10 Oct 2011

Why does this site have advertising?

As many will no doubt have noticed, Ads are now being displayed on Liverpool-Kop.com. I've received quite a few queries about this, and I think it would be helpful if I explained the thinking behind this policy change.

This site was completely ad-free for the first 4 years of being online. Despite repeated (and lucrative) requests from a variety of companies, I resisted advertising because I wanted the site experience to be as positive as possible for visitors.

User experience and engagement remains vitally important, but in order to enhance and improve the site, it has become necessary to generate income to cover some essential costs, which I will outline below:

1. Traffic is increasing exponentially, which means hosting/bandwidth/maintenance costs are also increasing.

2. The site needs a redesign, and a quality job is going to cost money (I don't have the time to do it).

3. I'd like to subscribe to OPTA stats to enhance the site's content, and as some will know, these stats are quite expensive!

4. I'd also like to enhance the commentor experience by upgrading to Disqus Pro, which features a whole host of excellent user-features. Again, this costs money.

Having ads on the site is a necessary evil, which will allow me to further improve and enhance the site for the 1m Liverpool fans who visit every month.

It is NOT about personal profit in any way, shape or form; if it was about lining my pockets, I would've had ads on the site from the start. However, as I noted above, it took 4 years before I grudgingly went down the advertising route.

My ultimate aim is to be in a position where I can donate a percentage of the site's earnings to charity/good causes, such as the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

I accept that having advertising is not ideal, but in order to maintain and enhance the site, it is a necessary means to an end, and I hope you can see that.

Thanks for understanding, and thank you so much for visiting!

Jaimie Kanwar


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