5 Oct 2011

ROBBIE FOWLER: "I was distraught"

The 2000-2001 treble-winning season was fantastic for Liverpool, but it was punctuated with disappointment for Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler, who has recently revealed the sadness he still feels over missing out on some very important games.

On not starting the FA Cup final:

"It was very very disappointing. You want to play in every game, and you’re missing out on games like the UEFA Cup final...I was distraught.

"I still wanted the lads to do well, and I was still part of it, but I still think I’d more than done enough in both games to prove to people I was still hungry.

"I was just devastated, but I think deep down I probably knew I wasn’t going to play"

At that time, the end was nigh for Fowler at Anfield, and the manner of his departure still rankles:

"One of the saddest moments I had was when I left the first time – I was subbed at half time against Sunderland at Anfield, so I never got a chance to say goodbye.

"It was a little bit heartbreaking to be honest because I think within 4 days I’d gone to Leeds. That’s why I was thankful to come back...I was just happy to be able to say goodbye".

I remember at the time being really angry that Fowler wasn't given the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to the fans. After everything he'd done for the club, and the joy he'd brought to millions of fans, it was a pretty unforgivable slap in the face.

It was a masterstroke on Rafa Benitez's part to bring Fowler back to Anfield, and it's probably one of the reasons that Liverpool fans have such affection for the former manager.

Fowler has just taken his first step into management as caretaker coach of Thailand's Muang Thong United (Sounds a little bit too much like Man United if you ask me!). Who knows, maybe we'll see him back at Liverpool again at some point in the future...?

Jaimie Kanwar


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