12 Dec 2011

"I don't really have sympathy for Kenny Dalglish..."

Former Newcastle and West Ham goalkeeper Shaka Hislop has 'a lot of sympathy' for Luis Suarez, but he he believes that the Uruguayan only has himself to blame for the Fulham 'finger' incident.

Earlier in the season, Hislop incited the ire of Liverpool fans by arguing that the club had 'no chance' of making the top four, and was similarly blunt when discussing Suarez on ESPN recently:

"I have a lot of sympathy for Luis Suarez. The Luis Suarez case dragging on for as long as it has is a little bit farcical, but I don't really have sympathy for Dalglish outside of that.

"His focus is just on Suarez, and he's trying to get the best deal for him. Unfortunately, I don't see how Kenny can get anything better for Suarez given the the two incidents".

On the Fulham incident, Hislop argued that Suarez should've had a little more self control:

"I think every single player has been at that point where you want to react. It's a human reaction to want to get your own back and have your own say when you're faced with abuse.

"Fortunately, 99.9% of the time, players are able to put the reigns on it and stop themselves from doing wht comes naturally.

"Unfortunately, there's still that 0.1% who cross the line, and Luis Suarez did, and he will be punished".

I totally agree with Hislop here - the Evra race-issue has dragged on for way too long, but when it comes to the Fulham issue, Suarez cannot really be defended.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. what a joke, so you agree, lmfao, its ok for idiots to shout swear at you, but when u stick a finger up back at them they cry, typical london dickheads,the FA are a joke, its ok to appeal roonys sending off which was a delibrate chicken attack from behind. yet a finger is worse, lol, this artical is a joke,fergir write this or what lol.

  2. nevermind the numerous previous incidents involving english players

  3. Vintage Hislop , Rubbish Keeper and even worse soccer pundit

  4. Ok so people start swearing at Mr Jaimie Kanwar!!!!! Mr Kanwar get one thing clear before being a footballer, the person is a human being like all of us!!!!!! Try that with a politician, where do you go??? If you can swear at a football player then why not at a scavenger, or a receptionist or anybody??!!!! This is becoming quite a joke!!!! Don't you think so??? So a player should know how to behave and the supporters???? Why is that if supporters misbehave during a match at a certain ground the club has to pay fines then??? The supporters also represent a club!!!! That's something that should be really clear!!!

  5. Why don't you address his points instead of resorting to childish personal insults? What does his ability as a keeper have to do with his opinion? if you can't be civil then please don't bother posting at all.

  6. Swearing is nothing. Apparently it's also OK to throw coins at Suarez.  

  7. If you bother to look at KD defense of Suarez, it had very little to do with the incident its self but he was questioning the FA's consistency....The fact that there has been a number of similar, more blatant offenses that have gone unpunished, is LFC & KD question.

    Why charge Suarez and not every one else ?

    Why when there is clear video evidence of an incident , clear proof , why is that individual not being charged , yet Saurez has been charged with only accusation lodged against him.

    I can guarantee you that there was not a single Fulham fan that gave two hoots about Saurez and his finger after the game, they gave him hell...

    Why charge LFC when UTD did far worst to the officials in their game ?

    All KD was asking for was consistency and to be treated fairly, fine charge Saurez and LFC but next week charge every other club that transgresses.

  8. Hislop has clearly missed the point. Kenny got it spot on this time. Indeed the whole point here is consistency. Any governing body that enforces rules needs to be consistent in its interpretation and application, that is how laws work. No one is asking for any sympathy. I think Kenny has done brilliantly to put together the evidence of other players caught gesturing to opponent fans and getting away with it.

    Rooney may have been sanctioned for swearing into the camera, but that is not what Suarez did. Suarez flipped the bird at the Fulham crowd and on separate occasions, Ashley Cole and Rooney had given 2 fingers to the crowd in the same fashion and got away unpunished, therefore, Suarez should only be made to suffer the same consequences. With regards to how our players surrounded Friend for the controversial red card, Chelsea and United had on many occasions done precisely that without any punishment either. So even if the club and Suarez are to be found guilty, the precedence for such instances has already been set.

    The onus is now on the FA to legislate how such instances ought to be punished after the charges have been dealt with, but they can't use this case to do so. If they do, they lose credibility, if they don't, they would embarass themselves - but that would provide the impetus to legislate accordingly.

  9. What does his ability as a keeper have to do with his opinion?

    Their the same thing , Shit
    Every time Hislop and those other losers are on ESPN , They constantly lay digs in at Liverpool , In any case , what has LFC got to do with Hislop ? Nothing , just trying to get his name mentioned in pointless articles like this .
    Say whay you want Shaka , nobodies listening mate

  10. Suaarez missed a trick. He should have claimed his actions where in-response to racial abuse( this could never be proved or disproved).Ian Wright did this for years and the magic R word worked every time

  11. because jamie we as liverpool get sick of pundits and media criticising our player. when the players doing the criticising were terrible players them selves.

  12. Get over it already. Hislop is entitled to his view, just ad you are. And he wasn't a 'terrible' player at all. Why don't you qualify that statement. If Hislop had fawned all over KD then I doubt you'd be calling him a terrible player.
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  13. talk about inconsistency, anyone remember Mascherano got sent off for having a word too many at the ref? That was a valid yellow card as the rule has always been there but FA decided to apply strict enforcement out of the blue from that match onwards and you know the rest of the story regarding consistency with the FA

  14. why don't u address any of the criticisms of your posts on this site? Instead of deleting posts.

  15. This is your last warning: I am not interested in your petty about me or my approach. If you post one more sniping posts (several of which have already been deleted) you will be banned. If you want to discuss football, go ahead; if you want to bitch and moan about me, go and do it on some other site.

  16. There's nothing childish in what Ericthered wrote - Hislop is one of the worst commentaters,boring,and without good football knowledge! He is however somewhat correct about Suarez,although Suarez has done what a very large percentage of players would do in the same circumstances ! And it would be nice of you not to deride people who offer their opinions! Hislop is a bad 'soccer pundit'.