1 Oct 2011

JAN MOLBY: "They have lacked a cutting edge..."

Liverpool legend Jan Molby says today's merseyside derby result will be 'hard to predict' but believes that Liverpool should have the upper hand as long as the players 'keep their heads' and 'don't get involved in silly things'.

In his column for the Chester Chronicle, Molby observed:

"The result tomorrow is very difficult to predict. Most Premier League games you look at and have a good idea which way it will go but derbies are different. This one could go either way.

"Everton have had a mixed start to the season but they will lift their game tomorrow. They have a lot of experienced players, while we will have a number of players who will be playing in that derby atmosphere for the first time.

"I know the likes of Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing have played in derbies elsewhere but Saturday will still be a real eye-opener for them. It will be a test of character for those who haven’t experienced it before.

"The Everton fans will be on their backs and they will be on the referee’s back as well. They will try to wind people up. It’s vital you keep your head and don’t get involved in silly things.

"I’ve seen a fair bit of Everton so far this season and they’ve played some good stuff. But when they’ve been on top in a couple of games they haven’t put teams away. They have lacked a cutting edge.

"I expect Everton to start strongly – Moyes will demand they take the game to us early on. We have to ride the storm and then impose ourselves on the game".

Boyhood Everton fan Robbie Fowler also believes that Liverpool will just shade the game. Fowler - who was this week appointed player-manager of Thai club Muangthong United - said:

"They're always tough games but Liverpool are just a bit stronger".

Jaimie Kanwar



  2. "They're always tough games but Liverpool are just a bit stronger".Was Robbie was being understated there.  We have spent £120m whilst Everton have brought in 2 players in in exchange for a goat and a prize armadillo.  A "bit stronger" after our spending spree sugggests that Robbie isn't yet 100% convinced with our displays either.