17 Nov 2011

Stan Collymore blasts: "I'm devastated and baffled about Blatter's comments..."

Former Liverpool Striker Stan Collymore has launched a scathing attack on Sepp Blatter in response to the FIFA President's cretinous comments about racism in football.

Blatter recently argued that there was 'no racism in football', and suggested that even if there was, it could be dealt with by players 'shaking hands' at the end of the game.

Collymore was clearly incensed by such ignorant and offensive views:

"I'm devastated. This is the man that leads the whole game! This is just absolute proof that this [Race abuse] is seen as a joke. I'm devastated and baffled, and to read these comments from the man who leads the game is frightening.

"His comments are flippant; they're condescending; they take no account of what's really going on...and if the FA and the football league, UEFA, every single county FA - if they don't come out now and make a statement condemning it, as far as I'm concerned, they're complicit.

"This is a serious ongoing issue that needs to be dealt with, and I am disgusted and ashamed to be part of a game that Sepp Blatter currently heads up".

I think most fans feel the same: Blatter is a disgrace to football, and during his tenure as President, corruption, stupidity and bureaucracy at FIFA have increased exponentially.

Collymore added:

"Can we honestly say in 2011, that if you are baing racially abused on a football pitch; or sexually abused, or if it's homophobia, that you just walk off the pitch and shake someone's hand and say it's part of the game?

"It can't be - the Police tell us that's not correct; the Government tells us that's not correct. Sepp Blatter has to be held accountable.

"What does it say to people on a Sunday morning that may be racist, sexist or homophobic? It's okay - we can say what we like because we're just going to shake hands at the end of the game?!

"It sends a really confusing message, which is why I ask the FA, UEFA and the Premier League to come out and distance themselves from it in the strongest possible terms?"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. there he goes again on his high horse.worse things are said, other than the colour of someones skin. 

  2. The only reason people are angry at Blatters comments is because they are touchy about racism. At the end of the day, at the end of a football match, it is between Suarez and Evra. If Suarez is officially guilty of racism, and he holds out a hand to Evra for an apology, then I believe that is fine. It is up to Evra to accept it or not and if he does then that's the end of it. Its all about being united as equals and a good old handshake applies that. Maybe Collymore takes a handshake for granted seeing how he was popular from playing for Liverpool. A solid handshake is supposed to bring everything down to Earth. But ye, Evra is a cry baby and takes things to heart. And he is too "proud" to accept a apology because all he seeks is punishment,funny how he couldn't represent the country he was born in. I hate how people jump to perceptions when people talk to the press. Where do they get these notions that Blatter said he supports homophobia, and rapists.  People are putting fabricated words and intentions from quotes that mean totally different things. That is why the Media is so evil. If I was a player I wouldn't even want to talk to any reporters unless she was a Sara Carbonero. 

  3. No one should be surprised by Sepp Blatter

    Football is run by a totally corrupt organisation who only want to enrich themselves personally

    The FA and big European nations should make a stand and breakaway from FIFA, or at least threaten to do so

  4. Sepp Blatter speaks his mind, there's some truth in it.

  5. What a knob.  Totally insensitive and shows how detached he is from the modern game.  Those comments would not be uncommon in the old days.  It may have also been seen to be 'acceptable' too, in those days. But please, not now. 

    A handshake does not take away any abuse committed.  Can i kick you in the balls and shake hands afterwards? 

    Its a deliberate action that is being discussed FFS.

  6. Blatter is a Muppet. I have worked with FIFA directly. I have met Blatter and seen him in action first-hand. I have been behind-the-scenes at FIFA during a World Cup. The worst thing to happen to football in the modern era was when Blatter won the election over the honest and trustworthy Leonart Johannsson of Sweden. Blatter bribed the African and South Americans to sway the vote. It's been downhill for football and FIFA ever since.

  7. Hi Jaimie is it possible to get some statistics about how insulting ppl is classified? Cause I really can't get a grip on it.

