20 Nov 2011

MIDFIELDER: Liverpool need to spend another £200m to win the title...

Kenny Dalglish has spent over £100m on new players since returning to Anfield, and he has repeatedly stated that the club's current squad is much stronger than it was last season. There may be some truth to that contention, but former Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers midfielder Robbie Savage believes Liverpool still need to spend a huge amount of money to be in with a chance of winning the title.

Savage, who recently suggested that Liverpool players may be suffering a mental block when it comes to playing the so-called 'lesser teams', argued:

"I'd love to see Liverpool really fighting for the title again. Their fans, their manager and the likes of Jamie Carragher deserve it, but they are £200million of top-quality talent off the pace at the moment.

"If they don't finish in the Champions League places this season - and after draws to Norwich and Swansea, there's no guarantee they will - they won't even be in the market for the very best".

£300m to build a title-winning team? In the current climate, that sounds about right, though it would definitely feel like buying the title, which would - IMO - take some of the gloss away from the achievement.

I genuinely believe that if Dalglish had spent more wisely - specifically, the £75m splurged on Downing, Henderson and Carroll - Liverpool could've been in with a great chance of the title this season, and the final cost would've been a hell of a lot less than £300m.

£75m for Carroll, Henderson and Downing? It makes me shudder every time I think about it.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. henderson is worth the money it is easy to see he will develop into a quality signing. downing has played well he gets past players out wide he links well with enrique and suarez and has contributed with many goal chances. Carroll is a player who came injured so did not have a chance to learn how we play so really he is like a new signing and will need time to adjust to a new team he has looked al lot brighter the last few games and like henderson has a bright future. the amount of times Capello talks about him you know he is firmly in his plans to partner rooney up front. the problem with fans now is they expect a team with 7 new signings(although i would say 8 with carroll's lackof game time last season) to just gel immediately which is an uneducated way of looking at things. 

    It will take 3 seasons of transfer windows and hard work before it will genuinely be a Kenny team judge him and his signings then as it is far to early to question him at the moment. 

  2. When you look at the team at the top (City) and their goal difference etc it does seem that way, that we would need to spend that much to compete with them. Nothing would take the gloss off us winning the prem though, owners invest to improve teams and usually the team with the most investment wins, as with any sport or most things in life, the more investment of money, the better chance you have-usually. But although we have spent that large amount on those three players Jaimie and yes it could have been spent more wisely in the instance of Carroll (I'm just talking about his pricetag compared to say Aguero), I think maybe a shudders too harsh. We're 3 points off Chelsea and a posts an crossbars width from having an extra 10 goals this season which would equate to a lot more points. We've outplayed every team bar Tottenham and weren't impressive against Swansea. I'm seeing the glass as half full, it's an improvement on last season and regardless of their pricetags all of Kennys signings have talent or potential as we saw with Henderson and Downing in the internationals played an as we have seen from Carroll in the past. I really believe in Kennys signings and while I think we need a few more players, I think with a bit more confidence, a bit more luck, time and a couple more additions (not 200 million woods worth) we could be challenging for a top spot.

  3. It makes me shudder every time I read one of your pointless articles

  4. I regularly browse this site and starting to get a little amused by some of your negativety towards certain players.
    how can you justify your negative comments towards Carrroll, henderson and downing.
     You are entited to your opinion but if you classed yourself as a true Red you would be looking to find optimism and focus on these players strengths and potential to what they might achieve after they have settled in.
    henderson is 20 years old!!!We are buying potential in the view we have paid £16 million,(Not the £20m always used in the media) for him to grow into a central midfielder. What should Dalglish do, play him in the middle now when we have better options or out wide right where he is gaining experience(remember what position Stevie G started!!!Say no More ) and if you judge his performances week in week out is not as bad as people like you make out!!

    watch him playing for the U21's in the centre of the park, he has run games and dictated the play Gerrard has done for years, henderson should not hae played as much as he has this year but get off the band wagon of slating young potentially gifted players who, this day do cost over their true value.

    carroll just needs a run of games, lets judge him after 2 seasons and 80 games , not the 15 he has played to date!!! LFC play totally different style to NUFC so obviously he will take time to adapt to our system and style of play and should he read websites like this then his already suffering confidence will be almost zero.

