22 Dec 2011

Martinez: Suarez was probably suffering from 'culture shock'

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has joined the growing list of people citing 'cultural differences' as a possible defence for Luis Suarez's comments towards Patrice Evra.

Martinez - who was nicknamed 'El Judas by angry Swansea fans when he defected to Wigan in 2009 - outlined the problems overseas players sometimes face when settling into a new country.

"It is difficult to comment on that particular incident but in general you arrive to the British game and it is a culture shock.

"Believe me, there is no right or wrong in understanding your culture. You are seen doing something wrong and you don't think you are doing anything wrong because your background and your culture and the way you live back in your country it is nothing wrong.

"It is the same when British people go abroad and could upset people. The problem is where you draw the line. We are playing in England and you need to understand what is right and wrong but you need to understand cultures bring a little bit of misunderstanding if it is an honest mistake."

"It is a lack of culture and misunderstanding but I don't know about that (Suarez/Evra) incident".

Martinez is obviously right about the potential for cultural differences to cause misunderstandings, but the key issue here is whether Suarez actually made an 'honest mistake', i.e. did he use the word 'negrito' (or one of its derivatives) in complete ignorance of its negative connotation in Europe?

It's definitely possibly, but given his experience of playing in Europe prior to joining Liverpool, is it probable?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. An insightful and interesting comment from a decent guy. Why you chose to refer to him as 'El Judas' is rather silly and uncalled for.

  2. That's the nickname he was given; it doesn't mean I agree with it. Stop being so hypersensitive.

  3. All depends on what Suarez himself classes himself as, a mixed race player from Uruguay a black player from Uruguay or a white player from Uruguay. If Suarez sees himself more as a player with black/mixed ancestry then the cultural difference is right just  because he looks pale in skin doesn't mean he his white with his thinking and never meant to be racist with his negrito term.

  4. why would you continue the calling of the man as Judas when the whole world agrees the name is associated with the worst of mankind? Just because some fans use the name doesn't mean that you need to do the same mate! Rise above them, no! Sensitive??? yea why not? Is this about one's honor, be it Luis, Evra or Martinez? Where do we each draw the line?
    Is one's integrity not of most valuable?

  5. He's trying to get hits by people thinking its Torres

  6. I think it's all about respect and consideration. If you choose to use a derogatory description of someone then you have to justify it. I regard Martinez as a decent and thoughtful man. Most in football seem to share that opinion. Just because some Swansea supporters disagree is no reason to refer to him as 'El Judas' in a totally unrelated piece of polemic.

  7. The reason why he does it is to fool people it is fernando torres so they will read his articles. They are becoming more and more misleading! Bit naughty that J!

  8. omg can we focus on the topic not the judas thing!?

  9. Silly and uncalled for to the max refer to the guy by his name .This isn't a Swansea site and no one here has a beef with Martinez unless you do