    I would like to understand how 35,000 fans singing "Gary Neville is a C#nt" is ok.
    But if someone makes a monkey gesture to a black player it's not.

    How telling N#ger to a black player is condemable even after a game. But on the other hand sending the referee to f$ck off and probably all his family with him because you just got a red card is ok.

    Then going into a bit more detail Diouf got 3 match ban for spitting at someone but we are talking about 6 or even more for racial abuse.

    3 match ban for going with a leg breaking tackle and a potential career treathning situation and yet again more days of match ban if you racialy abuse someone.

    Could anyone make a list with the most severe comment and going gradually down cause I really can't understand all this hype about racisim homophobia and all the other B$ll Sh!t that has been coming on the news lately.

    And what about Marco Materrazi telling Zidane he had fun sleeping with his sister?? Not only Fifa didnt do anything about it but they gave a number of match bans to zidane for his retaliation. where would that fit in the Insult severity list?

    Personally I think that Mr. Blatter had a good point when he basicaly said that players should men up and understand that in the heat of the game people make the normal mistake of insulting people and they should tackel that between them after the game.

    I'm pretty sure that if a white player told N!ger to a black player the second will reply with something as much if not more offensive.

    Once the list is compiled it would be even interesting to understand how insulting works. I mean if for example:

    Racial abuse was the most severe insult could you stack 2 insults to get an equel severity??

  8. I applaud gus poyet for coming out and branding Evra a cry baby.Poyet from uruguay said he was called every name under the sun yet never once complained.Poyet believes suarez like i do.I think the answer is simple,the way this country is going there is one choice only to choose,its a personal choice and i think i will never speak to a black person ever again as i might inadvertently say the wrong thing and be branded a hate figure.I understand all black people are not like Evra,there are fantastic black people like Robbie Earle,yet i feel this country has gone too far and maybe keeping the two races apart is the only way to stop resentment from both sides.this country think its doing the most for racism and in a big twist it will drive us back 50 years ago to segregation as people will feel happier and safer just not saying anything and keeping away in case anything they do or say it gets misconstrued. 

  9. Hey you are f**kin moron and your mom's a wh**re - 

    proverbial *handshakes*

    Lets be friends again.Now don't be a cry baby.

  10. Oh boy - can of worms! Racism is like performance enhancing drugs.  It's putting out fires - each time you put one out, another springs up and unfortunately you'll never ever get on top of it or eradicate it - you can police it as much as you want. As much as I find racism abhorrent, maybe some people are a little over-sensitive, after all, if they don't FEEL inferior, then surely nothing anyone says will affect them, no?... It just amazes me how someone can be so offended if their race/colour is referred to - gotta have a huge chip on the shoulder!

  11. I agree with you fully. It's wrong what Seppuku has said, he's a moron. But when I was younger I had red hair and glasses and used to suffer from name calling etc. I couldn't help my hair colour or being short sighted. The same as black people can't help being black-nor should they want to. With me I put on a lot of muscle and wore contacts and my hair went darker, but it probably bothered me as much as a race victim. Things need putting in perspective really, it's name calling. If Suarez or Terry was Evra or Ferdinands boss at work an gave them all the shit jobs etc an name called I think it's a bit different. Oh, and my dads Libyan (despite the hair!)

  12. I used to have red hair and glasses ad a kid an was named called for it. It's the same as skin colour-I cant help what I was born with. I think the race issue is being made a meal of to be honest although I dont agree with Blatter I think he's an idiot of the highest order. If Suarez and Terry where bosses in the workplace dishin out crap jobs to Evra an Ferdinand then I could understand it a bit. But what they've allegedly done is name call really. I agree with q/a John, do we have a chart of insults to games because thenext time a ginger player gets called ginger I.'d like a six game ban for the perpetrator.

