10 Oct 2011

HOLLOWAY on LFC: "I'm excited about seeing Charlie Adam play alongside Steven Gerrard..."

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway believes that Charlie Adam has done a 'great job' for Liverpool so far, and he's excited to see how his former captain performs alongside Steven Gerrard.

Holloway is a great character in the game, and refreshing honesty is always guaranteed whenever he talks about football.

"I think Charlie has done a great job for Liverpool, not that I doubted he wouldn't. He is a class midfielder and the great thing is that he's still learning and still improving.

"He is the type of lad who will listen and who genuinely wants to get better and he is determined to prove to Liverpool, and to everyone in football, what a talent he is.

"Some players have gone to Liverpool, a truly massive club, and not done the business, but Charlie will. He's got that self-confidence and belief in himself".

Like the rest of us, Holloway is excited about the Man United game this weekend:

"Liverpool-Manchester United on Saturday should be one of the games of the season so far, and I'm...excited about seeing him [Adam] alongside Stevie Gerrard because I think that will bring on his game even further. And how good do they sound as a midfield partnership?

Holloway was also enthusiastic about Liverpool's overall attacking potential:

"Kenny Dalglish must be very excited about the future of his team because when you analyse what he has at his disposal it is enough to give any other Premier League manager a fright.

"Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, with Charlie and Gerrard driving forward from midfield...that is some attacking line-up".

Whether Adam and Gerrard actually start in the same team remains to be seen, but, like Holloway, I'm excited to see them play together.

Roll on Saturday!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Yes, it's time for Gerrard to play alongside Adam and Lucas to start from the bench

  2. I can't see Adam and Gerrard playing together much at all, unless Lucas gets injured. If they play together, one of them will have to change there natural game. They will almost definitely not play together against a team as strong as manure

  3. Lucas? I knew fans would want that but I still hope ya joking with this, just how the hell you want lucas to be dropped, best player of last year, still magnificent every time he plays, cant you just see how important is he for our defensive midfield, sorry but no way i want lucas to be benched hes just untouchable at the moment , kenny should either play them 3 or bench adam because if you bench lucas then whos the defensive midfielder there? adam and gerrard are both attacking midfielders so thats how u lose a game when you play gerrard-adam just so pointless kenny should have thought about this, we have no other good defensive mid. than lucas so lucas must start every game unless injuried, thats my view.

  4. Agreed that both Gerrard and Adam are attacking midfielders... But if both of them can swtich and take turn to play the defensive and attacking role within the game. It may add some freshness to pool's game.  Both of them can make magical penetrating passes, even from a denfensive position which Lucas does not offer at this moment. Remember Xabi Alonso ! Not to discredit Lucas, he has improved tremendously over the past season but his game is very predicable. Its worth to give Gerrard+Adam partneship a Try !

  5. I would like to see us play like
                   Gerrard        Adam
    with Suarez given sort of a free role from the right, kind of like how robben was at chelsea and downing to tuck into midfield when we dont have the ball.

  6. I can't see why we can't play all 3 of them. We used to play with Mascherano playing the holding role (which Lucas now plays), Alonso playing amazing pinpoint passes from the centre of the park (which Adam is suited for) and Gerrard playing further up behind Torres (who's void is filled by Suarez). 

    Admittedly, that wouldn't leave a spot for Carroll (unless he played up front and Suarez played on the left), but Carroll's offensive abilities are better suited to some opponents that others anyway (such as Manure as De Gea loves to flap at crosses). 

    I think if Suarez or Carroll get injured or need resting, these 3 (Lucas, Adam, Gerrard) in the centre of the park with 1 striker up top, could be ideal.

    Also, I'd be very interesting in seeing a 4-3-3 formation with (Adam, Lucas, Gerrard) across the midfield and any 3 from (Downing, Suarez, Kuyt, Bellamy or Carroll) across the front line, but this is probably suited to weaker opposition though in fairness.