11 Oct 2011

STEVEN GERRARD: "I was slightly jealous & upset that I never got there..."

Steven Gerrard has experienced many more highs than lows during his fantastic Liverpool career, but there's one particular low that still haunts him to this day, and that's his failure to get into FA youth academy at Lilleshall.

In 1994, Gerrard went for trials at Lilleshall, and despite getting to the final round, he was not selected to continue, which he admits was very upsetting:

"It killed me to be honest. From the ages of 12 and 13 you start hearing about Lilleshall, and you realize all the best players get picked to go there.

"So when Michael [Owen] got in and I didn’t, I was slightly jealous and upset that I never got there.

"I think the only happy person at the time was Steve Heighway, as he wanted to keep me back at Liverpool for another 2 years coaching instead of passing me on to the FA people.

"As a player, when you’re seeing the likes of Michael Owen and other top players going there, you envy them".

Gerrard admits the rejection actually helped him a little, and it certainly didn't hinder his career in any way, but he still clearly retains a little sadness over the whole affair:

"The knockback certainly made me stronger, but to this day, I would’ve loved to have gone to Lilleshall".

Lilleshall? Who needs 'em?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We love to see u playing

  2. Approximately 264 people past through Lilleshall and not one of the players are better than Gerrard! enough said!

  3. Owen or Gerrard who is the better player? One is World Class and always has been the other has warmed a bench for the past 4 years. Its Owen who should be jealous :)