22 Dec 2011

TORRES admits: "I didn’t want to leave but Liverpool LIED to me..."

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres left Liverpool in acrimonious circumstances in January, and since then, the anger towards him seems to have grown exponentially. A month ago, Torres stated that Liverpool's fans didn't know the 'real story' behind why he left Anfield, but now, El Nino has finally revealed the truth about his departure.

Speaking to Spanish Radio, Torres - who has scored only 5 goals for Chelsea in the last 11 months - said:

"The Liverpool fans don’t know the truth about why I signed for Chelsea.

"The fans don’t even know half of what happened. They don’t know what the people in charge at Liverpool are like, and they have a completely different perception of what they are like.

"They made promises that they didn’t keep and I left because I realized I didn’t have time to be part of a project that would take years.

"I didn’t want to leave Liverpool the way I did but the club lied.

"I have nothing against the Liverpool fans; I was let down and I don’t understand why the fans hate me."

I ran a poll recently on the site asking if fans would take Torres back if he became available. 2000 people voted, and a whopping 72% voted for the return of the much-maligned striker.

For me, it's a no-brainer really: On his day, Torres is one of the best strikers in the world, and he was - for the most part - fantastic for Liverpool.

A strike-partnership of Luis Suarez and Torres is the stuff dreams are made of and if it ever happened, it would probably be the greatest strikeforce in world football.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. point of this story?

  2. Are you serious? I'm not even going to waste my time responding to such a silly question. If you have nothing to add other than pointless stuff like this then please don't bother posting at all.

  3. The point is hopefully people at Liverpool can make an offer for Torres in Jan. Though I don't think it's possible because despite Liverpool's new ownership and huge investment, Liverpool is still going to be a long term project. IMO,it's simply due to silly money paid for mediocre footballers by either the manager or the management team.

  4. Jaimie,
    Most of your articles are very interesting and I enjoy visiting your website on
    a daily basis but I feel that you should not respond to every idiot that makes
    a stupid, pointless comment. Just simply delete the comment and over time you
    will see less of the idiocy. Anyway mate, keep doing what you do and most of us
    will continue to your reading.

  5. They must have playfully called him a lady-boy, or a tramp - you know like its OK in some spanish speaking countries. Not all people take it well though.

  6. Hi Shiraz - You're right. I've taken your advice and just deleted the comment. Thanks for visiting, it's much appreciated.

  7. If that was indeed the reason, fair play. Kenny's project will take at least 3 if not 4-5 years. Our veterans are there to keep us competitive till the new senior players can do a consistent and reliable job, and then our youngsters will be given enough runs to prove their worth. As it stands, our new senior players are still bedding in and may need the whole of next season and part of the following one to do so. We could have signed the likes of Barton, Parker or re-signed Benayoun, all of whom have the experience to hit the ground running, but we persisted with Carroll, Henderson and Adam. To be fair, Adam is doing a good job. Maybe Downing is a little bit of a let down and proof that even with experienced campaigners, they may need time to settle. Furthermore, Nando never enjoyed the support of his team mates the way Reina does, which I am certain is a factor which kept Reina at Anfield. We did have a senior player critiquing Nando's behaviour during training and it was obvious on Torres' debut for the blues that Agger wasn't a big fan of his either - could've been Agger too, but for a few close friends, he was never Mr Popular.

  8. not one person affiliated with liverpool agreed with or even liked the pair hicks & gillet. they were lying, cheating scum, and anyone would have every right to walk out on them. no one can deny that they lied, and that they broke all their promises, as they were the legal voice of liverpool. so really, h&g lied to torres, not liverpool fc. but 3 months after they had left, literally a day after the new owners got him his "big player" and a strike partner torres left.

    in a month that saw him as the top striker in the league with his goals, a lot due to the signing of kenny dalglish which was also a major boost for the club, he still thought liverpool fc was lying to him. what exactly has chelsea promised him, as a 27 yo in the current set up. a title? not for another 5 years at least with avb up against man city while trying to "rebuild". champions league? chelsea fans... it's not going to happen, get over it. even f you get beyond the likes of barca and madrid, an english club would invariably be your down fall. a cup? well... not the league cup, this season anyway...what i find amusing and frustrating is that with the signing of suarez, we would have had a incredible chance of finishing a lot better than we did with torres already on good goal scoring form. and the europa league competition weren't looking that threatening, and with a cup tied suarez torres would have been fit to take us further in that cup - and possibly won it - i believe that because of a. torres was playing brilliantly under dalglish, b. the entire team was too, under kenny, c. suarez was cup tied and carroll injured so we had no real forward for the european games. i also believed we would have put in a serious fight with chelsea for that top 4 spot. had torres waited 5 months he could have won a trophy, finished higher up the league for liverpool, got his form and fitness back nder dalglish, and with suarez.and then he could have got his prescious move to chelsea. but no, he! wanted to leave at the last possible minute of the transfer window. only to win no trophy in those last 5 months with chelsea, and score a pathetic one goal, a fraction of what he scored under kenny alone during their brief spell together. and with avb's rebuilding process, he is expected to be patient with another redeveloping club. FOR WHAT?

