3 Nov 2011

KENNY DALGLISH: "Maybe it was a blessing in disguise for him..."

Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique made his Liverpool debut just 24 hours after signing for the club, and Kenny Dalglish believes that this may have been a positive for the player, who he admits was 'thrown in at the deep end'.

Dalglish is often needlessly antagonistic in press conferences, but today, despite being asked the same question about Enrique for the umpteenth time this season, he kept his cool, but still made his point:

"It's difficult for us to come up with a different answer every week. We've already spoken about how well the players have done, and Jose is one of those players who has done really well".

I would argue that Dalglish is partly to blame for repeatedly being asked the same questions; he snaps at anyone who has nerve to make any kind of (legitimate) critical point, and as a result of this, Journalists fall back on questions designed to elicit a positive response, which inevitably leads to the same mundane questions being asked over and over again.

Anyway, I digress...

Kenny outlined why he believes that being thrown straight into the team was a good thing for Enrique:

"He did get thrown in at the deep end because Fabio got injured, but he slotted in right away. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise for him in many ways that he did get thrown in the way he did.

"He didn't have much time to think about it, but he's certainly played very well for us since he's come here".

Stewart Downing recently insisted that Enrique is good enough to play for the Spain national team. Dalglish was typically honest in his assessment of the possibility:

"I don't think there's any level in the game that he couldn't play at, but if he gets into the Spanish squad, he'll be very lucky to get a game in that team. If you're not playing in that team, you can still be a hell of a player".

I personally think that Enrique is in danger of being overhyped by Liverpool fans and ex-players. Yes, he's played well for Liverpool but let's see how he performs over a season before declaring him to be some kind of footballing god.

As for getting into the Spain team - Enrique may make it into the squad but, like Pepe Reina, the chances of him getting a game are arguably very slim.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Enrique is a quality player who may nofind a place in first 11 of Espana squad for various reasons but he is an asset for the club which is the most important.

  2. Well Jaimie, you've been wrong before, ( we all make mistakes) Ex;West brom v Lierpool?, when you had bad feelings, about Roy coming back to haunt us?, for one.

    Well I think that, you are probably very wrong again here, Jaimie. Enrique is NOT being overhyped at all, he is an excellent player, and should  be playing for Spain!, on his current form!.

  3. Well that's a very silly thing to say. How can you compare his chances to pepe's considering pepe has the likes of casillas and valdes to compete with where as enrique has Capdevilla (who is 32) and Nacho Monreal so he has a VERY good chance in fact and I will not be surprised if he does get a call up considering all there other lb aren't that good.

  4. There are many many questions that could be asked by any journalist worth his salt.

  5. Enrique is 25; if he was so good then surely he would've been called up by now? I wasn't arguing that he wouldn't get called up anyway; I said that he might not be able to get into the first 11, which is probably true.

  6. So I was wrong about the result of one game? So what! The nature of opinion is that it will often be wrong, but that's okay.

    I don't dispute that Enrique is an excellent player, but he is being overpraised IMO. He's only played 10 games for the club; if he's being praised like some kind of god right now, where is there left to go after that? If he starts believing his own hype, he might not think he needs to improve.

  7. Exactly the people ahead of him in his position are nowhere near the calibre of the goalkeeper position you used in your example.

    I think he will be in the squad by next season!

  8. www.liverpool-kop.com is really beginning to bore me with its needlessly antagonistic news stories. You would be better producing a handful of quality, insightful news pieces rather than a sackful of sub-standard, inciting collections of words.

  9. Kenny his praising his players what do you want the Benitez Effect?

  10. And what I was saying is it is silly to compare jose's chances to pepe's seeing as pepe has way more people to compete with. Considering jose doesn't have much competition for the position, it is only a matter of time before he does.

    I cannot answer as to why he hasn't been called up to the spain squad yet maybe it has got to do with before we signed him he was playing with Newcastle who are a smaller club compared to liverpool and were in the championship a couple years ago. Often when good players play for smaller clubs eg: scott parker with west ham (capello said unless he plays for a premier league club he wont pick him which is just ridiculous) AND before newcastle he was at Villareal in which he was there 2nd choice lb to spains CURRENT lb which happens to be Capdevilla.

  11. By the same line of thought I suggest you and other critical voices out there wait and see how Downing, Adam, Henderson, Bellamy, and Caroll perform over a whole season before giving them stick.

  12. I've had the misfortune of bumping into your articles every now and then, and i must say you are probably the laziest journalist I've ever come across. Stop quoting peoples articles and write your own stories.
    As far as Jose is concerned, do you think all these ex footballers and pundits are mad. Mind you Arbeloa had to play for Liverpool to get into the national team, so did Riera. Had you ever heard of Alvaro before he came to Liverpool.

  13. Comment deleted for being too true? Cowardly journalism.

  14. No, it was deleted for being sniping and pointless. If all you want to do is bitch about me then don't bother commenting at all.

  15. Your work is showcased in the public domain, therefore you have a journalistic responsibility to allow people to have an opinion about it.

    My comment and the other one (or more) that you have deleted are not abusive, they are simply opinions
    about your work that you don't like. Perhaps if you paid attention to
    them you wouldn't get the comments, and you wouldn't need to scurry
    around clearing up after yourself.

    And my comment was not an attack on you personally. In fact, I addressed it  to www.liverpool-kop.com, so you can take personal attack out of the equation. Man up and shoulder the responsibility. Or back up what you've blogged with a reasonable argument.

  16. Nonsense. I have no problem with people criticising what I write, but personal ad hominem comments are not acceptable. Attack the argument, not the person, and if you can't do that then you're not welcome here.

    Unlike many other football sites, I will not allow this site to descend into the usual slanging matches and name-calling. I also don't want readers to have to wade through countless pointless comments to follow the thread of a debate. If you have a problem with me or my writing style then email with your concerns, and I will be more than happy to discuss it.

    The comment section is for discussion about football; it's not for bitching about the site.

  17. "You need to address what you're putting into the public domain" Which is what I did. "I also don't want readers to have to wade through countless pointless comments to follow the thread of a debate." Is what you continued.

    You set the tone of the comments. Well written, thoughtful articles will inspire lively and interesting debate. Patchy drivel will not.

    I bid you all the best. I will not bother you again.

  18. Jaimie Kanwar, u're one hell of a funny dude. You can even find a way to criticize such a positive news and such a great player :) everytime I see articles popping out of this site on Newsnow...I just laugh :) 

  19. tbf, the left back position is one of Spain's *relative* weak spots atm and so Enrique could conceivably expect to make the position his own sooner than later. imo he's better than his counterpart on the right (Ramos), and from what I've seen as a casual viewer (so I may be wrong) the left back position looks to be one of the few that isn't locked down in that team at present.

    I was of the opinion that we should've definitely picked up Cissokho in the summer, but Enrique has been a pleasant surprise and at the price that he eventually ended up arriving (remember that early quotes were in the £15m region) then it has to be considered a stellar signing

  20. Form is everything, and he is on form. Regardless of who is in front of him. Look at David Silva, how incredible has he been for City since he signed but its only now that hes getting some game time for Spain. 

    Regardless what club you play for, whether it be championship league 1 etc, you are picked because you are playing well, not cos the team you play for have a substantial turnover. Jaimie, i like your articles, but i have to say im not a fan of this one. Players get hype, and some deserve it. Lets give it to the ones who are playing well, not the ones we think will be amazing in the future. 
    Mikey :)

  21. Enrique is quality...............end of!!!

  22. Silva played for Spain before City as well...

  23. Jamie spell your name properly you cock,  YNWA ROBBO