    Did you watch Downing midweek for England, yes we paid over the odds but in time after he has settled will prove his worth, again I feel you are to quick to judge these new players who may just need time to settle!!!

    Would love to hear what alternative players you would have offered for these players.
    bet you say Mata instead of Downing!!
    Totally different players but again short sighted people being negative towards LFC signings, thought this might have passed once we got rid of Benitez!!! 

  5. Depends on whom he spends the 200million if he were lucky enough to be given it in the first place .

    If he buys Cahill for 15million like every1 else or buys him for 40million as we have got used.to...then the 200 will not be good enough...more like 500million will be needed.

    As for Downing...waste of money....in the last 4 games he has had 15shots at goal and amazingly ...not even one on target.....what excuse shall we make up??????

  6. This idea that you can't be a real fan if you criticise players is complete and utter nonsense, and if you can't handle honesty or realism then perhaps you should go to sites like RAWK, where blind faith is the order of the day...? They'd show you to your own personal sand-pit where you bury your head to your heart's content.

  7. Realism isn't judging a player after 11 games in a red shirt.

  8. Downing has not been a waste of money he has created lots of goal scoring opportunities its not his fault that our forwards have not scored from them he has also hit the woodwork on occasions so i dont quite get how he has not got any on target. he links well with enrique and suarez which has also contributed to our attacking play and has worked hard to get back and defend when needed. All this and he probably has not quite settled yet

  9. One of the reasons Downing was bought is because he's already got vast PL experience, but now we have to wait for him to settle in too?! It's ridiculous. How long do we have to wait? One whole season? What about non-British players like Suarez, Aguero, Enrique etc who settle in straight away? Why can't Downing do that?

    In my view, it's all do to do with mentality. Downing doesn't have the strength of character/mentality/self-belief that someone like Suarez has. You can see it in his interviews; he has the wrong mentality for LFC.

  10. what has let liverpool down for 20 years + is ineffective management in the transfer market. Every liverpool manager has been backed financially in the market.  What sickens me is liverpool fans looking for excuses all the time. Downing and Carroll are proving to be awful signings, let's call a spade a spade here. Both have been consistently awful.  Simply poor poor sigings and for the money spent it's horrendous.   

  11. Is there any chance you can reply to Dalglish's commens about carroll costing 15M ? We got 50 M for Torres and spent 35 on carroll. A 15 million profit was his thinking? That sort of verbal diarrhoea is reminiscent of Benitez

  12. i'm all for supporting the side and have done for the best part of 25 years but the blind faith that some people show is ridiculous.
    downing has proved to be a poor signing-why weren't utd battling with us for him like they were with phil jones and ashley young?-because he is a poor player that's why.at the moment he has proved to be no better than nunez,gonzalez or pennant.some of the "die hard fans" who won't criticise the players may have to google who they are.
    carroll may have potential but he doesn't suit the system we are trying to play,he has a negative effect on suarez's game and isn't a natural partner for him.
    i don't think henderson has gotten enough of a chance in his natural position.but in my opinion we spent badly on carrolll and downing.
    it's not 1990 anymore,kenny is open to criticism as manager of lfc for his decisions just as much as rafa and hodgson were.he's being judged on the present because unfortunately we're not living in the past.

  13. I don't buy into much that Robbie Savage says, the only thing remotely
    remarkable about him is his flowing locks

    2004 / 2005 - Chelsea make £141
    million loss, win the league
    2009 / 2010 - Man City make £121 million loss, qualify for champion's League
    2010 / 2011 - Man City make £197 million loss, now leading Premier League by 5 points

    Spending big seems to increase chances of success - No surprise!!!

