19 Oct 2011

Comolli: Steven Gerrard is an excellent Liverpool FC captain, but he's not vocal enough...

What type of captain is Liverpool FC's Steven Gerrard? The prevailing fan perception seems to be that Gerrard leads by example on the pitch, but is somewhat lacking in the verbal leadership stakes. What does Liverpool's Director of Football, Damien Comolli, think?

In a recent interview, Comolli gave his views on Gerrard's strengths as a captain:

“If everyone in the group has the right attitude, then you need leaders. They can be technical, tactical, physical, intimidating or vocal.

"In the case of Steven Gerrard, he is all of them except vocal, while Jamie Carragher is vocal.

"Stevie is a quiet leader but the players say he carries the team.”

Fans constantly argue that Gerrard 'carries the team', but if players think that as well, it can arguably present a bit of a problem. Psychologically, it can lead to complacency, and over-reliance on Gerrard when the going gets tough. The players should be looking to themselves to make a personal impact, or the team as a whole, not just one individual.

I love Gerrard as a player but I've argued in the past why I don't really think he's the most effective captain. He's certainly not one of Liverpool's greatest motivational captains, but in terms of leading by example on the field, there are few better.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. he is not vocal because he already has carra to do the vocal for him (if he also start screaming at every player how the hell players will get confidence to play)

  2. Maybe Carra would be quiet if Stevie spoke up and encouraged the team. Certainly Stevie moves more around the field than Carra and hence is in the best position to motivate others.

  3. action speaks louder than words
    gerrard motivates the team by putting a good performance which inspires others around him

  4. I agree with you Jamie. I have always thought that Stevie is not the most vocal of captains, except when moaning when he doesn't receive a pass! That's not a criticism, it is just a fact. He's still a fantastic player and I wouldn't swap him for anyone. In recent years the player who I thought should have been captain was Xabi Alonso. Whenever there was a break in play he would always be talking to a couple of players, obviously talking tactics. He was always a lot more vocal than Stevie. 

  5. Interesting. 
    Who are you nominating for the job then?

    I don't think we have any vocal people who is not playing at the back(reina and carra).

  6. sorry, I disagree with Ali regarding confidence. Vocal does not mean screaming or abusing your teammates. The best captain I've played with (mind you, only a handful of matches with him) was vocal but assuring to teammates, especially to inexperienced players. Unless players were being complacent, lacking commitment etc, there is something wrong with a captain who only shout/abuse at teammates after a mistake was committed

    I have to admit my technical skills are not the best among my team. However, I emphasise strongly on being vocal and getting everyone involved. I need their skills as much as they need my presence.

    Carra has always been my preferred captain but maybe not recently as it will be hard to look up to someone who constantly commits simple mistakes

  7. I always get the feeling that Stevie is concentrating really hard and focused on his game, so he hasn't the time to go around picking people up.  He is inspirational and motivates by his actions - but what happens when he has an off game?  We have seen often that when he plays bad, the team plays bad.  I think this needs to be addressed.

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  9. You don't really think Gerrard's the most effective captain? I have one word for you... Istambul.

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