15 Oct 2011

ROY EVANS: "Carroll has to improve if he’s going to be a top player for Liverpool..."

Former Liverpool manager Roy Evans believes Andy Carroll needs to improve his movement and mobility if he's going to be a success at Anfield.

Evans, who also believes that Liverpool are in with a chance of winning the title this year, argued:

“I think he [Carroll] has done OK. There’s room for improvement, you have to say that. He’s just started to look as if he’s going to score goals for us.

“He’s getting in the box not standing in the box, he’s got better movement but at the same time he’s got to improve if he’s going to be a top player because at Liverpool you’re expected to do [the business] week in, week out.”

It's great that Andy Carroll scored against Everton, but it should be remembered that prior to that, he'd gone 11 hours and 21 minutes without scoring a goal.

As Evans says, there's definitely room for improvement. Carroll is a striker, and his principal role is to score goals, and his goal return is, ultimately, how he should be judged.

Hopefully, we'll see more goals from the £35m man over the next few weeks, starting with Man United tomorrow.

I would definitely start Carroll in the game. As I've argued before, I can't see the sense in dropping players after they've scored; it's surely best to keep the momentum and confidence going, and in Carroll's case, this is vitally important.

Jaimie Kanwar

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