10 Oct 2011

LUIS SUAREZ: "Some of it came out well; some came out wrong..."

Luis Suarez and Sebastian Coates discuss adapting to life at Liverpool; learning the language, and dealing with the Press.

In an interview with Uruguayan newspaper Ocavion, Suarez showed that the high standards he sets for himself also extend to interviews with the Press:

“In the Everton match I had been voted man of the match and they asked me if I wanted to talk. I decided to try it and it turned out I did pretty well.

"It’s part of what we have to experience there. I was emotional and excited, so some of it came out well and some came out wrong. I need to experiment further.”

It seems like Suarez is also developing a good rapport with fellow Uruguayan Sebastian Coates:

“I’m Seba’s godfather here but it seems by now he’s become a son. I think I have two kids now, a girl and a boy.”

Coates is adapting to life at Liverpool, and understands that he may have to wait for his chance in the first team:

"I'm trying to adapt as quickly as possible. I had to play [against Spurs] and that was very good, although I understand that I will have to wait for my time as there are very good players at Liverpool who have many years in the club. "

"Over the last week, we've luckily played on very nice days, but the climate is quite strange. Learning the language also takes quite a lot of time, and we're both helping each other learn".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Did you see Suarez, after he scored, run 60 yards to hug Coates, who was a sub, in game v Bolivia the other day?

    It was great to see

    We need to ensure that Suarez settles and resists big offers in the future, bringing young Uruguayans in will help no end, also potential deal with Nacional will work wonders

    Contrast these 2 with Masch and Tevez. They could barely speak English after years in the country. Coates' dad is Scottish so must have some English

  2. True this is good to see, but what we need is more players of Suarez's calibre if we're ever gonna win the league again! lol

  3. it was Coates birthday, thats why the hug