22 Dec 2011

ARSENAL LEGEND blasts 'ridiculously harsh' Suarez treatment...

Arsenal goalscoring legend has slammed the FA for not being more open about the specific reasons behind Luis Suarez's recently imposed 8-match ban.

In his column for ESPN, Wright argued that FA 'muddied the waters even more' with its official statement on the Suarez-Evra issue. He raged:

"Why now does everyone have to wait until the written judgment is delivered for a full explanation?

"Surely it would have made more sense for the written proof, which everyone is waiting for, to have been published on the day of the verdict.

"But, at the moment, I have to say I think the punishment — on all public evidence — is ridiculously harsh because it was based only on what Patrice said he was called.

"If Suarez is as guilty as the commission found then fine — he deserves his punishment, but for heaven's sake, let's see the proof because until that's out there, the rows will only get worse.

"I am not calling Evra a liar, far from it, because something obviously went on, but as it is, this could be said to have opened the way for any black player who might have an axe to grind to accuse others in a similar way — and that sets a very dangerous precedent indeed".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Everyonehatesmanutd.com1:19 pm, December 22, 2011

    What a great comment from Ian Wright. We seem to live in a world these days where the slightest remark about someone's colour or ethnicity is pounced upon as being racist. Evra's word has been taken as gospel here by the FA because it's about race, whereas any other comments would have been disregarded due to no further evidence. Evra is clearly a bleating cry baby who just happens to be black. Plenty of other white football players are just as despicable, it's just a co-incidence that most seem to ply their trade in the Salford area of Manchester

  2. Suarez has obviously admitted to using certain phrases and the FA have ignored the cultural nuances explanation - he has confirmed Evra's testimony

    It is ridiculous that the judgement still hasn't been revealed in full

    The 14 day appeal window doesn't start until that judgement is received, read somewhere it's expected on MondaY

  3. Oh yet another pro-Suarez angled story, to drum yet more tribal nonsense

  4. There is so much missunderstanding going on in most of the articles I have read.
    As I understand it the initial claim that evra made, that Suarez repeatedly called him something over 10 times, this is what Suarez denies. ie. one mans word against another.
    The element that Suarez admits is that in responding to something Evra said, we don't know yet, Suarez replied with "Porque Negro" or something very similar.
    Suarez has been charged by the FA because he said "Porque Negro".
    This is what Liverpool are appealling against, the accusation that  "Porque Negro" is a racist insult or racist abuse, that in Urugruay "Porque Negro" is a natural/normal way of addressing someone who is Black

  5. I just don't know why the perception of racism means only 'black' people are targeted. Racism can happen to everybody. If you are a 'white' guy working in India, you can be discriminated due to your skin color and that is considered racism.

  6. Did evra not racially abuse Luis no word about that from the fa

  7. Evra called Suarez a SUDACA a racial slur for a South American
    Sudaca , Pejorative term for South Americans. Not something you would say to someone's face !
    Why have the FA over looked this racist term?

  8. If Evra did call Suarez a Sudaca, and I suspect he did judging by the wording in the LFC official statement, that this saga still has along way to go

  9. The are called the FA coz they know sweet FA

  10. What do you expect from the England FA, rotten to the core, just like UMNO in Malaysia.

  11. the FA r all man utd fans and thats a faxed  YNWA LOUIS