20 Dec 2011

BAD NEWS for LFC as Coach confirms: "He would fit our transfer policy..."

Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen has revealed that Alex Ferguson is keeping a close eye on Ajax's exciting attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen. The idea of such a talented player turning out for United fills me with revulsion, and I'm sure many Liverpool fans feel the same. Let's hope Kenny Dalglish is interested in the Dane, and gets there before Alex Ferguson.

Speaking to Voetbal International, Meulensteen confirmed:

"Eriksen is a player that is on our radar, but that is to be expected. If people weren't looking, no-one would ever have an opinion on these players.

"It is true that a player like Eriksen would fit our transfer policy.

"He is being strongly linked with us, but to suggest that we are about to make a move is not true.

United have a great record over the years of picking up exciting young attacking players, and it would be sickening to see a player of Eriksen's talent end up at Old Trafford.

In my view, Liverpool should pull out all the stops to try and sign Eriksen. Perhaps fellow Dane Daniel Agger can have a word?

Liverpool missed out on another Great Dane once (Michael Laudrup); here's hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

Having said that, it doesn't look like Liverpool or Man United have a chance as Eriksen seemingly has his heart set on a different club, as he revealed in March:

"If I got an offer from Liverpool now, I believe I would reject it. If I did move, it would have to be Barcelona".

Anywhere but Man United!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. They have allegedly already signed a midfielder.

  2. We are linked with almost everyone thought we don't really have any vacant spot in our squad apart from a strike (because of carroll's poor performance).

    If either one of Lucas OR Gerrard is fit, we are sorted. 

  3. Problem is we have alot of midfield. Also youtube makes everybody look good but some of the videos of him looks very very spectacular especially the way he ran past everybody and score. I'm sure Suarez and Agger would persuade him to come over. But I think we have to offload someone to get him here.

  4. Great just what we need.... another player to hit the post!

  5. This is no surprise. Man Utd always buys to deny rivals from having good players.What they cannot take, they accuse (ie. Suarez). Man Utd should find their own talents, instead of taking advantage of rivals' scouts.

  6. Could have and should have saved the money on Henderson and downing and bought Eriksen for even 30million because he is quality.even now and will only get better..something we will not get out Of Henderson and downing no matter how much we wish otherwise..

    Well done jonjo shelvey for the performance against villa..younger than above mentioned stars but still came in played to potential rather than looking like a pair of mules in a lions den..
    Didn't need any excuses..and definitely doesn't need 3 years to settle in..kk grow some balls and play him because he's a star in the making.

  7. Wish they would have beat us to Carroll..Adam..Henderson..Downing too

  8. I know that, Jevon. I'm reporting KD's confirmation, which he provided about 2 hours ago.
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  9. shelvey looks promising hope he translates his aggressions into goals.....and to the moaners   ynwa

  10. you may not have noticed but Shelvey didn't actually only just join Liverpool...

  11. Your points are spot on. Jonjo is a Benitez signing and the two you've mentioned are Dalglish's.

  12. Christian  would be a wonderful addition to our side, but, I would like to see the acquisition of Gatson Ramirez, Lucas Moura and Sandro.; with Dalglish bringing in the Irish striker on his raider.

  13. It's funny how many players want to join Barcelona, irrespective of the current state of the club. Ignore the fact that Messi and Fabregas are still only young themselves with two attacking positions locked up for years; that Iniesta, Sanchez, Pedro are supremely talented players with years left in them competing for those advanced positions; that Thiago is only just breaking into the team now and looks set to have another place locked up long term; and that a signing such as Affelay can't even get a look in.

    Even ignoring all those factors you still have to consider the number of kids waiting to break through that the club has so much faith in and the clubs desire to see as many homegrown players in the team as possible.

    If I were an agent looking out for the best interests of the client, I honestly wouldn't advise a talented young flair player such as Eriksen to join Liverpool - at least until I'm convinced that the infatuation with work rate is over - but I would be just as loathe to advise him to go kick his heels for the pleasure of watching Barcelona play every week.

    Unfortunately Man U remain one of the most logical places for such players to move to :-(

  14. Bring em on, we dont fear anyone but we fear an uneven playing field given to us.