1 Oct 2011

Kenny Dalglish reveals his favourite Merseyside derby memories...

Ahead of the Everton game this weekend, Kenny Dalglish has revealed his favourite Merseyside derby memories, and I think many fans would probably agree with his choices, both of which are two of the most famous FA Cup games of the last 25 years.

Kenny's first choice:

"I think the most poignant one was the 1989 FA Cup Final, not just for Liverpool because we won it, but for the whole city of Liverpool".

That 1989 cup final is one of my favourite games, and watching the highlights now brings a tear to the eye. That team is my favourite ever, and watching the likes of Barnes, Beardsley and Rush (and being privileged enough to also see them live), was such an amazing thing as a kid.

Kenny's second favoured memory of the Merseyside Derby was another classic FA Cup game:

"Another poignant one was the first one in 1986, when we saw fathers going to game with their kids; one red and white, one blue and white.

"I think that spoke volumes for the city, both cup finals, and how they could conduct themselves, and how much the club’s meant. They’re the most favoured memories for me".

It's hard to believe that this game was 25 years ago! I still remember my excitement as a 9 year in the build up to the game, and the day before, I went to bed early just so cup final day would arrive faster (!)

Not long to go now...

Jaimie Kanwar


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