19 Dec 2011

HANSEN: "He was the STAR of the show for Liverpool against Villa..."

Beleaguered striker Luis Suarez brushed aside his ongoing FA disciplinary issues to put in another excellent performance for Liverpool on Sunday, and Anfield legend Alan Hansen was full of praise for the Uruguayan.

Speaking on to the BBC, Hansen was keen to stress the team aspect of the performance but he singled out Suarez - who hit the post twice - for special praise:

"Liverpool played really well; it was a great team performance.

"Jonjo Shelvey and Jordan Henderson player really well, and as Kenny says, it was very much a team performance, but the star of the show, as always, was Suarez.

"His movement, touch and technique were superb, and he was so unlucky [with the shot that hit the crossbar].

"What an acquisition he's been. Absolutely sensational. Wonderful player, and so difficult to play against".

Whilst Suarez was a threat, I don't think he was man of the match; for me, that accolade goes to Craig Bellamy, or Martin Skrtel for another imperious performance in defence.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. well said jamie, i think martin was superb!
    2 barclays premier league so far this season for a defender is unbelievable!
    he almost beat our frontman( big duncky!)

  2. Think Glen Johnson deserves a mention as well. Thought he was outstanding.

  3. Skrtel has really really surprised me, he seems a different player to previous seasons, a hell of a lot better on the ball.

  4. The guys played excellent football yesterday... The consistency in the games is there to see, but the main problem is that we lack a world class striker... Someone like the torres of old.. And btw there are some united fans trying to discredit the famed liverpool academy with nonsensical comments... Some (John) Terry Carroll (Andy) .... Pease read this article and do not hesitate to leave to dear my terry carroll... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/985577-manchester-united-4-liverpool-0-paul-pogba-shines-in-the-class-of-2011?

  5. Hansen is obsessed. Suarez was less of a star against Villa than:
    1) Craig Bellamy who put in a MOTM performance
    2) Glen Johnson who IMO, ran Bellars close
    3) Jonjo Shelvey who made his first league start and played well

  6. I don't think Suarez is in form at all ....

  7. agreed...which is a good thing

  8. The_Lyre_of_Orpheus4:38 pm, December 19, 2011

    Suarez is almost always the man of the match. It follows given that he is clearly one of the best footballers in the world.

  9. Skrtl has scored more than Henderson who is attacking mf...scored more open play goals than Adam who also has two goals but one is a penalty..scored more than downing..which ain't hard...ha ha

    The most interesting point is that jonjo outshone and out did the magnificent three in Adam and Henderson and downing who between them cost 48million and a 2 million signing outshone and outplayed them...and he didn't need 3 years to settle and gel and any other excuses possible...

  10. Anyone in the team being MOTM will do and Kenny said it was a team effort.

  11. dont forget Downing. I thought he looked like a a faster sharper player today. He really had a go against Villa. Suarez is always gonna be a star player if he continues to nutmeg players. Skrytl has got extra confidence this year. Hes more comfortable on the ball, learnt a thing or two from Agger. Johnson was perfect in defense. Carroll didn't do much. Bellamy was an animal in this game chasing down players, good shift from him. All round play was good, as what is expected against teams like Villa. Confidence is key.

  12. Jamie i think more of the media should bring attention to the lack of games shown on tv in the uk. Im currently in Egypt on holiday and they show all 38 games from every team in EPL including saturday 3pm ko's.  I think its so unfair to the English seeing as its our countries football and yet we dont have access to these games. I would love to know why most other countries have this yet we dont. Are you able to give any insight as to why this is ??
    I think you do a great job here. Keep up the good work !!!