19 Dec 2011

"I was called a LIAR, so the club and I were left with no choice..."

Former Liverpool defender Markus Babbel has been sacked by Bundesliga club Hertha Berlin over an ongoing 'lying' row with the club's Sports Director Michael Preetz.

A war-of-words played out in the German media on Sunday with both Babbel and Preetz accusing each other of lying over aspects of the former defender's new contract.

Babbel had six months remaining on his contract, but he'd been linked with Bayern Munich job several times, which had reportedly led to delays in signing a new contract with Berlin.

After Babbell's sacking, Hertha director of sport Michael Preetz said:

"After the developments of the last two days, culminating in the fact that I was called a liar more than once, both the club and I were left with no choice. The relationship of trust is no longer there."

Babbel quickly refuted Preetz's comments:

"Anyone who knows me will know that if I say something, then that it is so. If someone has a different opinion, then he may not be listening."

Preetz fired back:

"I didn't hear anything [from him] and I have no problem with my ears. The whole thing is extremely annoying."

Babbell is the latest member of Gerard Houllier's squad to fall on stony ground in the management game. Dietmar Hamann recently left Stockport County after only four months in charge, and Gary McAllister left Aston Villa after only one game in charge.

Maybe Babbell will return to Liverpool one day as manager?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Babbel as manager ?? - That's a joke, isn't it .....

  2. Yes. I actually meant Ryan Babel as a future manager of Liverpool...

  3. Lucas can make a better manager, I think.

  4. Finally some humour on here that I can laugh with!

  5. No No we need to bring in Biscan thats where the tactical genius is

  6. More misspelled tripe from Kanwar

  7. y is it so amusing to think that markus could some day be liverpool manager? He has done a respectable job with hertha and is strongly linked with one day being bayern munich manager, i would agree that he currently isnt an option but we dont need a manager at the moment do we, i'm not even suggesting that he would be in line as the next manager but why not in the future if he keeps growing. he was a well liked player and became a cult figure despite he's short time at the club and had it not been for his terrible illness i am sure he would have played for us for much longer. the speed that some people right someone off os laughable, the only joke around here is you short sighted armchair fans who dispelle someone without even giving them a chance.

    oh and jamie i would also point out that gary mccallister was only caretaker boss at villa and hardly given any chance to stamp his authority on that team and hamanns time at stockport was cut short due to the financial difficulties and the idiotic chairman they had. more to the point all three of the aforementioned people (babbel, mccallister and hamann) are all young and just embarking upon their managerial careers, for christ sake at least give them a chance.

  8. OK, so another very distant link to get higher rankings on newsnow.  Some of these 'news stories' are so pitifully linked to LFC, and come on, Gary Mac was caretaker at Aston Villa.

    If you really must churn out this stuff (and yes I know, if I don't like it I can go and find some real news on another site), try and make it at least valid.

    I hear one of Everton's ball boys from the 1970's who once met Kevin Keegan's cousin has just been taken on as a Christmas postman delivering to Anfield.  Maybe one day, he could be manager?

  9. lol Jaimie...you taunting Babel now...you are going to provoke Hoffenheim...