    But I believe that a more measured approach can bring a measure of success also, we should be aiming to consolidate top 4 finish for next few seasons with a firming of our revenue generation from CL and sponsorship deals such exposure brings. Then maybe we can push on to win the league in 3-4 years

    We don't need to spend £200 million, maybe a right winger with killer pace, Nathan Dyer or Adam Johnson, a powerful centre half - Samba, dynamic attacking player - Hoilett

    Could we possibly make a big one, Lucas Rodrigues, I'm not sure..........

  14. we're linked with samba today,would be a great addition.
    hoillett has plenty of pace and goals in him.
    would like to see a move for tiote aswell,he has the energy that lucas and adam lack.
    maybe danielle de rossi as an outside bet,quality passer but after aquilani the club may be turned off him but he's the player we should of tried to sign from roma at that time.

  15. I am not into all that crap that you cannot criticise your own players.
    Believe me, I have been Lucas worst fan for the past 3 seasons but even I am accepting we do not seem to be the same team without him.

    I feel Henderson in particular gets criticism(some justified, most unfair)when the lad is only 20. Compare him to Gerrard at 20 and I remember good similarities. problem is Dalglish is showing Henderson a little too much faith and needs to maybe take him a way from the limelight and ease him in a little!! 

    the funny thing, Football is all about opinions and disagreements on opinions.
    I rate Downing and do think he will become a success but only time will tell, as for Carroll my judgement is a little less reserved and will discuss at a later time!!
    Incidently, who would you have gone for instead of Downing?

  16. Spot on mate, we have been spoon feeding certain players hence why we have f****** not won the league for over 20 years, you hear that 20 years, facts dont lie. If mau utd or chelsea players standards drop the fans make them aware of their duty and remind them of the standard required for their so called clubs.

    I agree to the point that coz we have paid over the odds for players like henderson, carroll and downing, we have no choice but to work on them and hopefully will come good u hope.  From my observation over the years the winning mentality within certain fans have dropped and teams come to anfield with no fear...its become a joke to be honest.

    I personally blamed Rick Parry and the other numpty who had taken so many years to do their due diligence over the potential owners and sold to a couple of clowns.  I hope they suffer till the day they die.  If we had gone with DIC we would have been able to buy the best and not end up losing good quality players, who decided to move on cos of lack of progress at Liverpool FC.

    We just dont have enough of the winning mentality at the club and Kenny's got a huge job ahead of him......

  17. Henderson is showing for the England u21's that he will be the natural successor to Steve G in the centre of midfield; he is only 20 and will only get better and better
    I am not concerned if Carroll takes time to settle; Torres had given up; if he stayed he was a busted flush, if he went we could get big money (unlike Owen and McManaman whose agents turned us over for the dosh)  Torres had us over a barrel in the January transfer window)and if he had gone for £35m then Carroll would have been only £20m. Imagine the 'Toon' like outcry if KK had not bought a replacement!
    get off his back, you are making me depressed with your negativity

  18. out of the players we have bought, I think the only bad buy was downing. When henderson plays in the middle, he looks good, when played on he right, he does not look as good, but he is only 20 and will improve.

    Carroll wont be on the top of his game till he is about 25. ok, we did pay over the odds, but again he will improve he is only young.

    The problem with downing is when he was younger, he had the potential to become a great winger. The realisation is, he is not going to get any better than he is know. He is the same as wright-Phillips, when they burst on to the scene, you thought, for young lads these look good, when they reach their peak they will be brilliant. Sadly they aint going to get any better. So 20mill was wasted. 

    we wont find out if the other 55mill was wasted for another 2 to 3 years. 

    Also what people forget is, Torres was so good because we played to his strengths which got him a lot of goals, if we did that with Carroll, like newcastle did, he would get more goals. Forwards thrive on the right type of service, to suit how they play, that is also the reason Torres is not doing so good at Chelsea.

    if you look at it this way, Messi would look crap if you asked him to play as a target man in a long ball type of play.

  19. We don't have time to wait for Carroll and Henderson to develop and settle. Liverpool needed that 75m to be spent on first-teamers who could hit the ground running and make a difference NOW. Their future potential will not matter one iota if Liverpool fail to make the CL next season.

