29 Nov 2011

15 reasons to be positive about LIVERPOOL FC right now...

Despite under-performing, overpriced summer signings; disappointing home draws; injuries to Gerrard and Carra; goalscoring problems, and a fatal inability to beat the 'lesser' teams, it's a great time to be a fan of Liverpool FC, and there are plenty of reasons to be positive at the moment.

1. Great Unbeaten Run

Liverpool are unbeaten in 10 games across all competitions. No other team in the league has that record, including Manchester City.

2. Hard to Beat Overall

Liverpool are unbeaten in 14 out 16 games in all competitions since the start of the season.

3. Consistently Hard to Beat

If we take last season into account too, Liverpool are unbeaten in 19 of the last 23 games, which is excellent.

4. Fortress Anfield

Too many games are being drawn at home but that's better than losing! Overall, Liverpool are unbeaten in 22 of the last 24 games at Anfield, and are one of only 3 teams to have an unbeaten home league record this season.

5. Best Defensive Record in the League

Shared with Man City and Newcastle, with only 7 goals conceded in the last 10 games.

6. Agger/Skrtel Partnership

Since Jamie Carragher got injured, Liverpool have kept two clean sheets and have conceded only 2 goals in 4 games.

7. Top Team Record

Liverpool are unbeaten against Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea and Man City for the last 8 games, stretching back to the FA Cup defeat to United in Kenny first game in charge. In the league, the last defeat to one of the aforementioned clubs was over 14 months ago (2-3 home defeat to Man U).

8. Away Form

The team has now notched up five away wins in a row! Overall, the club has managed 7 away wins out of 9 for the season so far, which is the same as Man City and Man United. A massive improvement over the poor away form last season.

9. Top 4 Target

Despite dropping 10 points at home, Liverpool are still only 3 points away from 4th place, and bang on target to finish in the top 4.

10. Life After Gerrard and Carra

The team is proving it can survive without two of its most important players. It's sad to see such great players out of the team, but it's also heartening to see the club moving forward positively without them.

11. Charlie Adam

Superb player; an absolute bargain, and Liverpool are lucky to have him. The Scot has two goals and six assists to name so far, which is a higher creative return than Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll combined.

12. Lucas Leiva

The Brazilian has been absolutely outstanding this season, and his last two performances against Chelsea and Man City have arguably been the best of his Liverpool career. Lucas is also the top-tackler in the league, and he is second only to Craig Bellamy in the passing accuracy stakes.

13. Luis Suarez: Top Shooter

Suarez has scored only 2 goals in the last 11 Premier League games, but he is joint top with Arsenal's Robin Van Persie when it comes to shots on goal. The Uruguayan is getting the chances, he's just not finishing them off, but hopefully that will change soon.

14. Craig Bellamy

Two goals and one assist in three games speaks for itself. Bellamy has been fantastic this season, and if he'd played against Man City, I think Liverpool would've won the game.

15. Stability

For the first time in a couple of years, Liverpool has stability at every level of the club, and this is being reflected on the pitch.

There are plenty of issues to be addressed, but the club is clearly moving in the right direction. Another win against Chelsea tonight would be great too!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. 16. Kenny proving his doubters wrong.
    17. Jaimie being positive!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shocking from jemie........he hates all positives pataining to our club

  3. There is still a long way to go before the season ends.Nothing is so sure. Keep fighting!

  4. Liverpool have won the last 3 against Chelsea too!!!!.................even if we lose tonight we are going well, im thinking Chelsea 1 - Liverpool 2??????

  5. wise words JK, I think someone has falled for the KK liverpool way!!!

  6. totally agree,but most important of all kk has brought genuine belief back to the club,for the first time in years,also with very professional owners,who are here to stay,i can see a very successful future,expect them to come on strong in the second halve of the season,top 3 or better,and a genuine challenge for the title next season

  7. me corto un uhevo si luis esta aca en enero, para mi se va a italia...

  8. Picking up wins is more important than avoid losses imo - i.e. 3 draws = 3 points whereas 1 loss leading to a change of approach and 2 victories = 6 points.

    Eitherways, there is reason to be optimistic. We're performing just below par of 2ppg but have a run of very winnable games coming up. Our position in the league isn't ideal but we should expect the form of those above us to tail off a bit in the coming months as ours picks up.

    A title challenge remains attainable as far as I'm concerned. If Man U and Chelsea remain contenders, then I see no reason that we should write ourselves off!

  9. 18. Outplayed every team this season except for Spurs
    19. Playing attractive and offensive football not seen for over 10 yrs
    20. Bargain buy at 6m for Jose Enrique

  10. 21- Steven Gerrard gettin better nd boom we the Champs YNWA

  11. A slight correction to #13.  It should read 'The Uruguayan is CREATING the chances.'

  12. Haha... aren't the reasons 1 to 6 essentially all the same? Unbeaten, hard to beat, reliable defence, etc.?

  13. Suarez will be here in January and next season and will not be leaving for Italy!

  14. cambiastes de idea, pero para mi seria mejor en italia  juega mas tiempo en su carrera y sin menos mal tratos al cuerpo en inglaterra...

  15. 21.) Bargain price for Andy Carroll. 
    22.) Bargain price for Jordan Henderson.
    23.) Bargain price for Stuart Downing.
    24.) Keeping Maxi outside despite him scoring goals.
    25.) Having experienced such heady times before only for the wheels to come off at the end.
    26.) Dalglish preparing a rants file.

  16. I have been watching a bit of Italian football and they have started to pick the pace up in their game especially Udinese and Napoli, their football is not slow anymore and they can tackle just as bad as any English team.

  17. 22. Beating Chelsea without Suarez

  18. los tanos son de comer pan duro pero a nosotros nos tratan muy bien y eso bale oro...luisito sali de ahi mijo.