16 Dec 2011

RAFA BENITEZ admits: I still have a 'bitter memory' of that...

Prior to the World Club Championship final in December 2005, Liverpool were in the midst of an eleven game unbeaten run, and were looking invincible. Rafa Benitez's team went on to lose 1-0 to Sao Paolo in the final, and almost six years to the day later, Benitez has revealed that he still feels 'bitter' about the manner of the result.

Benitez is currently enjoying watching Barcelona in this year's WCC, but speaking to Spanish radio, he revealed his regrets over missing out on the trophy in 2005:

"As Liverpool fans will remember well...in the final against Sao Paulo, we lost 1-0 but I remember that we controlled the match and I will never forget that we had 3 goals disallowed, THREE!

"There were other poor decisions that I still cannot understand, but in the end, people only remember the winner and not the details in the match.

"I will never forget those few days for personal reasons as well as the defeat. I will always have a bitter memory of it".

You can review the game for yourself here:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I saw one disallowed goal for liverpool on a call for offside - which it was not.  Then again, the highlight reel was very Sao Paulo biased, showing the highlight clip of the odd dribble here and there which went nowhere.  



  4. It was actually Rafa to blame, he dumped Djib Cisse on the bench after he had scored a cracker in the semis,  another selection cock up this time he did not have luck like he did in the Champs league final, where he left Didi Hamaan on the bench thus restricting Stevie G and Xab Alonso. not tlll Didi was brought on and SG scored the header we would have lost that too.

  5. bastard FIFA and UEFA still a shit organisation with monkey mindset!

  6. Stevie's face says it all. He felt they were hard done by.
    But boy, doesn't it look all sooo familiar? plenty of created moments and.... nada.

  7. Ban this sick filth.

  8. let it go jamie k.untwar

  9. Ah, good to see bitter utd fans cannot keep away from LFC forums.  Enjoy the europa lge.

    We should have won.  Fact.  An absolute stitch up, probably something to do with us finishing 5th etc.

    Rufus, back to the Utd forums.

  10. How silly to say this Anthony.  The guy was asked a question.  what is he supposed to say 'no comment'.  It is always interesting to hear about past events and managers thoughts on them - its not as if he was saying this in a press conference.

    How about you let people have the right to answer questions in a football related interview?