  20. I'm afraid Liverpool has no chance of re-entering the top 4 until they learn how to beat lesser teams like Stoke, Norwich, Swansea & Sunderland. Sadly, it has been this way for the longest time I remember. Liverpool has a culture/tradition of beating top 8 teams regularly but drawing/losing against lesser teams for the past many sessions with no exception in this one. They must learn from Man United in the art of murdering lesser teams mercilessly with 1-0 efforts, home and away.

    Do not blame the owners for not spending enough on players etc etc. Even during lousy Hicks & Gillett reign as owners, Liverpool players were so much stronger than most of the teams in the premiership. It's just something up there in the head. Look at Man Utd again, player for player, which player in the current Liverpool squad is inferior to theirs? Spend another 200 mil to get results? I'm don't think so, Just look at Arsene Wenger's way of handling Arsenal squad, I'm sure there's more than just spending mindless sum of money on players. If I'm the owner of Liverpool and I have 200 mil, I'll beg/steal/borrow another 200 mil to build a new stadium.

    All the best to Liverpool and I really want them to be in top 4 this season.

  21. honesty or realism?, i thought it was a matter of opinion. and i hope your proved wrong. lucas last last week, look how well he played today. jaimie, i can understand if your american and are new to the game, its understandable your comments, some of the things you say make me shudder, but i dont jump up and start vollying insults at you. think your out of order wat you said to scallyran

  22. So Jamie - Who should we have bought? As a team not in the CL, or even in Europe - we can't buy the best players, they go to top teams. We bought a mix of good quality and young talent that might develop. I'm not sure what you think the alternative is, but if you think we would have been in the market for Mata, Aguerro or Silva then you're insane..

  23. listen to yourself.........you live in  a dream world. wats 75 mill these days?
    have we not totally improved from last season, as a team and as a squad?
    were no chelsea or city, we cant buy success. id rather see faith put into a bit more british blood like kenny has than some johny forigner who dont give a damn about the club. were just missing 2 or 3 more players ie adam johnson maybe cahill. the big question is, do you actually mean we dont have time to wait for these players to come good or you dont have time?
    were still in a reasonable position  and a good team performance today away from home! wat is your problem??

  24. The signings looked ok against Chelsea, particularly Adam & Henderson. Why do people carry on about overpaid signings when Liverpool have dominated most like Man Utd & Chelsea in recent seasons.  Also never hear about the best buy in in the comp Suarez who would be worth triple the spend on the player market now or Bellamy who is in awesome form & got him for a steal. Also Enrique is prob the form fullback in the comp - another bargain we dont hear much about. Hmmmmm

  25. What's 75m?! It's a lot of money, and the bulk of it has been wasted on players who are never going to cut it for Liverpool. You make it sound like managers never make mistakes in the transfer market (!) It's perfectly possible through observation to discern - even after a short period of time - whether a player is going to make it at a football club.

    It was obvious that the likes of Babel, Dossena, Morientes, Degen, Pennant, Le Tallec, Cheyrou, Keane, Aquilani, Cole, Ngog, Jovanovic, Konchesky etc etc were never going to make it Anfield, and in my view, the same can be said about Carroll and Downing.

    You make it sound like I am the only person who has every questioned the wisdom of one of the club's signings. Every fan has one or two players they're not convinced about, and you are no different.

    The difference between you and me is that I am willing to admit the truth (as I see it) where as you prefer to keep accepting and encouraging mediocrity, which is something Liverpool has been doing for the last 20 years, and we have the league titles to prove it.

    Some players just don't work. That's life. Blindly supporting players/managers just because you feel it's your duty to do it as a fan is counter-productive.

    Obviously, I hope Carroll and Downing end up being superstars for Liverpool, and when they play I want them to do well, but deep down inside I feel they are not the solution *long term*

    Unless Liverpool change their entire system to focus on getting the best out of Carroll (i.e playing the old-fashioned English way of having a big target man, and hoofing everything up to him), then he's not going to make it. Carroll is an anachronism; he belongs in a different era - he's still playing football the way it was played 15 years ago.

    If you can't hack my having this view then that's just tough luck I'm afraid.

