26 Dec 2011

KEAN: Swansea and Norwich did it at Anfield, so why can't we...?

Blackburn manager Steve Kean is under incredible pressure at Ewood park, but despite the doom and gloom, he's still confident Blackburn can get a result against Liverpool at Anfield later today.

Liverpool have dropped ten points at home this season, and its clear that the club's inability to finish teams off at Anfield is boosting the confident of visiting managers. Kean noted:

"It will be a really big ask for us to get something, but why not?

"Other teams have gone there this season not expecting to get anything and have come away with something, so there is a possibility to get a result.

"It's a very famous and intimidating ground. There's lots of good football been played there over the years and I've always been a fan of the way Liverpool have played.

Liverpool fans are 100% behind Kenny Dalglish, something that Kean clearly envies:

"Since Kenny (Dalglish) has gone back in again, the fans have got behind them, which has been massive for the club".

With all respect to Blackburn, Liverpool should win the game today, and I'm sure most fans would agree that anything less than a win would be massively disappointing.

Jaimie Kanwar

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