20 Dec 2011

VIDEO: Liverpool's CONFIRMED striker target in action...

Video footage of Rory Donnelly in action.

Cliftonville Chairman Gerald Lawlor yesterday confirmed that Liverpool are interested in signing promising young striker Rory Donnelly

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Lawlor stated: “It’s not every day you get Kenny Dalglish ringing you and asking how the Reds got on at the weekend.

“He made it clear that Liverpool want to sign him [Donnelly] and that they would be back in touch.”

Here is some footage of the youngster in action:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Swansea reportedly offered 100,000 so we can easily outbid them. He does have some potential and talent, but it's the Irish League however. I saw so many mistakes made by the opposing team on the lead up to his goals. But he looks like an unpredictable player. Good in the air, left and right foot, still a teenager!

    Go get him Kenny.

    I won't be surprised if we sign him for say 160,000-200,000 and he makes a bigger impact and scores my goals then Andy Carroll!

    What do you think Jamie?

  2. Agreed.  I think any half-decent striker would make a bigger impact than Carroll at the moment.  The only thing that worries me is the youth players we already have; if Liverpool buy Donnelly, what does that say about the club's faith in the likes of Adam Morgan, Eccleston, Susu et al?

  3. That's very true. We need to give them a chance. Suso looks brilliant, Wisdom etc... we have some many potentials that probably 1 will make it sadly.

  4. This guy's lucky with the woodwork! Exactly what we need right now! We've already been beaten by the goalposts 18 times this season.