  26. Change the broken record about Downing, Henderson and Carroll. We've heard it from you time and time and time again. Fans can criticise, but they don't go out of their way to criticise just about every article they post. It's like this article was created just to slag these three

  27. The longest time you remember? Which is why we were constantly coming in the CL places? Lol, what tosh.

  28. That's the problem with "supporters" like yourself. We have a new manager who has come off the back of a very poor manager. And you want unrealistic instant success? We will get back to the position we deserve, but it is a work in progress. Much like it was with Rafa and funnily enough, you also slated him, even though he was actually over-achieving with his results both in CL and BPL with the squad he had and the amount of money he had to spend.

  29. EVERY Liverpool manager? Rafa certainly wasn't as he had to sell players to buy players, which lead to lack of squad depth. When we got Torres, the reason why we had to get rid of Bellamy is to generate some money to buy Torres. If Rafa had been backed financially, we would have had Dani Alves back when he was at Sevilla and Cristiano Ronaldo back when he was at Sporting Lisbon. David Moores didn't have the money to spend, neither did H&G, the current owners are the only owners who have had the money to spend in the last 20+ years.

  30. thats fair enough, like you said (in your opinion)
    thought babel and pennant were players we should have kept though and could of made it as good squad players. we could go on!
    all my main point is jaimie is that the truth as i see it is we dont have an option but to be patient, times have obviously changed and its all about money, and we dont have like chelsea city utd or even maybe spurs.
    had we made champs league last season i believe we could of attracted players like aguero and mata etc. but im trying to be realistic and support and appreciate our situation. the future looks okay, with the owners.
    when you say cut it for liverpool do you mean liverpool 20+years ago or liverpool previous 20 years? its a bit contredicting yourself. the truth is thats how i see it all! YNWA

  31. He has to settle in to a new style of play. The way Liverpool play is different to the way Aston Villa play, just like the way Aston Villa is different to the way Middlesborough play. You mention Suarez, Aguero and Enrique, only Enrique is the one there with PL experience, but the other two not only suit the style of play their respective teams play, but the teams have changed the way they play to suit the style of player, one of the reasons why Torres settled in so quickly.

  32. they cant win, unless we win the league and there our top scorers lol
    was only lucas last week, he played a blinder today and got stuck in, oh but he didnt score or have an assist oh hes sh#t lol

  33. Instant success? Nonsense. The problem with super-fan 'supporters' like you is that you can't hack anyone having a different opinion to yourself, and you think that you are arbiter of what makes a good fan.

    Where have I said I want instant success? I, like most other fans, expect a certain level of end product and performance from such expensive players. Carroll has scored 5 goals in 22 games; Downing has not scored or created a goal in close to 16 hours of football. It's not good enough, especially when there are other players in the squad who've been ignored who actually contribute an end product when they play.

    I don't blame Carroll and Downing for their price tags; they didn't spend the money; but they are blatantly not worth what Liverpool paid, and their performances so far prove that.

    Liverpool don't have time for all this 'work in progress' nonsense. There is one goal this season: to finish in the top 4, and if we fail to do it, arguing that we're a 'work in progress' is not going to cut it. KD should've bought players who would come in and help the club achieve that goal straight away.

    Liverpool sustained success in the 70s and 80s was underpinned by management ruthlessness; if a player wasn't working out, he was shipped out/benched. Even a nice-guy managers like Bob Paisley wasn't afraid to change the guard to maintain standards. That *intelligent* ruthlessness has slipped in the last 20 years, and one of the defining features of the club has now become granting underperforming players/managers endless time to get it right.

    New players should always be given a chance - I am not calling for Carroll and Downing to be sold; they have a part to play as squad players, but at this moment in time, there are other players in the squad who are better suited to the way Liverpool want to play, and we saw that against Chelsea.

    You and others may not want to accept this, but long-term, Carroll and Downing are not going to cut it Anfield. In two years. neither player will be at the club, and if they are, they're be squad players who rarely play.

    When Aquilani and Cole were signed, I said exactly the same thing, and I was proved right. At the time, I was slagged off for suggesting they wouldn't make it, but where are they now? When the writing is on the wall, it's best just to admit it, and the writing is definitely on the wall here.

