22 Dec 2011

Alan HANSEN: Liverpool fans are not going to accept 4th place

Liverpool's most important target this season is to finish in the top 4 and get back into the Champions League, and Liverpool legend Alan Hansen believes that the team can do it. However, the former Liverpool defender has warned that just scraping into the top 4 will not appease the club's fans for very long.

Speaking at a recent Charity event in Liverpool, Hansen argued:

"Liverpool supporters aren't going to accept top four.

"They want top of the tree - they want us to be back where we should be, and that's right back at the very top of the league".

Liverpool are in with a great chance of winning a trophy this season, but what is more important: getting into the top 4 or bringing some silverware back to Anfield. Hansen was in no doubt:

"I would take finishing in the top 4 every single time over winning th Carling Cup but it might be that Kenny would like the trophy.
"The Champions League is the only place to be, but what we want is both, and we can do it"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. OMFG if coloured is racist then white is racist which its not. This is getting ridiculous now.

  2. In South Africa the Coloured community is offended if they are referred to as anything other than Coloured. They are very proud of their heritage, as should all population groups be. This racism thing is getting ridiculous now - if everyone treats everyone else with respect, irrespective of race group, then surely we won't have a need for all this so-called political correctness. The link to the following article demonstrates cultural differences in different countries.

  3. Black, White, Ginger, Short, Tall, Thin, Fat, Ugly, Smelly they are all discriptive words nothing more sinister than that. I would be more upset at being called a F***ing C*** than Black or White.

  4. Utterly ridiculous. So if I had to ask somebody over the phone what colour their skin is will that be classified as being racist or do I have to ask what race the person is from but maybe then that will also be classified as being racist? So what the hell then should I ask the person?

    It just seems that there is too much double standards going around regarding racism and it is totally being blown out of proportion now. Is Racism only aimed at one colour? To me it seems that certain colours believe that racism is only aimed at them and they then use it to their advantage and that is absolute bollocks!

  5. if he used the n word in stead of coloured then i would agree with the baying mob, however he used coloured, so what. these people need to be stopped. I always remember when these people started to make racism and PC cuture move out of control. they stopped the term christmas and replaced it with festive, they replaced ba ba black sheep with bab ba brown sheep as it was supposed to be offensive; it a bloody nursery rhyme for fucks sake. if the kids where wearing pillow caes with holes in when singing the thing then fuck me readers, yes arrest the teacher. my god this country needs a wake up call. I posted not long back about walking down the street with my son and he was listening to rap music and singing the words, i heared him say the N word. I s this racist or is he just singing words written by a famous artist. these people would say racism because he said it. in the future when my lad is older and he goes on a karaoke, he may want to sing a song from his past. imagine if he sings this particular song the way its going; he will be labelled a racist!!!

  6. Why call them black ? They are no more coloured black than I am coloured white ???

  7. After the game at Wigan, I have less belief LFC will finish fourth!!!

  8. May be Hansen was scared to use the word black because isn't that what Suarez has been banned for using?
    FA have caused confusing!

  9. Maybe Hansen should have used the words anonymous player :) 

  10. Of course racism can involve any person of any race / ethnic origin, but there are starker examples of widespread racism towards black Africans more than any other group in modern history

    England and the US, amongst others, profited greatly from the slave trade - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Passage

    Millions of people were forcibly removed from Africa and transported half way around the world in the most horrible conditions and were enslaved for profit

    Racism is obviously a more sensitive topic for ethnic groups whose ancestors have been victims of it

    Hansen is a fool. He should have known better and paid someone to brief him. He will find it hard to replace his £40,000 per episode fee if he loses his job

    He can give his mansion to same real estate agent as Andy Gray did

  11. Agree.  The racism issue has been blown out of proportion recently and with the Suarez case, we could even speak of reverse discrimination!

    In modern football it is in the best interest of the clubs to play their best players and every talent, despite colour, will get a chance... I also do not think referees are giving unequal treatment to people with different skin colour.

    No issue will ever be solved with unfair and undue punishments.  FA is a disgrace to football.

  12. Ok so a black man can call a white man white but the black man goes off his head when a white man calls a black man black? Please do me a favour.

    Slavery is long gone my friend, the execution of millions of jews has also passed. The world has moved on hasn't it?

    We live in a world now where it is freedom of speech. It is not only black people who live in poverty, millions of white and asian people are living in it too. It is not only black people who live under racsim, all races live under it.

    Passed is passed, why live in it? It is time that people rather start concentrating on millions of young kids who do not even have a meal at anytime of the day, live with aids and I am referring to all races.

    Being called a coloured and then referring to it as racsim is absolute bullshit. People of white, black, asian or what ever it may be are of a colour. Is that not so?

