17 Dec 2011

After Suarez delay, Dalglish blasts: "People are trying to undermine him..."

With the Luis Suarez race-row verdict now due on Tuesday, things are understandably tense at Anfield at the moment, but as his latest comments show, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is still supporting Suarez to the bitter end, and is doing everything he can to highlight that support.

QPR boss Neil Warnock was very complimentary about Suarez after his side's 1-0 defeat to Liverpool last Saturday, and Dalglish yesterday thanked him for his positive comments:

"I think Neil Warnock deserves a great deal of credit for his praise of Luis Suarez. Neil was very honest, and the recognition he gave Luis was well deserved.

"It was pleasant to hear him make those comments on Luis's ability to play the game. It makes a change from people trying to undermine him all the time".

Suarez had not scored a league goal for two month before scoring against QPR, but his lack of goals was never a concern for Dalglish:

"He hadn't scored for a few weeks. That was never something that concerned me because I've never judged somebody on just how many goals he's scored.

"There is more to a footballer than just one job".

Let's hope that Suarez is unaffected by the delay, and is able to stay on the goal trail this Sunday against Aston Villa.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We don't know. We do know Suarez is not racist, but he is charged with abusive language/behaviour containing a reference to Evra's colour. It is a fact he made a reference to Evra's colour, but now the 3 man panel has to decide if it is indeed abusive.

  2. And you Kanwar, have spent the last eleven months trying to undermine Dalglish like you did with Benitez. Maybe you'd like Hodgson back, or are you really a Liverpool fan?

  3. You are very sensitive aren't you Kanwar. You clearly don't like real fans exposing you as a fraud.