  34. Also, all the valid points that Richard made and you focus on the one about not being totally settled? That is a bit childish. As you keep saying about Dalglish, 12 games into the season. Double standards me thinks. It sounds like you don't like Downing and so you have completely closed your mind toward him, don't see the good things he does and only focus on the bad things. True Liverpool fans are open-minded and fully supportive about their players when they are wearing the Red shirt.

  35. At least he has the confidence to keep shooting. If he didn't, you would be saying "Downing, waste of money, in the last 4 games and he hasn't even had one shot".

  36. Why do you keep mentioning Lucas? What does he have to do with my comments? I haven't mentioned him once, and I've never been on the 'Lucas is crap' bandwagon. I've always defended him.

  37. Funny thing is, you criticised Lucas for the past 3 seasons, but he is only young as well, and not only that, had to change from his natural position where he has had a lot of success, that being an attacking midfielder in the mould of Gerrard, to a defensive midfielder, which shows what a good player he is that he can adapt his game and become a key member of the squad in doing so.

  38. How exactly does the fact Liverpool 'play a different way' to Aston Villa have anything to do with what Downing does on the ball?!

    Football is football. It's not like Downing has gone from Villa to a totally different league; he's gone from one Premier League club to another; he knows all the players's he's up against because he's played against them all before. He's got vast experience in the PL, and he's an England International.

    You make it sound like Liverpool have some wildly different style of play to Villa. We obviously don't, and using that as an excuses is just scraping the barrell.

    At the end of the day, when Downing has the ball at his feet on the wing, taking on a player and getting a cross in for Liverpool is exactly the same as taking on a player and getting a cross in for Villa.

  39. If we had gone with DIC we would have been in the same financial situation as with H&G due to the financial climate.

  40. Downing has had 15 shots in the last 4 games, and not one of them has been on target.  Clearly, that's great value for money.

  41. I don't agree with that. It's not about the most investment, it's about the smartest investment. As the old saying goes, a superstar team is much better than a team of superstars.

  42. The way I see it, we knew Torres was leaving and Suarez arriving, we needed CL qualification. We assumed Suarez would take time to settle so we needed a young in form striker who could fire us into the top four. The only real striker available who wouldn't need time to settle was Andy Carroll so we paid over the odds in the hope he would help achieve that goal. Unfortunately his injury was a lot worse than we thought and he failed to take us into the top 4. It was a lack of patience by LFC that made us spend over the odds for Carroll, a gamble the owners were prepared to take, if Carroll's goals had taken us into the top 4 it would have been seen as a masterstroke. Alas at the moment it is seen as a waste of money, but success and failure is a very fine line and the fact he is young and English means one day he may be worthy of his price tag. As for Downing, he was Villa's player of the year, in the England squad and his stats at Villa were very impressive, also he had a few years left on his contract too so his price tag was not excessive. With Henderson, we have an England U21 regular with a great attitude and professionalism who was playing very well in a Sunderland team and highly rated by his peers and managers alike, again his price tag reflects this.
    So I don't understand the negativity towards these 3 players, accepted they are not putting in MOM performances every week but they are great additions to a Liverpool squad that badly needed reinforcements. With a strong team on the pitch today our bench still looked strong and versatile, even without Gerrard.

  43. Dude, Liverpool was regularly in the top 4 when Spurs and Man City were not in the picture. I'm sure most Liverpool fans behave the same as me pulling out strands of hair after results like winning away at Arsenal & Chelsea but drawing at home with Norwich & Swansea. When things like this happen often, there will be no chance for Liverpool to re-enter top 4 in this current campaign. Just an assumption, if Liverpool was able to put up consistently good results with the lesser teams during the past few seasons, they would not be fighting for CL places. We all Liverpool fans should see Steven Gerrard holding up the EPL trophy with broad smiles all over the places regularly.

  44. If and when the FFP rules come in, then 'buying the title' probably won't be much of an option. And to be fair, it's not as if we haven't spent money in the past and present, so I don't think we should be quite so pious.

