpool are having is the Manager in charge.

  44. Our inability to score goals has become very worrying. Suarez has not lived up to all the hype. He is a fantastic player but you would have expected him to score more than what he has. He is a striker after all. Even Downing's brilliant cross was not enough for him to actually head it into the back of the net yesterday. Are our players squint?
    For us to have 27 attempts at goal shows that we are creating the chances but only 7 were on target. Carroll bitterly unlucky with some once again amazing goalkeeping. Suarez did not even get one shot on goal. Has an out and out finisher been the problem this season? Carroll has disappointed most people but what about Suarez? 5 goals in the EPL the whole season and has played more games than Carroll.
    With Suarez staring at his ban my suggestion to Kenny would be to put in an offer for Adebayor. Apparently his wage demands are ridiculous though i.e. City. Spurs might not sign him and he is EPL proven. That IMO is all we need at the moment, someone who can make the most of the chances which are provided by the many our midfield is producing and reckon someone like Adebayor is the missing link in our team.

    Gerrard is back but his fitness is not guaranteed but here is hoping he will play many matches from now on.

  45. Actually I thought Downing was good with crossing and passing (his diagonal in the second half was brilliant in particular), but that's just to note that he showed it this time.
    With regards to the game and result, no more excuses like 'luck' can be used anymore. A team makes its own luck, and that can only be achieved with clever movement and passing. Why do we insist to have switched to a passing game with Dalglish when it only happens up to the last ball? Once we get close to the box, the only thing we do is start releasing crosses towards the heads in there. That is not a passing game, and not a kind of play that beats bottom teams.

    The most depressing thing is that this is happening when half of the other top teams are struggling. Comfortable top three position has been there to take this season.

  46. Sorry, but can not agree with use of the expression 'every team makes its own luck'. It's one of those modern bits of terminology first used by some overpaid pundit and latched on to by others in the hope of sounding knowledgable about football. It deserves a place in the bin alongside the other twoddle like; holding midfielder, sitting ( what? ) midfielder, playing in the hole (be careful not to fall in now ), down the channels, corridor of uncertainty and any other expression that has absolutely nothing at all to do with football.
    Now if you described a defender as a 'holding player' then I could understand it. Shawcross and Senderos are two very good examples. Fans are understandably critical of Andy Carroll but defenders devote more time mauling him than attacking the ball.
    If you come across a recipe for making your own luck then by all means let me have it.

  47. Since you prefer statistical facts the Liverpool team in the current campaign is the worst ever in front of goal in the history of the premiership. 21 goals from 18 games.

    No other Liverpool team since 1992 has sccored less goals from 18 games than this side.

    You say " with a hald decent run of the ball and more even handed refereeing" - that sounds like would have but, could have but, should have but... excuses that can apply to every other team in the league as much as it can to us.

    Stats dont lie, and you are right that we desperatley need a finisher as the best one we have at the moment is Maxi

  48. I think a good idea decide what your best team is and stick with it , the back four stays pretty much the same week in week out , but up front it's Luis and bellers one week Luis and Carroll another week Luis and kuyt Luis and someone playing just behind him , the midfield spearing was first choice 4 games ago , got banned , next game shelvey starts win 2 nil away then he's out , downing plays left wing one week right the next , Henderson the same central one week wide the next , maxi has a game every now and again . It's pretty much pathetic , and obviously doesn't work ( 14 pts off top ) how can the players form understandings , and don't talk about resting players cos 7 or 8 play almost every game , if they don't need to be rested why do others . PICK AND PLAY YOUR BEST ELEVEN , there will be enough times when you have to make changes injuries / suspensions etc , the swap like for like , but stop this thing we are doing now IT'S NOT WORKING

  49. Excellent post, Madness :-) I agree with every word. As you say: no European distractions; tens of millions spent, and we're still struggling overall.

  50. The game yesterday there were far more clear cut chances Maxi,Downing,Carroll,Suarez and Agger all had chances when it was just the keeper to beat most of them were free headers Carroll and Downing both had shots saved so the quality of the delivery is improving ,just wish we would score more and give the doubters some answers! 

  51. I would reply if you used your post to argue against that term with your judgement. Please define why you believe it is wrong to think that what teams achieve in terms of scoring is down to their efforts+class and not 'luck', which may only intervene here and there, and happens to everyone.

  52. i couldnt agree with u more. henderson and andy carroll r just useless. 100% inefficiency.