14 Oct 2011

Liverpool MD: "We were spinning...we were all over the place..."

Liverpool's Managing Director Ian Ayre played a major role in persuading John Henry to bring Kenny Dalglish back to Liverpool as the manager. Henry was initially reluctant, recently describing the appointment of Dalglish as a 'gamble', but according to Ayre, there was only ever one choice to take over from Roy Hodgson.

In an interview earlier on the club's TV channel, Ayre described his role in bringing King Kenny back to the club:

"I was involved in the decision definitely. I remember having a discussion with Tom , John and a few other people, and the way I looked at it personally – if there were 4 or 5 people you could choose from, I think at the time and the place we were in, Kenny was the only answer.

"We were in this thing where we were spinning, and were all over the place, and the one person on the planet that we knew everybody could focus on was Kenny. People would follow Kenny, and support him, and there was never any doubt in my in that he could do the job.

"I always felt it was an easy choice, but with respect to Tom and John, they didn’t know Kenny...but they got there in the end, and the proof is in the pudding – he’s made a fantastic start. It was great to be involved in the process, and for me there was only one choice".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Made a fantastic start,if we lose tomorrow we will be 9 pts behind 2 teams after only 8 games so if we carry on in that manner after 38 games we will be 43 pts behind the top 2 teams and Dalglish has spent £130m in 6 months.

  2. Shut up idiot. We don't need fans like you. And if we win we'll be 3 pts behind. You're fickle. Go support Citeh. 

  3. comebackRafa leave it alone now, lets get behind King Kenny and this team of Kennys and lets see where it take us. 

  4. jj, there is no point in trying to convince someone who's mind has been possessed by our former spanish manager. comebackrafa is stuck in a bad dream and it seems he will never be able to wake from his horror. Why is he actually supporting LFC?

    I have on many occasions tried to help him out but unfortunately there is no hope for the fella. If he can't help himself then there is no point in trying to teach him how to walk.

  5. He does start off positively then the Rafa mist takes over so there is hope
    he might even change is username to welcomebackkenny:)

  6. He can keep his nickname "comebackrafa"...

    That way he will continue to live in a deluded world. He is not going to let go of his love afair with a man which will never return to Anfield as a manager so let comebackrafa suffer. He deserves it.