17 Nov 2011

CRAIG BELLAMY: I almost signed for Everton...

Liverpool attacker Craig Bellamy is in his second spell at Anfield, but if things had gone differently in 2005, he might never have played for Liverpool at all.

In an interview with lfc.tv, Bellamy revealed that he was on the verge of signing for Everton at one stage:

"I'd just finished [a loan period] at Celtic, and obviously with the problems I had at Newcastle with Graeme Souness, I was allowed me to speak to other clubs.

"David Moyes came down to Wales to see me. I spoke to him about football; where he wanted the team to go, and where he wanted me. He spoke really well - Everton is a good club, and you can't deny that fact.

"He said have a couple of weeks; I need to sign a few more players, and we'll see where we go from there. After a couple of weeks...I was all set to go to Everton.

"I was ready to sign, but the meeting I had in his house was completely different to the one a few weeks before. He had a list of rules; I don't know if someone had been in his ear, but he just seemed completely different.

"Bill Kenwright was on the phone pushing it...and then I felt, is he the one who's trying to sign me more? It just seemed like a U-Turn from him. I remember coming out of his house and telling my agent: no, this isn't going to happen.

"Then I went to Blackburn. I do feel though that if I'd gone to Everton that Summer, I'd still be there now".

If Bellamy had gone to Everton in 2005 and stayed there, he never would've played for Liverpool. Thankfully, he made the right choice.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Never mind Craig, you will always be remembered as a Liverpool player, not Newcastle, Man. City or others.

  2. Thank god he went to liverpool. Hes not an Everton player, we dont suffer shithouse's glady like other clubs. Kopites are gobshites

  3. What! gobshites,your inbred fans are the biggest mongs i have ever come
    across P.ss off back to wales.

  4. Your gobshite striker is welsh. Have a word with yourself.

  5. he will when you p.ss off back to norway

  6. Liverpool players used to be remembered as nice people with HUGE profiles... but this is a huge headed Welsh striker who has not won anything worth shouting about.... so sorry Everton didn't sign him!

  7. Sounds like sour grapes to me Pete.
    Face it, You'll forever be in the mighty reds shadow, always have, and  always will.....nothing to be ashamed of, JUST A FACT !!!!