29 Nov 2011

COATES: Forget Torres - He's no different to any other player...

Sebastian Coates will be hoping to play some part in tonight's Carling Cup quarter-final against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, where he could come up against former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres. The Uruguayan defender has, however, dismissed suggestions that he will have to pay extra attention to El Nino during the game.

Coates, who recently scored his first goal for Liverpool, made it clear to LFC TV that he does not fear Torres:

"I'm going to treat him the same as any other striker. It could be Drogba, or any other player.

"I'm aware that Fernando Torres has a very good history with Liverpool, but nevertheless, I'm going to try and mark him the best I can, like I would do with anyone else".

Given Torres' current form, I don't think Coates will have much to worry about! Kenny Dalglish has been very critical about the decision to play tonight's game only two days after the Sunday league game against Man City, but Coates insists the team is ready:

"We're rested now, and we're ready for the match, and we hope to do quite well".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. la proxcima ves que decis que sos escoses Tabares no te va a poner al juego sos Uruguayo.escoses ?que disparate.

  2. Coates looked pretty shakey for the reserves the other day. Hopefully he's just one of those guys that can't motivate himself for such low key games, rather than being somebody that is soo far off the pace atm...

  3. all i said was that ever since coates said he was of scottish decent the Uruguayan coach hasn't played him so just to keep his mouth shut.