19 Oct 2011

Judge sparks fury amongst Liverpool FC fans with 'insensitive' Hillsborough comments

A former Judge has controversially criticised the families of those involved in the Hillsborough disaster.
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In an ill-advised letter to The Times, Sir Oliver Popplewell, who chaired the public inquiry into the 1985 fire at the Valley Parade stadium that killed 56 people, argued:

"The citizens of Bradford behaved with quiet dignity and great courage. They did not harbour conspiracy theories. They did not seek endless further inquires.

"They buried their dead, comforted the bereaved and succoured the injured. They organised a sensible compensation scheme and moved on. Is there, perhaps, a lesson there for the Hillsborough campaigners?".

Labour MP for Liverpool Walton Steve Rotheram reacted angrily to Popplewell's breathtakingly insensitive comments:

"How insensitive does somebody have to be to write that load of drivel? It is unbelievable.

"To mention other tragedies simply because they are football-related, as if there is some common denominator just because they happened in football stadiums, beggars belief.

"Was there a conspiracy after the Bradford fire? Did the Government try to blame Bradford City fans for setting fire to the stadium on purpose?

"It shows how people right at the top of the Establishment still harbour prejudice and ignorance."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. as a resident of bradford yes we accepted what happened that day but we know the how,when and where unlike hillsborough where a total mismanagement of the crowd that day created 96 deaths. both are great tragedy's but quite different in character.   

  2. Popplewell is a drink adddled clown.. If the police had acted with an ounce of honour and remorse people may have achieved closeure

  3. All the families want is the truth, No blatant lies or cover-ups......that seems too much to ask of some F idiots. He should just STFU and mind his own business. 

  4. Bradford was a terrible tragedy and as a nation and as football fans our hearts went out to all of those who lost loved ones, friends and family. Hillsborough however was a massive cover up, from the moment Liverpool fans arrived in Sheffield they were treated like animals. Once in the ground they had no police or stewards on duty to help or guide them away from over crowded pens, over crowded pens because Duckenfield took the decision to open the gate. The gate was only opened due to the mis management by the police. Once inside calls to the on duty police officers on the pitchside went unanswered, it took a fan to run onto then Liverpool skipper Alan Hansen to raise the alarm. What followed was a series of lies by the police and the politicians to blame Liverpool fans. Duckenfield, Thatcher, McKenzie and anyone else who lied about hillsborough should face a long prison sentence. Lets hope this idiot Popplewell is everything that is wrong with Britian, lets hope he suffers the tragedy and loss that both Liverpool & Bradford fans have faced!!

  5. He was probably a kiddie messer like most of them!!!!

  6. Bradford played a benefit match in April 1989 and the funds were donated to the Hillsborough victims the team they played was Lincoln who they were playing on the day of the fire,the memories this must have brought back for them.
    Just shows these teams and fans thought straight after the disaster and the way FOOTBALL came TOGETHER after the disaster and it was only the Goverment and Police and The Sun who were insensitive with their comments.