  9. Torree is still welcomed back to Anfield despite what happened in the past. Let bygones be bygones. Let's not forget that our main aim now is th wrest the 19th league title from the scums.

  10. We wouldn't of cared if you had of Fucked off back to Spain, but you picked Chelsea a disgusting team we hate! so that's why we HATE you! and still LOVE Alonso!!!

  11. Nothing new in Torres' comments.  He keeps banging on about how the club lied to him.  That is old hat Nando - the new owners, manager & coach were fully installed and you still chose to leave.  Anyway, that apart, I would have him back. I think he can do a job for us and that's what we need to keep in mind - the bigger picture!

  12. By the way, interesting how his story has changed.  He now says he didn't want to leave but in his Feb 2011 interview, he said he had been considering leaving since 2009!

  13. Is that it? Is this the shock news??  He will be leaving Chelsea next then as they promised him glory.  And then Malaga. And then ....

    He has grown into the type of player i dislike.  I wouldnt want him back, rather find the new Fowler..

  14. Phew! there is no story on here about a pathetic draw to Wigan.  I'm relieved.....It must have been a bad dream. 

    There's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home.

    Torres is a decent bloke.  He wanted trophies, we gave him poulsen and the rest is history.  OR maybe Kenny told him him downing down the left would be the answer to our creative problems, its enough to make any man want to leave.

  15. Hi Jamie

    I agree comment re Suarez and Torres Combo. The proviso is that it is the Torres of old. The modern day incarnation? No thanks. I honestly think he is going to really battle to find his mojo and start scoring again. All sport is about confidence and the higher up you go the more so. And Torres is so lacking in confidence it is scary. He needs to go back to the reserves and start putting in a few tap ins, or play in some second division somewhere. I doubt it will ever happen, but can't see any other way.

    What baffles me the most is, that he seemed to be improving under Kenny, he certainly was on the up. His movement had improved, hold up play, first touch etc. Everyone knows Kenney's strength is man management, and he certainly is one of the best at stroking egos and getting the best out of limited talent. Torres should have waited till the end of the season, I am sure he would have improved and then, if he really was unhappy and keen to move he could have done so then.

    Merry Christmas from sunny South Africa

  16. Torres lost a yard of pace whilst with us.  To be honest I'm surprised he was still scoring with us because he had to alter his game drastically ala Shearer when he did his knee.  He has been forced to put on so much muscle as an injury preventive measure which has slowed him down even more.  If I had a choice between Bent and Torres right now I'd buy the Xmas shopper.

  17. My question is: Did he even give the new owners and kenny time? in the daily mail it said that FSG are the liars.. but they arrived in October and he left in Jan? during this time did they have time to lie? And is this interview new or old, coz it does not make sense to say this now...

  18. All is forgiven nando, come back! kenny should and will not be given 4/5 years to 'get it right'. his signings are xenophobic , championship trundlers. Aside from Enrique, im not convinced by any of the new guys. they have had plenty of time to settle in and done very little. i know jamie will site adam's assist/goals record, but for me, thats just papering over the cracks. his corners and penalties have been sub standard, and he is not, or ever going to be world class.
    people attacked rafa for  signing average foreigners and being stubborn re selection, but kenny is doing the same thing. i thought these players were supposed to be premiership ready. Downing and Carroll are going to be Kennys black swans. Sold at a great loss after adding nothing to the team.
    if we don't make 4th this season, the board have every reason to get rid of kenny and bring in a world class manager, one who signs world class players. Luis can't do it all alone.

  19. Regardless of his reasons for leaving, the truth is he has left a massive void in our team and the number nine Liverpool jersey.

    Just type in Torres 81 goals on Youtube and watch 10 mins of him hitting the back of the net with a massive range of goals to see what we are missing, I am not arguing that we should take him back but we need someone who can reproduce that - I dont care if Torres returns and keeps scoring or we snap up Soldado and he does the job... all I know is we do not possess a finisher to kill off teams at the moment.

    Sadly I think given the ban Suarez is set to serve, 4th is out of sight for us this year unless we make a signing in January for a striker who can fit into this team.

  20. Oh, no! Not the " Liverpool sign bent" joke again!

  21. If we had a striker that was banging in the goals I'm sure that percent would be much lower. I think most of us are only thinking that we miss his goals contribution, and are a bit nostalgic as he was really a good player for us. I understand him wanting to finish his career successful, but I want to know what are these lies he's speaking of.

