17 Nov 2011

PREMIER LEAGUE: How GUTLESS can you get...?

In the wake of malignant comments vomited out yesterday by herculean halfwit Sepp Blatter, the Premier League has (predictably) responded with a gutless, cowardly statement that disgracefully fails to directly reference or condemn Blatter's damaging, outdated views on racism in football.

The following spineless statement was put out after a meeting of all 20 of the Premier League's Chairmen:

'The English game has been at the forefront of tackling racist behaviour and other forms of discrimination.

'Everybody in the game in England understands any form of racism is totally unacceptable.

'There are still issues, as there are in society, so with our partners, Kick It Out, the PFA and The FA, we must remain committed and vigilant to maintaining the standards we have set and confronting any incidents that occur.

'There is no place for discrimination in football and we will continue to strive to eliminate it.'

If the Premier League was SERIOUS about tackling racism in football it would have taken the opportunity to publicly castigate Blatter and make it clear that such irredeemably ignorant comments are never acceptable.

Instead, the Premier League took the coward's way out and released a laughably insincere statement that made no direct or implied reference to Blatter's comments at all, choosing instead to fall back on the same hollow platitudes they and the FA have been spouting for years.

Even Labour Leader Ed Miliband has publicly criticised Blatter's comments, but that's apparently a bridge too far for the clueless old codgers who run England's top clubs.

Today, they have proved that they are just as out of touch as Blatter when it comes to running the modern game. True leadership was needed here from the Premier League, and it spectacularly failed to deliver.

The Premier League is an embarrassment to all football fans, just like the FA, UEFA and, of course, FIFA.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. God Saves English Football4:34 pm, November 17, 2011

    hahaha "forefront tackling racist"...
    your OWN Captain is leading the team to abuse others players...

    ENGLISH FA... you are playing the wrong card...
    Please go home and teach your own players to respect others before you start to teach the world on the topics of "RACIST"

  2. seb blatter said there is no real racism in football, discrimination is racism and there is no discrimination in football, i agree and i am sick of you posting about my club who are you? do you go to the game at all? because i do and your views on most topics are so negative why dont you follow man city theres a storey or you lad

  3. I think Sepp has a point. Stop taking his comment out of context. There is a world of difference between abusive chanting from the terraces and what is said between players in the heat of a game. In the Suarez - Evra saga, there will be abuse from both players, trying to wind each other up. If Suarez has said something racist, just let both players sort it out after the game. All that is needed is an apology - most likely from both sides, as both would have been abusing each other. Abuse is abuse whether racist or not. You can stamp abuse out between the offenders, not by crying to the media, but between eachother.

    As for Rio, he has a gutter mouth at the best of times, highly offensive. Will he stop his abuse? Or is it ok as long as it is not racist?

  4. when a black calls a white person a white boy thats ok cuz who gives a flack about a black anyway unless you are white trash but a white gentleman call a black then it all turns to chit....