19 Nov 2011

Liverpool's STEVEN GERRARD reveals possible retirement date...

If it was up to the fans, Steven Gerrard would continue playing forever. Unfortunately, Liverpool's captain is in the twilight of his career, and his retirement from the game will come sooner rather than later. When is that likely to be though? Gerrard may have already revealed the answer.

When recently discussing his disappointment over failing to win the title with Liverpool, Gerrard told LFC Magazine:

"To have played at Liverpool for what will hopefully be 14 or 15 years by the time I finish and not win it [the league title] would be an awful shame"

Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool in November 1998, which - by his reckoning - would make his final season either 2012-13, or 2013-14 (injuries permitting).

That would give Gerrard a retirement age of 33 or 34, which seems quite young, but perhaps it's a subconscious admission that he doesn't have confidence in his fitness holding out any longer than that?

Savour Gerrard's performances whilst you can - he may only have 3 years left at the top level.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We've really been fortunate to be in the generation that has witnessed Steven Gerrard play for LFC. He's the best Liverpool player ever IMO.

  2. alot can happen in 3 years, would be a fairytale if he got that premiere league silver ware to his collection, no one would deserve it more.
    has given us great memorys and kept liverpool on the map.
    he will be back with a bang....................as usual

  3. I think (or should I say hope) that with the money being thrown into LFC. We will win the title within the next 3/4 years.
    So if that is with or without gerrard ???? I hope he does win it as he is reminding me of Jimmy White !

  4. LOL. In Adam's position I think he can be a better player at 38. If Adam is gassing out in the second half at 26 then why can't Stevie keep going til 38. Makes no sense to me. But he may be looking at his family and it's future which is understandable. 

  5. hopefully he hangs up his england boots this summer, we may get some more years out of him.

  6. Why don’t you
    get a proper job Jaimie
    Kanwar instead of writing stupid pointless stories ya annoying

  7. sorry disagree, he has unfinished business with england, regardless being constantly played out of position for a lesser player.
    this is realisticly his last national tournament, but ye never know