  13. racism, homophobia and sexism are classed as crimes in this country, the FA, UEFA and Fifa should not be getting involved in this. The police should deal with the matter. and once the crime has been dealt with through the proper authorities, then the FA should deal with it once a crime has been proven or not proven to have been committed. 

    Why does the FA think its there to in-force the law of the land? its not.

    Looking at the high profile cases at the moment, according to the evidence, John Terry, on the video evidence that has been seen, logic would dictate he is guilty, every body has seen the footage, yet he has not been charged by the FA. 

    With Suarez there is no video evidence or witnesses, that has come to light yet, but the FA feel the need to charge him. 

    This is the problem with football today, no continuity in how things are dealt with on the pitch and off it. 

    Are there racist in football? yes there is, at all levels. 

    Are there gay professional footballers? Yes there are, will they come out and say they are gay? no, because football in general is homophobic. 

    Is football sexist? yes it is. 

    Theses are all facts. the only way to get rid of it is the threat of getting a criminal record. which will effect there image, and there for, there sponsorship earning potential, because, lets face it, football is not about the beautiful game anymore, its all about money and image and all decisions are made with that in mind.


  15. I have to agree with Collymore racism is bad but still don't think beating women up is a good thing!!!!! People who live is glass houses and all that you fool.

  16. I hate this cunt.

  17. I am bored to shit of this case and I'll be arsed if nobody is going to admit that it's purely a case of Evra pulling the race card. He's a big boy, he can deal with the name-calling and he's doing absolutely nothing good for the cause of his fellow black professionals. At best, he was trying to cheat by attempting to get Suarez booked or sent off. He was walked all over by Suarez on the day and this is his excuse. I have zero sympathy for Evra and believe me, this has got nothing to do with being a Liverpool supporter.

    I have far more sympathy for Anton Ferdinand who, by all accounts, seems like a much better professional than the attention-seeking prick at United.

  18. so call rooney fat or a nany sh;;;er say things about players familys and no one says anythink but somebody says about colour of skin and its everywhere i am not racist but i am disabled at a away match police stood there when fans said things about disability nothink was said if they said about somebodys colour it would of been different,     you got to play by the same rules.if i shouted back because there where alot of coloured  people with them a racist comment i would ov been arrested.the chants where not aimed at me but a player i no its not nice but sometimes you got to get on with it you cant think everone is against u or it will over take your life

  19. all suarez said in spanish was little black fella. Let's look at the facts, evra is not only black, but he's also very short. So how can that be wrong? He didn't scorn him because he was black. He didn't turn him down at a job interview because he was black. Don't attack/ threaten him cos he's black. so how is it racist? It isn't a real case of discrimination now is it? People have this idea that only white people are racist, not true. The term suarez used is common place in Uruguay,so surely punishing him because of his cultural differences, because he is different, how is that not racist? Oh yes, its not racist because suarez is white

  20. When a girl hits the floor and its not Collymore
    Andy Carrol

  21. Hey - Suarez is not white - he is a latino (and we all know, that latino players cheat, are violent, take bribery and are set to steal all the neighbourhoods wifes - he??). We also cannot understand why Lucas can earn himself a place in the international team of Brazil, as he is white!!

    We all hold presuppositions. We do all have to learn to give room for all colours - and then also take the male infight with intensity and temper (who would want footy to be as clean as golf and tennis??). In such situations, there will be swearing, there will be negative words - or teasing words between the participants.

    If this really had been bothering Evra so much, why did he only react afterwards - and first in the spotlight of the media? Had he told the ref. curing the match, it could have been cleared very fast - even within the match, but now it a mediastory, where Evra gets pity - while Suarez and Blatter are held ransom as South-state farmers from K.K.K. or something like that. Lets be sensible - and have this matter cooled down, so we can focus on the most important matters - to have some good footballmatches!!

  22. and what are collymores thoughts on domestic violence? which is worse kicking seven bells out of a small woman and putting her in hospital, or calling someone a name in the heat of a game?