1 Oct 2011

JIMMY CASE on Charlie Adam's 'problem' and Craig Bellamy's 'aggression'...

Jimmy Case won 4 league titles and 3 European cups with Liverpool during his playing days, and lined up alongside Kenny Dalglish on many occasions. On the eve of the Merseyside derby, he's provided some interesting views on the club's form so far this season; where Charlie Adam needs to improve, and how Liverpool should line up against Everton later today.

On the club's start to the season and form so far:

"I think we can play a lot better as we all know. I think Kenny has gone with a few different formations, maybe to accommodate the opposition.

"He’s got a little bit of a problem with the forward line – he’s got too many choices at the moment, I think. Who he goes with I’m not too sure".

"They can play – even going back to the Exeter game, there was quick stuff on the edge of the box with Suarez and Adam, but I just think it’s a big game, and you’ve got to get a hold of the midfield, but whether that comes about is another thing.

"If you up the ante on the aggressive stakes a bit...that’s a vital area for me at the moment.

How should Liverpool line up against Everton?

"You can play Kuyt and Gerrard but then you're looking at maybe Henderson droppping down. Then maybe Carroll might not play, then you're looking at Suarez up front, with Gerrard behind, Kuyt on the right, and go with Adam and Lucas, and Downing on the other side. That's one way of looking at it.

"Then you've got Bellamy - he's a worth a shout anyway, just for his aggressiveness. He can take players on; he brings people towards him. Anybody that can go past somebody is a must".

What does Case think about Charlie Adam? His views are mixed to say the least:

"I think he’s done well. Sometimes, he goes a bit out of the game, but when we’re in control, and when we’re pushing on, that’s when he shines the most, when he gets hold of the ball…and sprays the ball around.

"What the joy is for me is he’s not frightened of playing a dodgy ball; it’s got to be good, it’s got to be accurate; it’s got to be pacy to get to the player, and they’re the ones that get you through on goal.

"Some of the balls he’s played over the top for Suarez…have been inch-perfect. He likes to get involved…he always wants the ball; he just seems to lull into a challenge.

“I think he has a problem...he’s not quick on his feet to get another judgment on a tackle, and that’s why he’s getting booked too much at the moment. If he can organise that a little bit better, he’ll probably stay on the pitch a little longer".

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