14 Oct 2011

SOUNESS: Man United always a 'bigger game' than Everton

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness played in his fair share of Merseyside derbies during his time at Anfield, but the club's European Cup winning captain believes the Manchester United has always been the bigger game.

In an radio interview earlier today, Souness argued:

"It’s not Man City-Man United that’s the important derby; It’s not Liverpool-Everton; Certainly, when I was a player, we saw Man United as the bigger game, and I think that’s the case now because of Man United’s dominance".

Many people - including Liverpool owner John Henry - were worried about Kenny Dalglish's ability to be successful at Liverpool after so many years out of the game, but Souness was scathing about that idea:

"The game hasn’t changed, and never will change. Personnel change, but the game doesn’t change, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

"The game’s about preparing properly; giving 100%; doing things quick and simple when you can, and when you’re pushed into a corner, show us a trick. The game is simple, and it’s never been any different".

Jaimie Kanwar


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