29 Nov 2011

ROBBIE EARLE: "It's on those days that Liverpool let themselves down..."

Wimbledon legend and former 'Crazy Gang' member Robbie Earle believes that Liverpool should've beaten Manchester City on Sunday, but he has questioned whether Kenny Dalglish's team have the right mentality and focus to finish in the Premier League's top 4 this season.

Earle, who was appointed an MBE in 1999 for services to football, observed:

"I think Liverpool will look back at the game and think maybe they should've taken all three [points]. I thought they played well; they're certainly making the right steps in the right direction, but I still feel there's a little bit to go.

"It's when they come up against the teams they should beat: do they have the right focus; do they have the right mentality when they've almost got nothing to prove? It's on those days that Liverpool tend to let themselves down.

"I still feel there's more to come from people like Downing, Andy Carroll and Henderson. The signings have been decent, but one or two can add a little bit more.

Earle also hailed the team's ability to perform without talismanic Liverpool duo Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard:

"One thing I was impressed with was the [Man City] result was achieved without Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. There was a time when Liverpool mentally just didn't seem to play well when those two weren't there".

As I've illustrated several times before, it's a complete myth that Liverpool performed badly in the past without Gerrard and Carra, but the general point is valid: those two are fantastic players, and it's impressive that the team can get results without them.

Having said that, have Liverpool really performed that well without Gerrard? Yes, lots of chances have been created, but we've still suffered five draws at home.

I think it's clear that the team has missed the Captain's goals and assists, and if he was fully-fit, I have no doubt he would've scored or created a few goals that would've led to draws being turned into wins.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I agree, although I've not seen your posts about it being a myth I have seen various stats that back that up. I love Jamie Carragher, I'd drink the lads bath water, but it was definitely time for Agger and Skrtel to be given a go, an let him teach Coates and Wilson all he knows. As for your point about Stevie, he has that drive that lifts the team, plus he hits the ball so hard that Joe Hart wouldn't have been able to save certain shots, and other keepers.

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  7. He's right, we should have won the game after City were reduced to 10 men. No wonder Joe Hart is the MOTM.

  8. Nice one, gonna swear my head off now lol. Prediction tonight? I won 160 on Liverpool half time foul time v Chelsea last week. Tonight I may stick a few quid on but it depends on the team. I fancy Bellamy to run them ragged as it'll be especially poignant for him I think.

  9. Out of interest who was YOUR man of the match? Reelin you in here pal.