  22. Your assumptions are 'WRONG'.Torres was also screwed by the present owners.His dejection was absolutely no supprise to me.He was lied to by G & H,but he was conned by the 'new yanks'.Make no mistake,the new owners are in it for the 'money',as are all owners who are from outside the UK !!!

  23. He was conned by the new owners ??? $$$$$$$$$$ signs!

  24. I'm a LFC supporter since 1952 and I could'n't agree more with you,Torres was conned by LFC ?  Q; Has any LFC supporter ever wondered why he would keep trying to tell people 'his story' ??? If he was lying in any way he would'n't even bother saying anything at all ! WHY WOULD HE BE TRYING TO CLEAR HIS NAME if he did'n't care for the club(LFC). The truth is that he was rightly disillusioned by the inaction of the club.A club that broke promisses that they made to him! I for one,along with about 75% of LFC fans would have him backk tomorrow!!!

  25. I imagine Miereles left for the same reason Torres did - a fatter pay cheque and the perceived chance of greater glory. Mercenary is a word that fits those actions like a glove. Maybe if Torres had made a statement prior to his transfer or immediately after describing why he was leaving then we'd probably have been in a more forgiving mood. 11 months later and that's the best he could do? That's almost exactly what Miereles said regarding his departure.

  26. If fernando told the fans what was going on behind the sense they would have supported him for a change he went buy it the wrong way.
    We loved him like a god he turned his back on us we didnt turn on him he should off told the fan this is going on if it dont change im going let fan power take control, then go if you want

  27. Am I missing something, or is Torres not saying what the promises and lies were again?

    Say what the promises and lies were or keep it shut, your just making more bad feeling  with the fans for s**t stirring, and doing yourself no good.

    If he would just shut up and get on with his job (which he isn't exactly
    excelling at at the moment) the fans may be able to forget if not
    exactly forgive.

    He doesn't know why Liverpool fans don't like him? I won't say hate as that is too strong.

    Let's see.
    He said he loved Liverpool, and then we find out he has been trying to get away for years.
    He put us in a position of panic buying by leaving it so late to move in the transfer window. He should have got the move out of the way early to give us a chance to make the most of the money if he had any feeling for the club.

    And never said he wanted to move btw. In fact, he hardly talked to the press at all whilst at Liverpool, and now can't keep his mouth shut.

    Instead of going abroad, he goes to one of our (current) main rivals. The only way he could have got the choice of team worse was to go to Utd.

    Judging the opinion of fans, especially on the internet, should be taken with a pinch of salt as they can hardly be a true representation from such a small number of responders to a poll. He left us in a bad way, and while I think we would be good for him, I don't think that, with the bad feeling, he would be good for us.

    Torres made a huge mistake by leaving Liverpool, as I don't think he realised how much having the fans behind him meant to his game. He had been idolised at Atheletico and the same at Liverpool, and it must give you so much confidence to know that almost everyone is willing you on. He keeps on coming out and trying to justify it, but comes over as s**t stirrer.

    At Chel$ki he is just a hired gun by an owner who has hired many expensive guns, and thinks nothing of moving them on when a new one comes along. Would he have been treated the way he has been at Chel$ki at Liverpool? No way. He would have had the backing of everyone at the club, as he had already had, to come through this bad patch. To move to an ageing Chel$ki team for trophies is baffling. There is a lot of work that needs to be done there as at Liverpool, and I don't think that at this moment they are that far ahead of Liverpool in vying for trophies. He obviously went for more money, but then he was set for life already, and from what I had heard about him, did not think he was that type of person.

    He is obviously a complex character, and I for one can't fathom what went/goes on in his head. Thinking continually making staements about Liverpool and their owners, without anything new to add is not going to foster any goodwill going in his direction imho.

    At Chel$ki he's looking like another Shevchenko who will be moved on at a (huge) loss. Quite sad for someone who shone so bright in a Liverpool shirt. Liverpool fans felt the loss and the hurt of his leaving, Chel$ki fans will just shrug their shoulders. And he wonders why Liverpool fan feel bad towards him when he would leave us for a team like that.

  28. Why isnt he saying it then?! what is he waiting for... I am part of the 75 % that would not mind him back.. But making such comments will not help him come back if he really wanted too... 

  29. Torres left an dis now History, liverpool need to blood not new players but bring in the new Owen and Fowler from the youth teams. it seems that they have the Raheem Styerlings etc but are slow in bringing them in and by the time they give them a chance they are not playing regular football and therefore leave for regular football elsewhere , take the case on Ince. take a leave from Fergie Utd bring in regularly players from the reserve teams and this pays dividends and in that way they would save money for bigger buys. For me personally Liverpools slide started with Paco Ayesteran leaving Liverpool he was a gr8 ass.manager, Dalglish as good as a manager he was he would not succeeed this time Mordern game is different from the days he was on the top of his game, I hope he proves me wrong. Bring back the glory days .ynwa