  13. Do you mean like Suarez's grandad(black) and that side of his heritage that his descendants could of been slaves when they arrived in South America?
    FA have no idea they have accused a person with black heritage of being racist because he used a word that is accepted in South America because there is a high percentage of people with black ancestry.

  14. Jaimie, are you going to allow my last post to be viewed? It is not showing mate.

  15. Red4Life was talking about double standards with regard to racism, obviously minorities will feel more dicriminated against

    I just attempted to highlight why that may be the case, historically speaking

    Suarez has been convicted on his own evidence. He repeated these things at investigation because he obviously believes what he said is not racist

    Suarez just needs to come out and state that he is not a racist, but that he now understands that what he said could easily be misconstrued as racist in the British setting, and that he apologises for any misunderstanding

    It seems the panel have ignored any cultural stuff

    Uruguay is truly multi cultural. It is the most secular (separation of state and church) state in the world also. They are ahead of us in Europe in terms of integration between different ethnicities, and seem more comfortable with such interactions


  16. Simon

    Jaimie obviously does not want to post my last reply to you.

    Why is it that we still have to live in the past?

    It is now freedeom of speech, we are all one no matter your race. We live on one planet and life as we know it has changed, we have moved on. Black, white and all other races.

    Why do we still have to deal with pettiness such as "coloured" being referred to as racist?

  17. Political correctness is gone way too far

    We are all African, that's where Homo Sapiens, our species, evolved

    "White" people are merely descended from Africans who left Africa earlier than others

  18. Certain phrases cannot be used because of the connotations embodied in their use

    "Colored" - used in US as a means of segregation

    "Coloured" - used in apartheid South Africa to distinguish between people of mixed descent v "native" ie "black" Africans

    Use of the word or similar words can surely only be deemed racist if it's use has a discriminatory, underlying racial undertone

    The problem then lies in how to prove if this underlying undertone exists

    I believe that there was no such undertone in Suarez / Evra case

  19. The PC brigade would probably ask why do you feel the need to ask someone their race over the phone

    Does it matter?

  20. Sorry about that; your reply automatically got caught by the filter for some reason; I didn't see it it until just now.

  21. I agree that is why the FA are wrong to ban Suarez but should have giving him a warning!

  22. Were cavemen black or white Simon? Was Jesus black or white? Were there any black people in biblical times i.e. the Bible? Do you have the answer to that?

    SKIN COLOUR DOES NOT MATTER. It does not matter what colour you are, where you originate from, who was here first and all that rubbish. I guess if aliens had to come from outer space and make planet earth their home they will have a problem with being called alien? If you are black then you are black. If you are white then you are white and Asian is Asian. Why do people of differnent colour mix and what should the white person call the black person and vice versa?  

    PASSED IS PASSED can we not freaking move on?

    I unfortunately do not have the time for pettiness.  

  23. Dude

    I agree with you ffs, everyone is the same..........

    My point about our origins from Africa is to illustrate this, everyone is genetically identical. We are one race

    Colour / Race / Ethnicity doesn't matter a jot to me

    I'm just trying to explore the underlying reasons beneath all these racial issues, and attempt to reason out exactly why certain races are more prone / more sensitive to suffering racial abuse

    But it does to some people. Especially ones who are discriminated against

  24. So what happens if you wittness a crime and have to give a description to the police you can't say Male or Female as you'll be sexist you can't say Black or White as you'll be racist you can't say Young or Old you'll be ageist there are to many people complaining on behalf of other people.
    Can't wait for Anton Ferdinand to be called to the witness box and asked what he heard JT say  and he has to say I heard him say nothing!

  25. Exactly my point isn't it?

    Why should it matter if I asked what colour they are? Are people ashamed of their colour?

    Here is an idea then, Evra and all the other black people move to one side of the world in order not to be called coloured.

    Suarez and the rest of the worlds population can then move to other side and avoid being accused of being racist for using the word coloured.

    What you think about that?

  26. Hold on though...
    If black people had to live on one side of the world, will that stop them from the calling each other the N word? FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is it a problem when another colour calls them the same thing?

    DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. How does saying that your colour is irrelevant = being ashamed of your colour??

    Here is an idea - everybody focuses on the merits (or faults) of other people purely for those merits (or faults) rather than on the colour of other people's skin and thereby avoid being accused of racist. What do you think about that?!

  28. You raised a question so what was the fact??

    My brother or friend could call me any name he wanted with little to no reaction. My girlfriend can slap me in the back of my head with little to no reaction. If you came up to me and did the same thing, we'd have an issue. And I'm pretty sure the same would hold true in reverse.
    Double standards???