3 Nov 2011

SUAREZ-EVRA: Kenny Dalglish provides a new update on the investigation...

Kenny Dalglish has revealed that the FA has concluded the Liverpool part of its investigation into the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra race row, and he has once again called for a swift resolution to the situation.

Last week, Dalglish accused the FA of 'dragging its feet' with the investigation. In his press conference earlier, Liverpool's manager was equally emphatic with his views:

"The FA have been here and spoken to us. Our philosophy and desire has not changed whatsoever.

"We want it resolved as quickly as it possibly can be, but correctly; and we want the perpetrator punished. I don't think we need to add any more than that".

It has now been almost three weeks since the alleged incident, so it's good news that things are finally progressing.

I think it's fair to say that, so far, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Suarez is guilty, and if it transpires that Evra has (as Gary Gillespie believes) 'exaggerated' or 'Over-elaborated', then he should definitely receive some kind of serious sanction.

We all know what's going to happen though: given the fact that no top-flight football has ever been convicted of racism in the history football (!) it's highly likely that the FA will - irrespective of who is to blame - take the spineless option and sit on the fence.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The only thing worse than a racist is a false accuser, who defames somebody on Canal+ live on TV, before any report had even been filed by the ref................need i say more?????.................The High Court for Evra me thinks!!!!

  2. what ! the FA take sanctions on Evra ? Of course they won't !  If they do they will leave themselves open to accusations of trying to suppress black players reporting 'racist' abuse and then  have  Sir Stanley of Collymore foaming at the mouth. Evra can do this time after time without any fear of punishment. As the black teacher in Jimmy McGovern's 'Hearts and Minds' said.....' Have you seen the colour of my skin ????.....I'm unsackable !'

  3. I think the FA are desperate for a way out of this, they know Liverpool and Suarez will go to the High Court for defamtion and commercial damage to an asset (shirt sales) etc............pardon me for talking about £££'s here, yet it really comes down to that!!!!

  4. evra is just a lying moaning scumbag,as most of us see on a weekly basis

  5. I don’t know
    what will happen...an innocent man accused of racism in front of 40,000 people,
    TV cameras and still no evidence.  I would want my accuser to face justice.

  6. Agreed.  It would be tough to prove defamation but Suarez should go for it anyway.  If there's no resolution from the FA, there will always be this lingering doubt in peoples' minds about Suarez: did he really say it? Is he really racist?  He can't allow that to stand.

  7. How tough Jaimie????, he said it live on TV!!!!. If he can't substantiate it then the onus is on him to prove it, once he said it he formed the opinions of people in seconds, Suarez is a racist???, when there is no evidence to suggest this is so. How tough can it be????

  8. Fact is, it would be an open & shut case; there can be no doubt of defamation.

    But one thing could be holding Suarez, or even LFC back; which is PL players contracts - there could well be clauses in place which see to it that no lawsuits can arise from statements made within the domain of what is 'perceived' to be the professional game. That could be the precise reason why Evra could potentially feel he can make frivolous allegations; as there could be no recours in law.