19 Dec 2011

Star-striker's CHAIRMAN confirms: "Liverpool want to sign him..."

Cliftonville Chairman Gerald Lawlor has confirmed that Liverpool are interested in signing their promising young striker Rory Donnelly.

Lawlor told the Belfast Telegraph:

“It’s not every day you get Kenny Dalglish ringing you and asking how the Reds got on at the weekend.

“He made it clear that Liverpool want to sign him [Donnelly] and that they would be back in touch.”

Cliftonville released the following statement on Sunday, which seems to suggest that Swansea City have the upper hand"

"Cliftonville this week announced the acceptance of a transfer offer from Swansea City FC for striker Rory Donnelly

"The club are also aware of interest in the player from a number of other sources and has responded to a series of tentative enquiries in recent weeks.

"We are, however, keen to bring the issue to a conclusion as soon as possible"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Is he going to fill the shoes of Torres? Need to wait for another 5 years in the ranks. Hope he is not another David Ngog.

  2. Is he another Andy Carroll?

  3. Liverpool are buying promising young British players and the fans need to get used to it again! We have brought young Spanish,Argentine,Hungarian,Icelandic and French they have all failed now we're trying closer to home, why should we be snobish about it and turn our noses up to British talent and let other clubs pick up bargains?

  4. I don't think the buying of foreign youths has failed. Rafa's plan of bringing in so many gifted youngsters was to raise the bar at the academy. You don't suddenly unearth a plethora of football scholars you can take your pick from at your academy unless you have a whole crop already playing at a certain standard. What this infers is that the kids at the academy must already be playing at the standard you want your products to match or better. The bulk of the academy graduates will not be expected to make the first team and will be sold on, having served their purpose of setting the standards at the academy and some of the proceeds will invariably feed back into transfer funds.

    With the homegrown rule in place, it is inevitable that English players would cost alot more than their worth, so English talent coming through the academy is not so much about the club keeping faith in English talent, but that it is simply more profitable. Without a doubt, the club will continue importing foreigners for the academy if they look like a prospect or will contribute to the status of the academy, but the switch in focus to English players is not a sign that the initial project had failed. One would think it operates in phases.

    Not too long ago, Rafa posted an article on why England doesn't produce as many top quality internationals as Spain, and it can be inferred his ultimate goal was to attract the best of English talent to the Liverpool academy. The operative word here is 'best', hence he cleared out all the average English players and replaced them with foreign youngsters boasting a larger variety of talents, that other clubs would be interested in buying. The idea here was that these academy graduates would then be guaranteed a brighter future, which made the Liverpool academy more attractive to those with higher aspirations, aside from raising the bar of talent required. If you look at the way our current crop of English kids play compared to the pre-Rafa lot, the difference is very apparent. Lindfield vs. Morgan? Hammill vs. Sterling? If not for the Nemeths and Dalla Valles, would there be a Morgan?

    However, back to this young striker Kenny wants to sign, I believe he would be for the first team and not the academy. Kenny was our Academy ambassador under Rafa and he did sign Barnes for us, Alan Shearer for Blackburn and Shae Given for Newcastle. I believe he is miles ahead of us in spotting talent.

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  6. Baffling use of the 'enter' key...

  7. Every 'i' and I'm dying to know why, haha.