10 Oct 2011

DAMIEN COMOLLI: "I lose sleep over this on a regular basis..."

Liverpool Director of Football Damien Comolli plays a key role in the recruitment of players at Anfield, and he's keenly aware that choosing the right player can be a delicate balancing act; and as we've seen with the Carlos Tevez situation at Man City, getting it wrong can have dire consequences.

Comolli recently commented on the Tevez incident, and he seems to be in favour of a long suspension for the player:

“With the way Manchester City are handling the Tevez case, if he is suspended for six weeks, that will send a message to the rest of the players and they will think about handling their situations differently".

As we saw with Raul Meireles recently, contract negotiations can be a delicate process:

“You have to be careful about giving long contracts to certain players. If they have difficult personalities they could be a bad influence if things go against you".

Comolli then revealed the thing that worries him the most about signing new players:

"A guy might have big talent, but might not want to work hard. I lose sleep about this on a regular basis. Should we open talks about a new contract with this player or that player? I know that you can lose the chemistry of the dressing room with even one bad decision".

What does Comolli look at when he's deciding whether a player is suitable for Liverpool?

“When you first identify the targets, you look at the character, of course. They have to have the right approach for Liverpool".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Good depth on what goes on in transfer activities for all clubs.

    To all those Football Manager maniacs, it isn't just simply "launch bid, bid accepted, offer contract". There's more to it! Hate it when we are asked to launch bids for unknowns who just so happened to be "wonderkids" in Football Manager. Lol.


  2. Football Manager is a great scout. Hehe. Unfortunately program dont spell out the personality of the player.

  3. Well it certainly does balotellis cos he always wants to tear up his contract

  4. you should lose your sleep for signing henderson instead 

  5. what a stupid thing to say, definitly not something a true kopite woudl say.

  6. Dont blame Meireles's personality he was great for Liverpool unlike this liability that goes by the name of Charlie Adam.

      It wasn't Raul's fault that KD likes to drink,drink, drink, play Adam and drink some more.

  7. England under 21 captain??
    .... Its a signing for the future mate

  8. I tend to read Liverpool Kop as Jaimie offers his opinions - sometimes I don't agree with them but they are provoking. What I'm coming across is an increasing number of so called supporters taking every opportunity to slag off anything and everything to do with Liverpool - like the two above. Now you really support another team and you just like posting daft comments on Liverpool websites or you think you are a fan but really you aren't. Either way you clearly haven't got a clue about what being a supporter means. Offer constructive opinions or jog on - there are plenty of other clubs who could do with your 'support'!

  9. go post in some mancs site mate..

  10. Its easy judging a players personality. The players that want to win are the ones with the strongest character. Winning mentality is what Liverpool needs, and not players with doubts and lack of confidence.  Look at Suarez, hes serious business and he will be there with Gerrard, Reina, Carragher as legends because of that winning persona. Only hardwork and unwavering confidence with an understanding of the pressure involved in producing on the pitch will make a player great. Not every player is Messi, but before or all the skill and glamour, the mentality of a player comes first. 

  11. Still supporting the s•n I see

  12. We should blindly follow Kenny to mediocrecy  of British football because that's what being a fan is all about.

  13. Crikey - I'd like to know what more you think Kenny should have done in the 9-10 months that he has been in charge?

    He has restored integrity to the club - no more backstabbing in the press - and restored the faith in a large fan base
    He has made the place more enjoyable to be at quote 'we all enjoy turning up for training and his personality is infectious' 
    He has changed the backroom staff for the better according to the players
    He has shipped out players that were never fit enough to wear the red shirt and players who didn't want to play for the club and has recruited a group of young / hungry players plus an experienced old head who want to play for the club - i.e. transforming the playing staff
    He has taken us from 17th in the league to genuine challengers for champions league spot (and before you say it - why not the league? - Rome wasn't built in a day)

    In my business - if I'd have delivered significant perfromance improvments whilst replacing half the workforce by managing out dead wood and recruiting talent, replacing the management team, improving employee engagement and improving the appeal of investors in the business I'd be headhunted for best job in the industry!!!

    Whilst I appreciate it is all about opinions, I'm not blindly follwoing Kenny, I am taking a step back and look how far we have come in 10 months. It is a journey and whilst we would all want success overnight (I personally would would love it) - fact is that rarely happens and especially not in a league that is as strong as the premier. 

  14. Muhammed001.
    Honestly, K.D is a good manager and respects players. He gives players confidence and that is what it means being a manager. Like one of the funs said "Rome was not built in one day". It requires patience. Even when Liverpool does not win, players have the zeal to push on and that keeps the funs moving.

  15. For some none Liverpool funs, i beg that you reserve your none constructive comments.