11 Oct 2011

ROY EVANS: "He's got that pace that can cause United trouble at the back..."

Liverpool's crunch match with Manchester United is only a few days away now, and everyone is counting down the minutes until kick-off. That includes former Liverpool manager Roy Evans, who outlined his thoughts on the game yesterday.

Evans, whose Liverpool team achieved a couple of memorable Anfield victories against United in 1995, warned against being too expansive, and recommended against playing a 4-3-3 formation:

"You've got to be positive and think we can win the game that's for sure, and if you can get at United you can cause them real problems.

"The problem is they've got quite a lot of ability going forward themselves, and if you play it too narrow you'll leave yourself wide open down the flanks".

Lots of fans would love to see Craig Bellamy start the game, including Evans:

"I'd like to see Bellamy somewhere in it because I think it's a game made for Craig Bellamy. He's got that pace that can cause United trouble at the back.

"Last year, Dirk kuyt played, and along with Suarez, they cut them to ribbons. With that scenario, you might not even play Carroll or Bellamy.

"Overall, it's game Liverpool have got to try and win to stay in the race"

I personally would like to see this team:

--------------------- Reina

Kelly --------- Skrtel ----- Carra ----------- Enrique

---------------------- Lucas

Kuyt ---------- Gerrard ------ Adam ---------- Bellamy

--------------------- Suarez

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agree re the team.

  2. aaah, finally sum1 who shares my view... 4-3-3 is highly risky against the devils... 4-2-3-1 turning to 4-1-2-3 on the counter, wud b the best answer !!

  3. Its a shame that you wouldn't put out 70million investment on the pitch against the scum ..Henderson Carroll and Downing ...says something about the signings

  4. I also would want to see gerrard adam together but I think that might be dangerous because they're two attacking midfielders and thats ruins the whole game plan either gerrard or adam will be lost on the pitch, I just dont think that would be possible as for lucas hes untouchable there we have no other class defensive mid. but him. Im curious to see what line up Kenny will play just hope he gets the right team, also Id want bellamy to start like most fans which I dont believe it will happen, henderson must be benched, carroll.... dont know after that goal now maybe he would play a bit better but still hes not convincing me so id bench him anyway, my team: Reina Kelly(Johnson, whos fit) Carra Skrtel Enrique Lucas Gerrard Downing Kuyt Bellamy Suarez. subs: doni hendo carroll adam aurelio johnson maxi.

  5. I see a good win for Liverpool, this utd team look very open at the back. The keeper is a nightmare, 4-1 i reckon with Suarez getting 2 goals!!!!

  6. I totally agree with most of what Evans has said, but have only one concern about the starting line-up he suggested. 

    Although I do hope Gano1 gets the applause for a correct prediction, I am also sure that United will cause us a lot of trouble and we will see hard tackles in abundance throughout the game. Having this in mind the presence Carra, Gerrard, Adam and Bellamy together on the pitch seems to make us quite vulnerable and there's high risk we could see red cards again. 

    To my opinion we should use Downing or Aurelio (if fit) on the wing and move Bellamy in the middle. 

    However this is all just speculation as the only one who can control the line-up is KK and we should all back him up. I wouldn't be surprised to see Carroll start again. This is a good time for him to prove he deserves KK's trust and I am sure he does!

  7. I would go with


    Johnson .....Kelly ......skrtel .....Enrique


    ........kuyt .......Gerrard ........maxi

    ..................Suarez ....bellamy