29 Nov 2011

WORLD CUP WINNER: I can't understand why LFC bought Andy Carroll...

World Cup winning defender Frank Laboeuf has admitted that he still can't see the logic behind Andy Carroll's move to Liverpool.

The former Chelsea and France player, who famously man-marked Brazil's Ronaldo out of the game in the 1998 World Cup final, argued:

"I always wondered why Carroll wanted to come to Liverpool, and why they asked him to come.

"He's a good player, but he just doesn't fit the Liverpool system and the way they play. I don't see any room for him".

This has been obvious since day one; Carroll is just not suited to the style of football Liverpool try to play, and I can't see how that is going to change. Carroll belongs in a team that's set-up to play to his strengths, and according to Labouef, he's suited to a typically English style of football:

"Carroll is a big guy - you use him when you launch long balls, and try to get the second ball".

Harsh but true. If Carroll had better technique, balance and close control, it would be a lot easier for him to fit into the team. A good comparison would be Peter Crouch; he's even bigger than Carroll, but he would (arguably) fit into Kenny Dalglish's current team because he has good technique and great close control.

Earlier in the week, Dalglish made it clear that he would not tolerate sulkers in his team. Labeouf believes that Liverpool's manager may have been (indirectly) referring to Carroll:

"It might be a signal from Kenny that Carroll is on his way out to another club".

Selling Carroll in January would be controversial to say the least, and it would be tantamount to an admission of failure on Dalglish's part. I don't think that's likely to happen though, mainly because the financial loss Liverpool would make would be too great.

Who is going to pay anywhere close to £35m for Carroll? Realistically, Liverpool would be lucky to get £10-£15m back on him at this stage.

I would imagine that Carroll will start against Chelsea tonight though, and now would be the ideal time to get back on the goal trail.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. difficult to argue against......but Andy's stock will only fall further and his value can only depreciate the longer he is perceived as a misfit dud

  2. I'd like to see you make a New Year's resolution to create more more positive LFC comment pieces than negative ones in 2012. I know it's a big ask but how about you give it a try?


  4. No we would still be saying the same thing. He is only useful for getting a head on the ball, because he can't even control the ball with his feet if his life depended on it. 

  5. There is still time for this young man yet.  Yes, we paid too much for him, but that's not his fault.  He hasn't been far away from scoring a few match winners recently.  He needs backing, not a constant reminder of his short-comings, of which I'm sure he's already well aware.

  6. I feel sorry for Carroll. The amount of stick he gets is not easy to bear with, especially at his age. The ridiculous price tag is not his fault. That he doesn't fit the style is not his fault either. And he does try, I can see that he does. Remember that beautiful header into the City net... If Hart didn't stretch to make a fantastic save it would have been one of the greatest goals of the season.

    If he is sold in January or even in the summer, it would be a huge blow for him as a player anda person. That would destroy him and his confidence and maybe his future. I can't see Kenny doing that to him. Besides, it is going to be a huge money and face loss for the club, as no one ever will buy him for more than a tenner, and LFC gonna be branded a club that destroys players.

    On the other hand, the fact that he doesn't fit into the Liverpool system is still there, and risking the results trying to play him at the peril, and hoping he improves and scores is not quite acceptable for us, as first and foremost we want to see the club progress and achieve the goals.
    Dilemma indeed.

  7. I agree that currently Carroll simply doesn't fit it with the footballing approach of the club. That said, however, I think that he can still be a long term solution as long as he keeps working hard and receiving proper coaching. As you point out, there are many "big men" who develop the kind of ball skills required to flourish in this kind of pass-and-move system. For some reason Andy just seems way more cumbersome than guys like Ibra, Adebayor, Crouch, and even (dare I say it?) Hesky. But Carroll's already much better in the air than any of them ever was, and there's no reason why he can't improve on his ball skills as well. Frankly, he seemed much more comfortable on the ball when he was at Newcastle (where I often saw him score with both feet as well as move the ball fluidly). He clearly needs a lot of game time to round into shape and - obviously - that will be difficult to achieve at this level. I'm hoping that the increased playing demands of the next six weeks will allow him that opportunity. I don't think he can be considered a total bust until he has had sufficient time to prove himself. If we don't see results by next summer, 'though, that's a different matter.

  8. It could have been so different for andy carroll over the last few weeks. he could have scored the winning goal in the last 3 drawn home games, header v norwich inches wide, hit the crossbar early on v swansea and the late header v city on sunday. with the exception of the city game which was a fantastic save fron hart you could say andy has been unlucky in those games but equally you could say it was bad finishing.

    Could have done wonders for his confidence if those chances would have been converted. I am still undecided on him but what concerns me about him is how little he offers the team in workrate and industry.

  9. Because 1 of his 5 liverpool goals so far were with his head. The other 4 didn't involve his feet at all did they? Poor technical ability, poor shot too, right?

    You all did this with Lucas, and now it's Andy's turn. Fickle fans are better suited to the likes of Chelsea...

  10. how typical from a french ex chav just before we play chelski in the cup,knowing carrol will start,idiot................. kk knew what he was buying with carrol,big strong,great in the air with a cracking left foot,he is work in progress,and imo will come good,and what a great option to have,he is at times un playable in the box and a defenders nightmare,its just a case of him adapting to live at lfc,the pressure of playing for lfc is huge,with the expectation of having to perform at the highest level week in week out,is something that he will have to adapt to,this is what concerns me more than his ability,which i believe he has plenty of,good luck to him,and remember he is still a kid.

  11. What is so surprised about his. Why would Robbie Keane come toLiverpool at 30 million pounds 2 years ago. Just answer that question.

  12. That whole Espn crew are full of it !! Personally I feel that Andy is an LFC player and he has my support 100%.

    For god sake he is younger than Jay Spearing , his going through something physical right now, that is obvious , but he is very very capable of being the best CF in the league !!!

    Not every player can be Messi or Suarez , Carroll is built for the EPL and is 10 times the player Crouch can ever dream he is.

    I look at Andy in a similar way it took Drogba awhile to learn how to use his size and power to dominate sides. He was never the finished article in France but in a side filled with pace and Skill , Drogba's power & finishing brought balance and presence to a very good footballing side.

    Carroll has time on his side and a great supporting staff at Anfield, he will only get better but we need to realize he is not going to magically turn into Maradona. 

    LFC might need to bring in another ST to take some pressure off Carroll's development and Saurez's lack of LUCK in front of goal. 

    Good options in January would be Jovetic or Abel Hernandez (Palermo).


  13. Dan A - Totally agree, they don't give time or have any patience. Luckt that Suarez hit the ground running.

    I don't know why we sing You never walk alone cos clearly fans clearly don't know how to support just moan.

    It was Lucas two years ago now it's carroll. Fans should lok at themselves and asking how is this helping by moaning.

  14. i say loan him out to sunderland or wigan till the end of the season....

  15. Dear Jamie,

    I don't know what is really wrong with you?

    After reading your articles it seems as if you are not a LFC supporter. Coz you are always moaning about something here and there.

    Its always this or that, You just can't support the team, can you?

  16. It's Jaimie, not Jamie, you moron.