    As you say though, the money spent on the likes of Henderson, Carroll and Downing appeared to be appallingly knee-jerk and irresponsible. By all reports though, we were held to ransom on a couple of them, which would imply that we had time to look elsewhere in the interim but chose not to do so, thus strengthening the selling club's position.

    All-in-all though, in the vast majority of cases, a club does have to spend money to succeed. And although I'm not sure we need to go as far as 200 million more, I'd have no qualms in celebrating a title triumph that came about due to money spent. We've already spent enough as it is, so it's inevitable anyway.

  45. If your not agreeing with the words 'usually the team with the investment wins', please note the word usually. Also, how can that not be true? Chelsea have been successful since Abramovich ploughed his money in, Ciry have been successful or at least started to be since Sheik Mansour. Then Barcelona and Real are both rich and regularly top the Primera. Then you get Fulham and Wigan that Rose through the lower leagues to the prem with investment. And more recently Crawley. Obviously you need to be smart, but the more money available then mistakes can be made, such as signing Schevchenko and Crespo and having another ten superstars to make up for their failings. The same as having Tevez go AWOL and having Dzeko, Balotelli and Aguero to play. So yes, I'd say if you throw money at something, a lot of, it will eventually come good. Usually!

  46. anyone impressed with andy carroll's cameo yesterday?
    for a young up and coming striker he looked like he'd never been near a ball before,but wait-we bought him for his potential.

  47. This is one of the precise reasons I visit this website. Pure Gold. 

  48. he was on your site getting slated i think last week thats all!!
    now its the other players turn, thats my point

  49. Good argument, a player is only good if United are competing for their signature. Instead of you lot all running your mouths with negative comments why not just support the squad that we got and the manager that we have like it or not they're our team. I admit in the summer I wanted Arda Turan and was a bit disappointed when we signed Downing and Turan went to Atletico pretty cheap, but to Downings credit he has been gut at delivering the ball, but we do need finishers to put it in the back f the net. A players contribution can't be measured just by how any gals they score. Personally I think Suarez as been the best player in the league so fa by theway he opens up the field and sets other players up. But if you wanna go just by goals V. Persie, Aguero, Dzeko,Rooney, Ba v.d Vaart, Balotelli, Klasnic, Lampard and Yakubu would all be better than hiim. They would all be better than David Silva too. Recognize what Downing contributes to the team and start acting like a Red should and support the team

  50. We are not currently a top four team - despite beating both Arsenal and Chelsea, I think the fact we have failed to kill off other teams such as Norwich and Swansea points more to Arsenal and Chelsea's problems than our own talents. For me, the Tottenham squad is currently a much better unit with more quality and depth in most positions. With the two Manchester clubs and Arsenal and Chelsea scrapping for fourth we have to be considered the underdogs and probably the 6th strongest squad in the league at present. I do think we are a work in progress though and will need a few seasons of persistent buying and moulding of younger players into the Liverpool mindset before we can start to think about challenging the likes of Utd and Citeh.

    With respect to Henderson and Carroll, this is exactly what Commoli and Dalglish are looking to do, and we cannot keep on slating their performances week in week out - give the lads a chance over the next few years before smashing down the already shattered confidence and self-belief of the players. 

    Its almost a vicious circle, as we do need an injection of quality over the jan window, but cannot guarantee the CL football to pull in the superstar signings like Hazard. I would expect to see more of the same - solid, good young players who "could" become superstars in a few years time. 

    Get behind the team, and stop being unrealistic about how good we actually are - if we were to get fourth it would be a massive achievement. I for one am going to support each and every one of our players, and with more confidence anything can happen - I for one was sure of Chelsea's victory around 60mins but then up pops Johnson (another player you have bashed heavily on this site) with a moment of inspiration. 

  51. I like the old way of finding players from lower league, Carroll, wba player shane Long, Johnson@ Man City, even Joe Hart..plenty players to find out there, even Dyer at swansea...berbatov to tottenham £12m wengers not spent much either it can be done! just look at Adam! class