20 Nov 2011

GERRARD: "He's a lot stronger than I was...

Jordan Henderson is see by some as the natural successor to Steven Gerrard in Liverpool's midfield, and when asked about that possibility, Gerrard gave Henderson a massive vote of confidence.

Gerrard, who is still recovering from injury, enthused:

"He [Henderson] similar to me in many ways, but I feel he is a lot stronger than I was at the same age.

"It's a big move for him, and he came with a big price tag, but he's a player who is going to get better and better, and stronger and stronger.

"I see him as a player for the present, but also for the future"

When Gerrard says Henderson is 'stronger' than he was at the same age, he must surely be talking about physical strength rather than footballing ability and impact.

At the age of 21, Gerrard was a regular in the Liverpool team, and played an integral part in the club's glorious treble-winning season under Gerard Houllier.

Henderson has not reached that level yet, but we've seen glimpses of what he can do when he's played in the centre, and hopefully, he'll get more chances in his favoured position as the season progresses.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. My nerves are already going. Can't say I've been looking forward to this game, not because I think Chelsea are that good, but that we just seem a bit toothless. Our midfield two just don't know what to do when the opposition get on top. Suarez is going to be hugely important today. If he can finish his chances that he creates then I think we'll win but if he doesn't....who is gonna score?

  2. i agree also keen on seeing the pair of centre backs

  3. I think Stevie is being generous to Hendo. Hendo has great ability on the ball but at the moment he's not showing any dynamism. He doesn't go for the long ball that Stevie did at that age which quite often went astray but Stevie was much more defensive minded in those days in regard to his tackling. Hendo isn't quite the same. I think Conor Coady is more like Gerrard but of course, can he make the step up?

  4. I can't see it physically - Henderson is tall but he is pretty weak but brushed off quite easily when he makes challenges in midfield. Gerrard in contrast used to be overly forceful when he broke through!

    He must be referring to technical ability because Henderson does seem to have very good technical skill for a box to box midfielder (not for a playmaker though!)