3 Nov 2011

LUCAS: I love playing alongside Charlie Adam

There has been a significant influx of new players at Anfield over the last year, and competition for places is as strong as ever. However, despite the competition, one thing stays the same, and that is the increasingly welcome presence of Lucas Leiva in Liverpool's midfield.

Talking to LFC Magazine, the Brazilian revealed he is happier these days, and takes great confidence from the fact that people are inally acknowledging the qualities he brings to Liverpool:

"I am really enjoying the way I am playing. I feel really confident and I can see that people have a lot of respect for me now, which is really important because it gives me all the confidence and everything I need to keep playing well"

Lucas has no doubt that the current squad 'is better than last year', and he believes the players that have come in 'are doing a really good job', none more so than Charlie Adam. Lucas enthused:

"I think we have done well together. Charlie has played in England for three years now so he didn't need to adapt too much. It will still take him a little bit of time to settle into the team but he is a good person who works really hard.

"Charlie is a player who has an offensive mentality and likes to get forward and give the last pass. And of course, he is very dangerous from set-pieces, and has already provided a few assists this season"

Adam has provided 4 assists so far, and has also chipped in with two goals, which is an excellent creative return so far. Lucas is under no illusions as to what his role is within the team:

"With him [Adam] being more attack-minded, and Steven and Jordan...who are also very offensive players, my job is to cover them and try to be in a good position to give the back four a bit of security in every game".

I still think Liverpool need one more top class creative midfielder; someone on the level of Luis Suarez; someone who can score and create goals on a regular basis. Henderson may be 'very offensive', but I don't think we'll see real evidence of that until he's playing regularly in the centre, which may not be for a while.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. adam has some way to go to really sort his game out, positionally and defensively, and likely needs to be fitter.  That being said, it's not his fault more chances are not being converted.

    Lucas is an absolute star.  I was a doubter, but he's really learned to read the game and is as good as anyone in the league in that defensive midfielder position.  

    With our back four changing every week we would get murdered without him.  Him, Suarez, Enrique have been outstanding.  The others, must do better.

  2. Lucas is a real Man.  He Changed his game completely because of his want to play for this club and has come on leaps and bounds.  He could have left when Hodgson tried to flog him (like Alonso did) but the lad swallowed his pride and stayed.  No bitching, no complaining, no grudges, Lucas put Lfc above his natural game and his pride and is now rightfully the 1st name on the team sheet. 

    I agree with Jonnysingapore Adam has some physical and tactical aspects of his game that he needs to iron out.  Adam has consistently played in a 5 man midfield for both Scotland and Blackpool, NOW he has to do his own running!  it will take some getting used to but he's getting there.  Adam is technically one of my favourite players in the prem right now so I hope everything comes together for him soon.


  3. I completely agree with theycallmemrburt about Lucas.  I remember ranting about how atrocious he was under Rafa and how inexplicable his place in the team was, yet he has proven even his most vehement doubters wrong without making the headlines off the pitch.  The man should be an icon to what a footballer should be; keep your mouth closed and earn what you want, no matter how long it takes.Concerning Adam, I love him.  He is "attacking" midfielder more effective with the long ball that Liverpool has needed since Xabi left.  Let's face it, we simply haven't had the budget to play a flowing one touch midfield similar to the top three or City, so being able to utilize this weapon is what gives us the edge to penetrate top defenses.  We have looked helpless and one dimensional (without Gerrard and Torres in top form we couldn't score) without this added weapon, and though I believe Henderson has shown the potential to be a world class player he hasn't outshown anyone in front of him.  As my father says, "All Liverpool needs is for that little Ecuardorian to learn how to shoot."  Except for that embarrassing Tottenham match we have shown that we deserve to beat any and every team we face.

  4. Adam has a killer pass, shot and he reads the game probably as good as anyone.. just a step off the pace but he can work on that. Add a bit of flair and it's pretty ironic that you are probably looking at an Aqua man or Joe Cole. But far better would be Lavezzi from Napoli!!

  5. Agree 100% Lucas is class now, a real bright defensive player. Adam i like very much as he see's a pass in a split second. Henderson is now playing well but is very much a Gerrard type of player who likes the middle of the park, Enrique is class, Bellamy is class, Suarez is world class end of, Carroll has a lot to do still but he will be given time!!!...................all in all the lads are doing well........just need to finish better.

  6. Agger bust his ribs and 2 players were sent off, along with loads of yellow cards at Spurs. Not saying Spurs were lucky but everthing went wrong that day!!!!

  7. It's not for Lucas to decide who plays alongside Charlie Adam, Let King Kenny decides as he is the manager of Liverpool, not Lucas.

  8. Have you all here ever played football in your life ? You fools don`t know anything about football. That guy is the shittiest player in our squad. Even jay spearing is better than him, at least he can make some shots on target. Lucas knows only one thing in football, tackling!  His passing is limited to side and back passes most of the time. He does not have the ability or vision to deliver a killer through pass to his team mates. I never saw him even once dribble past an opponent. Also I dont remember ever seeing him cross a ball, he is only able to make short useless passes. The goals he scores and the assists he provides can all be counted on one hand. What in hell make this guy such an amazing player. Do you remember the match against norwich when that pathetic excuse for a player was absent? We coincidentally displayed one of our most threatening team selection.If it was not for a lack of luck on our part we could have won the match by more than 5 goals. Gerrard and adam should always when fit be paired in central midfield and on the wings bellamy/maxi and downing on either side with our best player suarez upfront. They are the best we have at our disposal. Henderson and lucas are not up to the job, they hinder the other players like suarez as they cant keep track...caroll also is not yet ready but these last matches he made some progress and kuyt is also as lucas overrated. he just knows one thing in football, running!

  9. Oh Lucas we love you, Oh Lucas we love you, Oh Lucas we love you! 

  10. You are a genius lad, that was a mind stimulating comment.  

  11. @6d68260efa7efa922932abb9a0d0ebfd I am not sure what this game called "football" that you speak of is. Because in the only game called football that I know, your DM isn't usually judged by his ability to dribble past players. In fact in most cases you wouldn't want him to try in case he loses the ball, leaving the team horribly exposed. Most of the time you would leave that to your wide-men to attempt, make sense? Can you remember either Makele or Mascherano dribbling past anyone?
    As for making incisive passes, if you had been paying attention to the games this past season you would have seen his range of passing improve dramatically. I believe this is down in large part to his confidence growing as so-called fans of the club start to cut him some slack. Perhaps you could take a leaf out of their book, and admit that you were bit silly to accept the opinions of moronic British football writers who play to people's arrogance.

    On the other hand, I reckon Charlie Adam has bought into his own hype and has forgotten he is a long way off world class. He still needs to work very hard to improve his game, particularly his defensive positioning, which is diabolical. Keep your head down son, take as much care with each pass as if your career depended on it, learn how to defend and you might be able to help the club get back to where it should be!

  12. If you were manager we could concede 10 goals a game